Marantz PM8004 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier

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A two channel set up is the audiophile’s choice for experiencing music and the new Marantz PM8004 integrated amp is the heart of a superior two channel set up. With twice the power of its little brother, the PM5004, at 70 watts a channel and a beefy toroidal transformer to ensure that power is clean and interference free, the PM8004 provides the muscle you need for a stellar stereo experience. Of course that isn’t the only thing the PM8004 can do, with the Power Amp Direct switch you can effortlessly use it as a power amp for your fronts as part of a larger home theater set up with the mere flick of a convenient front panel switch. You’ll also get Tri-Tone equalization controls, which allow you to control midrange frequencies on top of the traditional bass and treble controls. Top notch sound, high quality parts and flexibility, the Marantz PM8004 is the definitive way to experience superb two channel music.

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Marantz PM8004 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier

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An outstanding two channel amplifier is hard to come by in the age of home theater-centric AVRs. If you’ve been looking high and low for a first-rate two channel stereo integrated amp without the bells and whistles of an AVR, the Marantz PM8004 is just what the audio doctor ordered. Instead of using its power for features you don’t need, the PM8004 delivers that wattage directly to your speakers and that means refined, superior sound.

With 70 watts of high current power across the full audio bandwidth from each of its two component amplifiers, it will bring your Aperion speakers to life in even a large room. Behind those 70 watts is a massive toroidal transformer that is the foundation for the PM8004’s power supply. Its circular shape and double shielding helps control stray magnetic fields that can adversely affect sound quality. Power supply segments are also located on the same heat sinks as output transistors to minimize signal path lengths. The result is that the PM8004 responds instantly and crisply to dynamic changes in your music, providing detail and accuracy that lesser amplifiers would simply blur.

Improving on Marantz’s already notable reputation for superior circuitry, HDAM® SA3, the most recent addition to the Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module series, ensures that the signal retains the highest possible level of fidelity.

Additionally you’ll get tri-tone equalization controls, a Marantz Hallmark, that allow you to adjust midrange levels as well as bass and treble through accessible controls on the front panel. The PM8004’s chassis itself includes a triple-layer bottom plate to insure long-term alignment and vibration control.

Should you choose to integrate the PM8004 into a home theater set up, switching between an integrated stereo amp and a power amp controlled by a pre-amp is a snap with the Power Amp Direct switch conveniently located on the front panel. If you want minimal processing then just use the Source Direct switch to bypass balance and tone control circuits and let the true nuances of your source material shine through.

Elegant looks, exceptional sound quality for the discriminating listener and ease of use, the Marantz PM8004 has it all in spades.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated Aluminum/Glass-reinforced resin hybrid front panel
  • Discrete-component amplifier with current feedback Pre&Power amplifier
  • Double-shielded Toroidal Transformer
  • Power Amp Direct Input
  • Input buffer circuit for High S/N & Ch. Separation
  • Source Direct Mode
  • Fully discrete, MM phono stage
  • System remote controller
  • Active Filter type Tone Control, Loudness
  • 5 line-level inputs, 2 Record outputs
  • Gold plated input and output terminals
  • Marantz Original Custom A/B speaker terminals
  • Available Option Rack Mount Kit RMK8754MSP

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Number of Channels: 2
THD: 0.02% (20Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance: Phono(MM): 2.2mV/47k ohms, LINE: 200mV/20k ohms
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 500kHz +/- 3dB (CD, 1W, 8 ohm load)
S/N Ratio: Phono(MM): 87dB, LINE: 106dB, POWER AND DIRECT IN: 125 dB
Output Power: 70W (8 ohms), 100W (4 ohms)
Power Transformer: Double-shielded Torodial Transformer
Speaker Terminal: Marantz Original Custom X2
Tone Control: New Tri Tone Control (Bass: 50Hz, Mid: 900Hz, Treble: 15kHz)
Headphone Out: 1
Phono Input: MM
Color: Black
Front Panel: Aluminum/Glass-reinforced resin
Remote Controller: Marantz System Remote Controller
Power Requirement: AC120V 60Hz
Power Consumption: 200 W (Standby: 0.3W)


Finish Black
Dimensions 17-3/8W" x 5-1/8H" x15”D
Weight 26.9 lbs

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