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    Hello to all.

     I have a XPA – 3 right now running my 6T fronts and my 6C center.

    Was thinking about getting a XPA-2 to run my fronts and use the XPA-3 for my center and surrounds.

    The XPA-3 is rated @ 200 watts @ 8 ohms and 300 @ 4 ohms.

    The XPA-2 is rated @ 250 watts @ 8 ohms and 500 @ 4 ohms.

      My ? is to the Aperion staff. If i hook up a XPA – 2 to my 6 T's will it void my warranty?

    As the 6 T's are rated @ 50 – 300 watts @ 6 ohms.


    Thank you for any info on this?




    Asked.  Answered.


    You'll be fine with that amp.  It's a great amp, and your Aperions will love it.


    Jason Hicks

    Absolutely, you may use an XPA-2 Emotiva amp with our speakers without voiding the warranty.  There's nothing in our warranty literature that precludes you from using any amp or receiver with our speakers.

    However, blown drivers due to either under or overpowering our speakers are not covered under the 10 year limited warranty.  We will still repair the speaker for you, but will likely charge you for the replacement parts.  

    But I would say that it would be pretty difficult to blow out the 6Ts with that amp, so I wouldn't worry about it. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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