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    I have a DYI home theater system with three Aperion Grand Verus Towers as the front left, right and center-channel speakers. I’m currently using two older Polk PSW125 subwoofers and want to replace them with either a single Bravus II 12D, or two Bravus II 8Ds.

    My two subwoofers are placed at floor level to the right and left and below my center channel speaker, with the front left and right speakers farther outside and above floor level (my theater speakers are in line behind a sound-transparent 110-inch screen, about 2 feet off the floor). What would be the advantages/disadvantages of a single 12D compared with two 8Ds? I also use this system for 2.1-channel sound through a Parasound 2100 preamp that bypasses my home theater preamp and uses the front left/right speakers and subwoofers for my vinyl music and CDs. I use an Outlaw 7500 five-channel amplilfier for both systems. Thanks for any advice you can give. I LOVE my Aperion Grand Verus towers!


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Walter,

    The advantage of two subs is that the waveforms between both subs interlock and create a grid pattern that gives you a smooth bass distribution throughout the room.

    However two smaller subs will not play as deep as one larger sub, like the 12D, because of the physical constraints of the smaller boxes. You’ll get about 10 Hz deeper bass from one 12D in comparison with two 8Ds.

    So I’d say it probably comes down to your room size, if its a really big room, over 20X20, then two subs starts to become a more attractive option. If it’s more of a medium or small sized room then you may want to go for the 12D to get more bass extension.

    Another thing you might consider would be to get the 12D and if you find it isn’t filling the room well enough you could always run one of your Polk subs in conjunction with it, at least on a temporary basis.

    I hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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