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    Gavin S

    I have a pair of Zona wireless speakers, and they appear to have some form of auto-standby mode, needing to be turned on after a long period of no sound (i.e. a few hours). This isn't the end of the world, but is a bit inconvenient. I tried putting the transmitter on a powered AC source that turns off with my Marantz 6005, but the result was a very loud pop when the receiver was powered off coming from the Zona speakers.

     The documentation on the speakers does not talk about the time-out behavior other than to recommend the thing above, which is painful on the ears, so what is the expected behavior and why don't they just power up again when audio is supplied by the receiver again?

     Other than that, the speakers exceeded my expectations in terms of sound quality for such a small unit.




    Gavin S

    Sorry, I realise my previous post was redundant with other postings. However, I think the behavior as designed should either be an option or disabled and it should certainly be documented better on the sales page, to avoid a lot of user frustration.

    I am puzzled by the following: the left speaker seems to be woken reliably by the right speaker, when the right speaker is powered up by the IR remote (or by switching on AC for the right speaker). (The left speaker does not respond to IR commands directly), so I don't see why the right speaker can't be woken reliably by the audio signal transmitter.

    Secondly, I put the right speaker on switched AC power, to power up when the receiver comes out of standby (somewhat defeating the purpose of a wireless speaker, but such a thing could be done wirelessly via X10 if it worked and it would be "zero watts standby"), it does seem to power up each time. It still has the problem of timing out after 15mins on stereo material, so that does not completely solve the problem for watching TV where some material is purely stereo followed by surround materal.

    Is there a way to send back the transmitter to be reprogrammed to not power down, even when it has a null signal audio input or is that logic in the speakers? It is a USB device so I am hoping it might be soft in some way, allowing for firmware updates. (I would also be happy to do this myself if there was a process for it.) There are scenarios for using these speakers, such as occasional announcements on a home automation system, for which the need to power them up each time would be a show-stopper.

    I otherwise like the sound.


    Jason Hicks

    Sorry about the inconvenience, but the transmitter does not power on the speakers it happens at the speaker themselves.

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    First, while the remote signal is IR, the transmitter sends a much lower frequency 2.4 GHz signal, so the two signals in terms of how the speaker responds to them are not equivalent.

    Second, since other wireless networks also transmit within the 2.4 GHz band there is a drawback in making the speakers too sensitive to that signal because they could power on randomly from other signals that do not originate from the Zona transmitter. 

    So for now, if the speakers have powered down due to a lack of signal they will have to powered on via the Zona remote or an IR universal remote. 

    If that's a deal breaker I'm sorry to hear it, but please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks. 



    Gavin S

    Can you say if the new Allaire Bluetooth speakers also auto-power off if plugged in to a Zona Receiver? Perhaps I could use those instead of the Zona Wireless Speakers for surround sound without having to turn them on each time.


    Hello Gavin,

    The Allaire Bluetooth also have an auto standby to allow them to go to sleep. They are probably not the best option for use as a surround speaker. My recommendation would be to invest in a universal remote that has a function which will turn on/off a select number of pre-programmed devices at one time, or with the push of one button. Then you can learn the Zona functions to that remote.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Mike Harvey

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