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    I posted here a couple months ago about downsizing my big AR9s to
    bookshelf speakers and the 6Bs were highly recommended. A week ago I
    received my new Aperions – not bookshelf models at all – but 6Ts. The
    truth is, when I called to order I just couldn't go to bookshelf
    speakers on stands. The big towers were too appealing – so that's what
    I got. Still, I can justify it considereing they are a
    downsize for those big 52" tall, 130 pound ARs. I'm fortunate to have
    borrowed a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR planars at the same time – so I can
    A-B the Maggies and the 6Ts.

    When I opened the 6T boxes, like
    everyone, I was amazed at the way they are packaged. Finding that
    purple velour sack with it's yellow draw-string was special. For a
    minute there I thought someone had sent me two 30-gallon bottles of
    Chivas Regal (which would cost about the same as the 6Ts.) What a fine
    way to prep a new owner for the "Aperion Experience!" Then, again like
    everyone else, I found the speakers to be beautiful! Flawless
    high-gloss black and I do mean flawless. I was excited and ready to

    Since I'd spent quite a lot of time carefully
    experimenting in placing the Maggies (they are temporarily placed on
    the short wall of my room, about 5" from the wall) placing the 6Ts on
    the long wall was a piece of cake. I started with the drivers at 4"
    from the front wall and, after a lot of experimenting, ended up with
    them at 28" with a little toe-in, which clearly gave me the best
    soundfield and imaging. I was surpised I could get them that close to
    the front wall without compromising imaging. My 60" Sony RP sits
    between them with no ill effects whatsoever. I thought it would give me
    problems so I tried positioning it flush with the plane of the drivers
    and then back against the wall. Oddly, I actually prefered the imaging
    with the TV against the wall, to the rear of the 6Ts.

    But the
    sound! I didn't have high hopes that they would compete with the
    Maggies but BOY was I wrong! Playing classical string trios, symphonic
    recordings, jazz or country, the diminuative  (compared to the Maggies)
    6Ts hold their own and, at times, sound better than those giant Maggie
    monoliths. The only, and I mean only, area where the Maggies are
    preferred, is in their open and airy soundstage on certain symphonic
    recordings. The Maggies, radiating from the front and rear of those huge panels, fill the end of the room with sound but, IMO, at the slight expense of rock-solid imaging.

    I ordered the 5C to see how they sound in surround sound. My old center
    was a Boston Acoustic A70 which I bought back in the early 80s, before
    center speakers were around. I'm anxious to hear dialog on this smaller
    center. Hopefully, I won't have to exchange it for the 6C but, of
    course, I will if necessary..

    The bottom-line: I'm leaning
    heavily toward the Aperions. I've always lusted after Maggies but the
    truth is, I'm loving the Aperions more and more, though it's a close
    call.That Maggie sound is seductive but so is the sound of the 6Ts.

    does a guy do with 2 great old AR9s and 2 Ar93s that weigh a combined
    380 pounds? Wish I had another room where I could use them but I don't.
    I've got to find a home for these babies – a home where they'll be
    appreciated.. They''ve served me very well for over 28 years and I
    can't bring myself to store them away in the back of the garage. Lord!
    They're like family!

    Thanks for listening.



    Jason Hicks

    Awesome, and it's nice to hear that the 6Ts are giving the Maggies a run for the money!

    As for what do with them if you can bear to part with them, audiogon.com is the best site I know of to sell your A/V gear.

    Thanks for posting and enjoy!

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