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    I am thinking of upgrading my Klipsch RF-82II's that are my Front Mains, as I am not happy with the lack of Mid-Range, and tired of the horn shrills.

    Running a Denon 4311 w/ EMO XPA-5, and dual subs (12"/15") eq'd with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 off of Denon 4311.

    Am I making the right decision going with the Verus Grand Towers over my Klipsch for my "DREAM SPEAKERS", or should I wait out for the newly released KEF R900 towers (granted more $ at $3600/pr.).

    Used mostly for Music, all sorts, country, rock 'n roll, easy listening, and want an Accurate, Ruler-Flat FR on and off axis, and great imaging/wide soundstage, with clarity across the midrange into the upper octaves.  Just wondering if the Dual 6" woofers will support the lower octave with some clean bass down to Xover at 80hz. to dual subs, as the KEF R900's have Dual 8" woofers.

    Anyone own the Verus Grand towers, as the specs look great to me, but have not pulled the trigger yet… but soon coming?

    So many speakers to research/audition with little time to choose one from all the others (PSB/Paradigm/KEF/Salk) to name just a few…

    Please tell me about your experiences with the Verus Grand Towers.  Thanks.










    I'm afraid you'll have to use your own ears to best compare the two, but if you're looking to get away from the love-them-or-hate-them horn-based Klipsch, I bet you'll find the Verus line to be excellent.  I own Verus Grands and LOVE them.  Never been that big of a fan of Klipsch (due to the horns).  No idea how they would compare to the KEF's, but with a 30-day in-home trial, you'd be able to find out pretty easily if you like them or not.


    I have Klipsch for Fronts, Center, and Surrounds, and am very tired of the HORNS, and their lack of Mid-Range also.  So, that is good news when someone says they LOVE their Verus GRAND Towers.  They sure measure well, and at 65#'s each that is a great thing.

    Do you feel w/ dual 6" woofers they produce enough down to around 60Hz. with tight, clean low freqs?

    I like the 30 Day try out, and they (Aperion) surely feels very confident that most all will keep them after they audition them — that is a deal one can not beat, since it is in your room, best of all worlds.

    Do you know how thick the Front Baffle is?  And, do they have 4th order LR (24dB/Octave) Xovers on PCB's internally?  I noticed only one Xover freq. at 1.8kHz. and then the Tweeter takes it up from there.  Is that telling me that there is no Xover from the woofers to the dual mid drivers or ?



    Hi PJ,

    The one question I would have for you, is what speakers did you have before the Verus Grand Towers, and what are you driving the VGT with?





    Hi PJ,

    I just made the plunge into the Verus Grand Towers, coming here in the next couple of days.

    If the VGT's sound as Great as they LOOK, they will find a new home here.

    Specs/Measurements look excellent on the VGT's.

    More to come, after setup/breakin/auditioning them… Stay tuned.







    Glad you pulled the trigger.  I really think you will like them as they have a much warmer, more natural sound compared to the Klipsch.  So much easier to listen to for way longer periods of time without ear fatigue.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions when you get a chance.


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