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StraightWire Musicable Premium Cable - 8 Ft.

There’s speaker wire, and then there’s SPEAKER WIRE. Our home theater gurus sampled many of the high-performance speaker cables around, and found that the Straightwire Musicable provided the biggest sonic impact at the best value.

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Our Home Theater Gurus searched out the best-designed and most reasonably priced high performance speaker cables to find the best performer that doesn’t enter the slippery slope of diminishing returns, common with high end audiophile cable. The Straightwire Musicable doesn’t make claims it can’t back up -- it’s simply a high quality audio cable that’s well designed and comes pre-terminated on both ends with gold-plated banana plugs. Compared to standard 12-gauge speaker cable, you may hear what our home theater gurus heard: better-defined bass, clearer sound, more stable imaging and improved loudness.

The Straightwire Musicable is high quality from end-to end, a great choice for optimizing the performance of your home theater or music room without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

  • 8 feet in length
  • Pre-terminated with gold-plated banana plugs for easy installation
  • Two pairs of high conductor 14 gauge wire (combined 11 gauge wire size)
  • Interference insulation with a quad-twist design
  • polypropylene insulation
  • Flexible rubber jackets and cable
  • UL-rated for in-wall use

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Customer Reviews

Gerald B.

If You Ordered Speakers, Just Automatically Add These!!

Posted on 6/1/2012 Am I the first one to order these? :P
So, when I ordered my Verus Grand Towers (VGT), I was planned on ordering a set of Transparent Wave speaker wires at $200 a pop. I called Aperion and spoke with their guru. I figured, who better than the speaker manufacture to answer my speaker wire dilemma.
First of all, Transparent speaker wires are praised everywhere!! They are as cheap as $200 for an 8 foot set to $33,000 for their top of the line. I just wanted something to make sure I was getting the most out of my new speakers.
Aperion put my mind at ease. They assured me that no wire on the market would make their speakers sound any better than a properly sized (gauge and length) traditional speaker wire; obviously don't cheap out and get RadioShack speaker wire either. Since I trust Aperion and their recommendation, I ordered a set of their Musicable wires; one for each of my front row speakers, two towers and center channel.
When I got them, I was pleasantly surprised at their thickness the fit and finish was also impressive. It was just a pleasure to simply plug in the speaker wire than cut off insulation, twist, unscrew the terminal, insert cable, tighten, etc. It took me like 15 seconds each speaker just plug it in so much cleaner!!!
I can't really say if speakers sound better than the speaker wire I had since they were Monster brand, but I believe they were only 14 gauge instead of Aperion's 12 gauge; so thicker gauge is always welcomed in the front channels. What I do like is that Aperion's cable look way better, cleaner, and it's a much, much better connection.
So if you're ordering speakers, get a set for each of your main channels!!!
I wish they made a set for the Verus Surrounds.
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