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    Are there any plans to make the Verus Surround (bipole/dipole) speakers again. I’m looking to add speakers to my 3.1 system and was considering a pair of these and a pair of the Forte satellites for a 7.1 system. Potentially adding another pair of the satellites for front height speakers down the road.


    To add a bit of info, I currently have Grand Towers and Grand Center combined with an Epik Empire sub. I also am using Mythos Gems as my side surrounds, but they don’t blend/voice match very well with the Aperions.


    Matt Jackson

    Hi Michael, thanks for asking. We haven’t discontinued the Verus Surround speakers, but should have them back in stock at the end of the quarter. I believe April is the time frame. No changes to the design and will still be offered in both cherry, and black.



    Any progress on Versus Surround BP/DP? Was looking at the Intimus Line BP/DP but would rather…., if they are indeed going to be available. Love my Verus Forte Towers and 5C Center


    Jason Hicks

    I’m afraid their status is still a bit up in the air.

    Right now, it’s looking like the earliest we will have them is in June, sorry for the delay.

    In the meantime you might think about the Intimus 4BP as an alternative and then you could always use our one year trade up program once we get the Verus dipoles back in stock.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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