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    I’ve read many reviews on these speakers and most are using the speakers in a multichannel movie-based system with two channel listening being an afterthought. I’m putting together a two channel music only system and I’m curious how they hold up in that capacity. I’m also looking at other products from Martin Logan, Dynaudio, etc at around the same price point. I’ll be using these speakers with an NAD C372 integrated amp and an as-yet unknown turntable and CD/DVD player. I listen to all kinds of music from rock/metal to blues and jazz and female vocals so I really need something that holds up over a wide range of tonal qualities. Is anyone using the Grand Towers for music only purposes? If so, how do they stack up to other traditionally marketed products from the usual suspects?


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Erick,

    Of course I am biased but I think the Verus Grand Towers excel for music too, and I would even argue that use for music is where they really payoff. Here are a couple reviews that specifically focused on the VGT used in the two channel configuration:



    I think we can compete with the Martin Logans and the DynAudio. Specifically I think we stack up well against the Motion 40s from ML and even the Electromotion ESLs although a electrostat speaker is a bit different than a dynamic driver design that we employ. For DynAudio we can compete with the DM 3/7s and maybe even the Excite X32s.

    But you don’t have to take my word for it, that’s what the 30 risk free in home audition is all about. Try them out for your yourself and if they don’t knock your socks off then you can send them back for a full refund. Since we even cover return shipping there really is no risk to check them out!

    I hope that helps but please just let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!


    Hi Jason – thanks for offering up those reviews as well as your thoughts on the competition. The evidence is certainly compelling for Aperion being a strong contender for my speaker dollar. Quick question though – most of these reviews have the speakers priced at $1800 but on the website I’m seeing $2000. Has there been a price increase on the product line?


    Jason Hicks

    Yes Erick they were $1798 when we launched the Verus line back in 2010 but unfortunately due to rising production costs we had to increase the price to $1998 at the beginning of this year.

    I still think they offer a great value in comparison to the competition though!


    So I went listening yesterday and really like the PSB Imagine T2 towers – they do pretty much everything that I want a speaker to do. Of course, I don’t like the $3500 price tag that goes with them. Can anyone who has heard both speakers comment specifically on how the Verus Grand towers stack up against the T2s? If not, can anyone provide general comments on the PSB sound vs the Aperion sound? I listened to three different PSBs (as well as a few Paradigms which I didn’t like) and all of the PSBs had a family resemblance in terms of sonic characteristics so any comments between the two brands would be helpful to me.


    Jason Hicks


    When we were designing the Verus Grand Bookshelf we went out and got a pair of Synchrony One Bs and by the time we were done we felt that the VGB surpassed it in terms of detail and imaging.

    So I think the VGTs will do quite well in a match up against the Imagine T2s. A couple of specifics I would point out, is that we use silk dome tweeter which sounds a bit smoother and more natural than the titanium dome tweeter that they use. The woofers in the VGT are Kevlar which is a stronger and more rigid driver material than polypropylene, so it holds it’s shape a bit better and allows for a more accurate response. Finally I would bet our build quality is superior as the VGTs weigh quite a bit more at 65 lbs each compared with the T2’s 42 lbs.

    One plus in the T2’s column is that they appear to have about 10 Hz more bass extension, but the VGTs are no slouch in that department either, going down to about 35 Hz at -6 dB.

    All in all I think the VGT compares quite favorably to the T2, I hope that helps!


    Jason, your bias is understood completely, after listening to Verus Grand Towers for just a day so far, they are incredible out of the box. I would suggest these to every one looking at floor standers. I would also say, customer support, communication, build quality, and the whole Aperion experience is above and beyond my expectations not just as an ID company but any company selling audio products. Aperion is a First Class company with employees who care about the product and service to their customers. So far so great to my ears, I have listened to Triton 2 &3, Martin Logan Em ESL with ML 700 Sub, Def Tech, Focal,Vanderstein, B&W C9, 683,Magnepan 1.7 and others, all with similar price points, all sound good but none sounded better than the Verus Grand Towers. The Maggies and the Martin Logan Em ESL have their own unique sounds very different from box speakers, clarity is great, positioning is difficult with 1.7 and ESL.And you will need a good sub for ESL and 1.7. You will also need a good amp to drive the 1.7 to make them sing. The Verus Grand Tower does not need a sub and has very accurate bass, TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Amit Bhat

    Doug, Did you test Aperion against ML 40? What is your take? I am debating between the two and need to decide ASAP. Thanks

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