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Set your music free with the Zona® Home Audio Link! Now you can easily and reliably send music wirelessly across the room, or throughout your home. Stream music from your computer, MP3 player, or any audio player to any audio system in your home, such as a stereo system or powered speaker. When you add extra optional Zona HAL Receivers, you can even stream to multiple rooms at the same time! No running wires – just extraordinary sound, anywhere.

Aperion Allaire™ Zona® Home Audio Link System

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Running wires across a room can be a chore, and across an entire household a real challenge. The Zona® Home Audio Link (HAL) will put a smile on your face and give you a convenient wireless audio solution with the sonic quality you’ve come to expect from Aperion Audio.

The Aperion HAL Send unit transmits high quality uncompressed audio up to 100 feet – this means you can stream music from your computer, your home theater, your MP3 player or any other audio source to almost any speaker system in your home! If you use any number of additional HAL Receivers (optional), you can stream a single audio source to up to three listening zones, giving you true whole-house audio without running wires across your room. We’re sure you’ll find new ways to use HAL, as its applications are almost limitless!

Many ways to enjoy the Zona HAL:

  • Send music from your computer, MP3 player, or other audio player to one or more audio systems in your home
  • Connect audio to your powered subwoofer wirelessly from your AVR
  • Send music throughout your house, or even outside to your favorite audio systems or Aperion Zona Wireless Speakers

Key Features:

  • Connect to your laptop or desktop computer’s USB port, or any "headphone" jack
  • No software needed, just plug and play
  • High quality digital audio: 16 bit / 48 kHz
  • Low latency robust signal
  • FREE lifetime technical advice and support
  • One year warranty

Customer Reviews For Aperion Allaire™ Zona® Home Audio Link System

So simple to use Don
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
This product could not be simpler to use. It works great. I was considering buying new speakers with a bluetooth connection built in so I could stream music in my living room and basement, but I am glad I purchased this instead. This is so simple to plug and play. It allows me to continue to use the speakers I already have. It is so simple to unplug and move the send and receive devices between multiple music sources and speakers. It works with any accessible input on your tuner. A great addition to our household. The only part that surprised me is you have to turn the volume up on your tuner much higher to play streamed music via this than for your CDs or DVDs.
No Kidding... these really work! Fast Eddie
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
After years of trying to get another wireless stereo product to work - and giving up - I used a complete interior makeover of our house as an excuse to jump back into the market. After struggling to get a decent signal from my laptop to my speakers in my home office, I finally just ran a long stereo RCA cable from the headphone connection around the floor to the amp. After a brief search on the web, I ran across the Zona HAL system. The reviews were almost universally positive, so I gave them a try. They were professionally packed, came with every accessory imaginable (including their own power supplies) and were super easy to hook up. I have the "Send" unit connected to a powered USB hub that is hidden under my desk and the "Receive" unit is hidden behind the Proton amp (driving Island Sound Stowaway speakers - we're talking vintage stuff here...). It works like a charm! Sound quality is as good or better than a CD and I'm able to listen to Pandora, ripped CD's, YouTube, anything with never a drop in the signal. These are a high-quality product from a top notch company. The order process was painless and the follow-up professional. Looking back, it seems almost comical how difficult it was to get a wireless connection from my computer to the stereo. This is a great little system and worth every penny. Get them - you won't be disappointed...
Impressive little donuts! Andrew
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
After looking at other wireless options to stream audio from PC to receiver I decided to give the Aperion Zona Home Audio Link System a try since it seemed to have the best reviews. I was very impressed with how easy it was to get connected. Absolutely all of the cables you would need are included. At first I was not sure how I was going to power the receiving side that connects to my Pioneer Elite Receiver, but I found a AC outlet on the back of my receiver that worked perfect. That saved me from having to move my entertainment center to get to the power strip or finding an open USB port on another device since my receiver is older. I did give the sound rating 4 stars since it does not seem as loud or rich as another device I stream my music library from. It may be due to the 2.5mm headphone jack to RCA connection or limitations of the USB on the PC side. I can get the music as loud as I want it without distortion, I just have to turn the volume up further on my receiver. Overall I am really impressed and would recommend to anyone looking for an easy solution to send music from a PC to receiver. The main reason I wanted this was so that I could listen to music (network music library or internet radio) on my home theatre while playing video games. Although possible to do without using the PC, I would have no easy way to change channels or songs while someone was playing video games. I am also happy with what appears to be a new design of the product. It looks like an older version was a square gray box. These little black donuts / hockey pucks blend in nice and are easy to hide.
Dave Brubeck still has huge fans Daren G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I introduced my 75+ year old father to the joys of internet radio about a year ago. He got hooked quickly; enjoying Dave Brubeck (and other similar artists) so much that he totaly gave up the stereo for the laptop speakers. Naturally the next step was to get him reconnected to his terrific stereo, so I got him the Home Audio Link System as a gift. I set it up for him in his house and he was thrilled, but it only got better. He snow-birds with his RV and took the system with him; had it up and running in the RV right away without any help from me. He is thrilled with the sound quality, portability and simplicity.
Excellent Wireless Reception Paul M.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I bought the Home Audio Link system for a subwoofer that I was pairing with the Aperion Zona wireless speakers (for a wireless stereo setup). The HAL unit was simple to hook up (the instruction manual could be a bit more detailed) and it works perfectly. It sends a nice, clear signal to the subwoofer from about 60 feet away. The send unit is on the second floor loft and the receive unit is on the first floor -- have had no problems with reception. Great product. Which is more than I can say for the Zonas: they constantly drop the signal and pretty much turn themselves off and on as they please.
Wireless made easy! Randy R.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I purchased the Zona system to use as a wireless link to a music system on my patio. I have been delighted with my purchase. The system is very simple to hook-up and works right from the start. Sound quality is excellent and I have had no issues with the signal over about 30 feet distance through an outside wall. I am so pleased with this system, I am planning to purchase another transmitter and two receivers for my subwoofers in my main listening room.
Very good product Aperion!
Surprisingly Amazing Blake A.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
The Home Audio Link does exactly as advertised. They are smaller than I thought they would be, which is a plus. The audio sounds incredible especially if the source is of high quality. Worth every penny!
HAL Review Stephen S.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I purchased this product about three weeks ago and now stream music all over my house, usually from my ipod or my computer via pandora. I purchased the HAL unit and two additional receiver units. Product works excellent and has great sound quality all throughout the house!
Initially i was having an issue running audio through my laptop. I was using the usb connection direct to laptop. Aperion service, specifically, Jason Hicks, worked to troubleshoot the problem and by utilizing the power cord instead of the usb connection, problem was solved. There must have been interference with send unit being located so close to the source.
Great product. I am going to buy an additional HAL and reciever units to daisy chain audio to three additional zones in the house. How awesome is that!
Steve SmithShrewsbury, MA
Hassle free, works as advertised Bill W.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
From delivery to setup and playing took less than 15 minutes.Using a MacBook w/iTunes. Sounds great.
Excellent Product... highly recommended Djones18
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I've been using the Aperion Home Audio Link (HAL) System for about a week and I'm very impressed. I like it when a product which bridges the computer and audio worlds works exactly as advertised.
First, the packaging is exceptional. Aperion uses very high quality materials. The box containing all the parts is hardcase cardboard. All parts are embedded in form fitting protective foam. Very good protection is provided during transit.
Second, components are well made, again, of high quality materials. The Send and Receive Units are small, solid, and unobtrusive. Audio cables have gold plating to resist oxidation. Aperion has included enough components and cables to cover virtually every installation option. Including a separate power adapter for both the Send and Receive Units is noteworthy. No need to buy any additional dongles/cables to get up and operating.
Third, connecting was a breeze. Instructions are concise and easy to understand. Troubleshooting info is provided in case something doesn't work right. I connected the Send unit to my Lenovo T60 Laptop (XP Pro, Service Pack 3) via USB. My laptop is connected wirelessly to my Home Network. The Receive Unit was connected to the supplied USB power adapter and plugged into a wall power outlet. One of the supplied audio cables was connected from the Receive Unit to an input of my Tivoli iSongbook system, located about 30 feet from my computer.
Fourth, activation and playback went perfect. The Send Unit was recognized by my laptop within 30 seconds and configured itself. The HAL sound driver becomes the primary sound driver when the HAL is plugged in. Next, I powered up the Receive Unit and the two devices automatically linked within a couple seconds. I played back high and low bit rate music from iTunes and listened to several internet radio stations. After adjusting the volume level of my computer and the Tivoli iSongbook, playback was exactly as if I had hard wired my laptop to my music system. Audio playback was excellent. I noticed no signal degradation, no signal breaks, nor any hiccups. Everything worked exactly as advertised.
Fifth, audio playback quality is exceptional. No added noise, hiss, hum, echoeing, or other artifacts are present. To my ears, the audio output quality of the Receive Unit matches what you feed the Send Unit.
Summary: I'm very satisfied with HAL. Aperion thought this product through well. This is reflected in everything from packaging to setup, activation, and playback audio quality. Additionally, its great advantage over the competition is being able to connect multiple Receive Units to one Send Unit. I intend to buy additional Receive Units to connect to other stereo systems in my house.

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Pro Reviews For Aperion Allaire™ Zona® Home Audio Link System

Phenominal Design!
I've never done an internet review for any purchase.... ever.... until now.

My goal was to turn my entire home into musically-synced atmosphere from my full attic all the way down to the basement without having to run wires throughout the house or having to spend excessive money on wifi-linked and unpowerful speaker systems. I'd rather have control of my receivers and speakers specifically for each room and application. I had come across the Aperion Allaire Zona HAL system in a few forums and websites which all had very good things to say about it. Thought I'd give it a try. Only thing that scared me a little was the price and the uncertainty of them working as well as they sounded.

I first started with a sender and receiver pair about 1 year ago now and have slowly been building up the fleet! Initially I was blown away that they were so clear and never cut out; even through lathe and plaster walls and three hardwood floors. Was hooked and had to buy more! I currently have 2 senders and 4 receivers. I have a sender from zone 2 on my Yamaha receiver in the living room and one for the computer in the basement. My receiver has a built in amplifier that powers floor speakers in the dining room and a zone 2 stereo output which I connected a sender to. I have a receiver in the next room adjacent to the dining room, the kitchen. I have one upstairs in a bedroom, and one in the basement (which has also been in the attic at times).

They work well right next to your "typical" interference creating devices that I have had issues with in past with similar devices. I have one next to a microwave and two others right next to wireless routers on different levels of the house. Both senders work really well on different channels and all receivers connect well to either one with the press of a button. I never unplug any of them so they are all ready at any moment; I've never had any issues with that. I also have two roommates who have a ton of wireless electronics as well, never an issues with that either.

All speaker systems are synced extremely well. Between the systems with the Aperion receivers, those are spot on with each other. When comparing the direct analog speakers in the dining room with the speakers next to them in the kitchen, there is an extremely slight lag between these two systems. In fact I didn't really even notice it until maybe 2 months after having both playing. I have a picky ear and no one else has ever mentioned it to me. There are other devices out there that don't even come close to that, so I am extremely happy in that regard.

Never stop making them! Excellent product! (4/30/14)
Sound and Vision reviews the Zona Home Audio Link System
"Sound quality has been, in my experience, indistinguishable from a wired connection."

"I really enjoyed the HAL. It's a fine sounding, versatile, and reasonably inexpensive system that offers solid, stable wireless performance. "

- Michael Berk, Sound and Vision Magazine, December 2011

Read Full Review
MyMac.com Gives Aperion Zona HAL a Perfect 10
"We award Aperion Audio's HAL SEND/RECEIVE combo our highest score, a perfect 10 our of 10 rating."

"Aperion Audio just hit a grand slam home run to win the home theatre and wireless audio world series. The Zona Home Audio Link (HAL) System is so good that I hope the company never tries to improve upon it."

- John Nemerovski, MyMac.com, October 2011

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High Quality Wireless Audio

The Aperion Zona Home Audio Link provides unsurpassed reliability and performance for a wireless audio signal. Many wireless audio systems use your home’s wireless data network to transmit data, which can slow down your network, but HAL runs on its own signal with robust error correction, which means its signal stays strong no matter what else is going on. The audio quality is uncompressed, and with only 18ms of latency.

Plug and Play, Works with PC and Mac

No matter what kind of computer hardware you have, the Aperion Home Audio Link is easy to set up and enjoy. Just plug it in to an open USB port on your computer, open up your favorite music player, and you’re ready to rock n’ roll. If you’re using a Mac, simply open up your System Preferences, find the Sound Control Panel and select "USB Headset" as your Sound Output.

Up to 100 Foot Range

The HAL can transmit through most walls, ceilings and floors to deliver high quality audio throughout your house or even to the outdoors. The range may vary depending upon the number of walls and obstructions between the HAL Send and HAL Receive units.

Make Your Subwoofer or Powered Speakers Wireless

If you have a powered subwoofer or powered surround speakers and would like to hook them to your home theater without using wires, the Home Audio Link makes it easy. Just connect your audio-video receiver’s Output to the HAL Send unit’s Audio In and the HAL Receive unit’s Audio Out to your subwoofer or powered speaker’s RCA inputs. HAL will broadcast all the audio you want to where you want it with no delay and no loss of audio quality!

Small Form Factor

With their small size, you can tuck the HAL units into any space and keep them out of sight for a clean look.

One Year Warranty

The Aperion Home Audio Link has a limited one (1) year warranty. This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship.


How can I increase the HAL wireless range?

HAL has a tested line-of-sight range of over 140 feet (with no obstacles between the HAL Send and Receive units). Every wall, door, or other obstruction between the HAL Send and Receive units can possibly reduce the wireless range. For optimal performance it is recommended that the HAL Send or Receive units are clear of nearby obstructions such as stacks of CDs or books.

What happens if I plug my iPod in to the HAL send unit while the HAL Send unit is plugged in to my computer?

If you are listening to music on your computer using HAL and then plug in a Stereo Mini plug to the HAL input jack, HAL will default to the Stereo Mini Plug input. So, in your case, you would hear your iPod. However, once you unplug the Stereo Mini from the HAL Send unit, the USB will automatically play again.

Can I use HAL and my computer speakers simultaneously?

No, both PCs and Macs only have one sound output so if HAL is plugged in (to either the USB or the Headphone jack) that is where your audio is going. If you want to use your computer speakers, simply unplug HAL from the computer USB or headphone jack.

Can I use HAL with an iPhone?

Yes, any mobile device with and audio out or headphone jack can be connected to the HAL Send unit.

What's In the Box:

  • (1) Zona® HAL Send Unit
  • (1) Zona® HAL Receive Unit
  • (2) USB Power Adapters
  • (2) Mini Stereo Plug to RCA Stereo Cables, 5 ft. lengh
  • (2) Stereo Mini Cables, 5 ft. length
  • (2) USB Extension Cables, 6.5 ft length
  • Quick Start Guide


The Blue Send or Receive Status LED Isn’t Lit

Double check that the HAL Send and Receive units are plugged in to either your computer or the AC Adapter.

I’m Not Hearing Any Sound

Check to make sure that the blue status LED light on both the HAL Send and Receive units are solid. If not, press the Link buttons on the Send and Receive units, which will begin blinking quickly - they should pair up in a few seconds. If the LED lights are blinking slowly and don’t link up, unplug the unit(s) from the power source and plug them back in.

Both LEDs Are Solid but I’m Still Not Hearing Sound

Typically, this is a connection problem. Double check your cables, the input and source on your AVR, and the volume levels on your computer and AVR. If using iTunes, please be sure that "Computer" is selected in the lower right hand corner. If you are streaming from your computer and that doesn’t work, try closing and restarting your audio program.

My Music Sounds Funny

If the volume on your computer or other source is too low, the results might not be pleasing to your ears. Make sure the volume is high enough for a strong audio signal on the device the HAL Send unit is plugged into.

I Can’t Hear iTunes from My Computer

If you connected HAL via USB after iTunes was already loaded, you computer has already picked the default sound output device. Simply close and reopen iTunes. You will need to set HAL as your default sound device before you start your audio program. Once this is done, all computer audio will be transmitted by the HAL Send unit.

If you are using a PC, once HAL is plugged in most PCs will recognize HAL (Home Audio Link) as the new sound output device. However, if you are still not hearing any sound, closing your open audio programs like Windows Media Player or iTunes and then opening them again should solve the problem.

HAL Seems to Interfere with My Wireless Network

Even though HAL uses robust error correction and frequency hopping in order to limit interference, most likely, other wireless devices don’t. To minimize interference with a laptop, for example, try using the included USB power adapter and connect the HAL Send unit to the nearest outlet, then simply use the included Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini cable to connect your computer’s headphone jack to the HAL Send unit. This will separate the HAL wireless signal from your network signal and should increase your laptop’s wireless signal strength.

I Was Listening to Music and Now I Can’t Hear Anything but the HAL LED Lights Are Still Solid

While this is a very rare occurrence, if the music does drop out and you cannot re-link the HAL S/R units try unplugging them from the USB port or power adapter and plugging them back in.



Download the Zona Home Audio Link Manual




Weight 1.0 lbs
Sample Rate 16-bit depth and 48 KHz sampling rate when using up to three Aperion HAL Receivers
Wireless Band 2.4 GHz
Error Correction Forward error correction coding, error detection, and audio-specific error concealment
Latency Low, at 18 ms
Product Family Zona
Enclosure Type Molded ABS Plastic

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