Aperion Allaire™ Zona® Home Audio Link Receiver

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Fill your house with music by extending your wireless Home Audio Link system with optional Zona HAL Receivers. If you already have a Home Audio Link system or Zona Wireless Speakers, you can send your music to unlimited receivers within a 100' range, and truly set your music free without running any wires!

Aperion Allaire™ Zona® Home Audio Link Receiver

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The Aperion Zona® Home Audio Link (HAL) Receive unit works with your existing Aperion HAL system to extend your wireless distributed audio system to an unlimited number of multiple rooms within range. Set your music free! With one or two additional HAL Receivers, you can stream a single audio source to up to three listening zones, giving you true whole-house audio without running a single wire.

Key Features:

  • Easily expand your Aperion HAL system as many additional zones as you'd like
  • Automatically pairs to any HAL Send unit
  • Plug and play - Instant setup, no software or drivers needed
  • Plays music in any format
  • High quality digital audio
  • Connect your powered subwoofer wirelessly
  • FREE lifetime technical support
  • One year warranty

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High Quality Wireless Audio

The Aperion Home Audio Link provides unsurpassed quality and performance from a wireless signal. Many wireless audio systems use your home’s wireless data network to transmit data, which can slow down your network, but HAL runs on its own signal with robust error correction, which means its signal stays strong no matter what. Its quality is uncompressed when running to a HAL Receiver, and when you add additional HAL Receivers, you still get pristine sound quality with no interference or drop outs.

Plug and Play, Works with PC and Mac

No matter what kind of computer hardware you have, the Aperion Home Audio Link is easy to set up and get going. Just plug the Aperion HAL Send unit in to an open USB port on your computer, open up your favorite music player, and you’re ready to rock n’ roll. If you’re using a Mac, simply open up your System Preferences, find the Sound Control Panel and select the Aperion HAL as your Sound Output.

Up to 100 Foot Range

The HAL can transmit through most walls, ceilings and floors to deliver high quality audio throughout your house or even the outdoors. The range may vary depending upon the number of walls and obstructions between the HAL Send and HAL Receive units.

Small Form Factor

With their small size, you can tuck the HAL units into any space and keep them out of sight for a clean look.

One Year Warranty

The Aperion Home Audio Link has a limited one (1) year warranty. This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship.


The Blue Send or Receive Status LED Isn’t Lit

Double check that the HAL Send and Receive units are plugged in to either your computer or the AC Adapter.

I’m Not Hearing Any Sound

Check to make sure that the blue status LED light on both the HAL Send and Receive units are solid. If not, press the Link buttons on the Send and Receive units, which will begin blinking quickly - they should pair up in a few seconds. If the LED lights are blinking slowly and don’t link up, unplug the unit(s) from the power source and plug them back in.

Both LEDs Are Solid but I’m Still Not Hearing Sound

Typically, this is a connection problem. Double check your cables, the input and source on your AVR, and the volume levels on your computer and AVR. If using iTunes, please be sure that "Computer" is selected in the lower right hand corner. If you are streaming from your computer and that doesn’t work, try closing and restarting your audio program.

My Music Sounds Funny

If the volume on your computer or other source is too low, the results might not be pleasing to your ears. Make sure the volume is high enough for a strong audio signal on the device the HAL Send unit is plugged into.


Weight 1.0 lbs
Sample Rate Uncompressed digital audio transmission: 16-bit depth and 48 KHz sampling rate
Wireless Band 2.4 GHz
Error Correction Forward error correction coding, error detection, and audio-specific error concealment
Latency Low latency at 18 ms
Product Family Zona
Enclosure Type Molded ABS Plastic

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