ZVOX Z-BASE 580 Sound Bar System

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If you want to improve on the sound of your flat panel TV and would like home theater sound quality, but just don’t have the space, a sound bar is a great solution!

Just place the 580 on a piece of furniture, place your flat-panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, connect one wire and you've installed a high-performance sound bar system in under 10 minutes!

We think the ZVOX Z-Base 580 is one of the best sound bars available, that's why we are happy to offer it as the exclusive sound bar product at aperionaudio.com!

Want even better performance?  Add one of our Bravus II subwoofers for theater quality room filling bass!

ZVOX Z-BASE 580 Sound Bar System

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The sound quality of the Z-BASE 580 is the next best thing to a full 5.1 system. Inside the 36" x 16.5" x 5" cabinet you'll find five 3.25" high-performance speakers and dual 6.5" powered subwoofers for window-rattling bass. The ZVOX PhaseCue II virtual surround sound system creates three-dimensional sound without the need for multiple speakers throughout the room. Movies come to life with vibrant, realistic, high-impact sound. Music sounds accurate and natural. And vocals on TV shows come through with incredible clarity. The result is a very smooth, very accurate sound.  

Great Sound. Let's face it, the sound from most TV speakers these days is abysmal. The easiest way to improve it is to use a sound bar like the Z-Base 580! The 580 uses a new amplifier design with extremely accurate frequency response and a warm, natural sound and surprisingly powerful bass. It uses dual 6.5" powered subwoofers in a spacious cabinet (equal in interior volume to a 14" x 14" x 14" subwoofer box). The result is accurate, window-rattling bass down to 34Hz. No other all-in-one home theater system even comes close.

Remarkable vocal clarity. The 580 adds a stunning new feature: Dialog Emphasis (DE). When you push the "DE" button on the included remote control you engage a circuit that mimics the functions of a hearing aid. The frequencies used by human voices are emphasized and compressed, while other frequencies are minimized. We don't know of any other speaker system that provides such an easy-to-use and effective method for improving the intelligibility of television dialog. Uses Your Remote Control. The new Z-Base system can be programmed to respond to your remote control. The illuminated display walks you through a less-than-a-minute programming cycle. Then your TV remote...or cable box remote...or satellite receiver remote...or ANY remote...can control volume, mute, power and input functions of the ZVOX system.

PhaseCue® II Virtual Surround Sound. The 580 uses ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue II virtual surround processing to give you rich, three-dimensional sound with movies or music. With music, PhaseCue II creates a very wide soundstage, you won't believe all that sound is coming from one place!  When listening to a good movie, the soundtrack will envelop you - putting you in the middle of the action. While no virtual surround system will give you the same surround effects of a good 5.1 system, the ZVOX 580 does a remarkable job. Sound & Vision magazine calls our PhaseCue system "remarkably ingenious."

Green Design. The 580 uses a highly-efficient Class D digital amplifier. Even playing at quite loud volumes, it usually uses less than 10 watts of total power. And standby power usage tends to hover around 0.1 watts - making it one of the "greenest" audio systems ever made. 

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Pro Reviews For ZVOX Z-BASE 580 Sound Bar System

Home Theater Magazine Reviews the Z-Base 580
"Once you hear a 580 and discover how easy it is to use, I seriously doubt you'll ever want to part with it."

--Lawrence E. Ullman, Home Theater Magazine

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Home Theater Review on the Z-Base 580
"The overall sound from the Zvox is quite impressive. . . and the bass performance did not disappoint"

--Alex Lezcano, Home Theater Review

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  • Rear inputs: (2) analog stereo inputs, (1) digital (Toslink) optical input, (1) coaxial digital input.
  • Front input: (1) 3.5mm stereo front panel input.
  • Includes stereo RCA to RCA cable and remote control
  • Virtual surround sound: The 580 uses ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue II virtual surround sound processing. PhaseCue II, as its name implies, manipulates the phase of the separate channels to "fool the ear" into believing that sound is coming from a variety of sources throughout the room.
  • Dolby Digital Surround Processing
  • Five 3.25" long throw main drivers and 6.5" long throw subwoofers
  • Can be programmed to work with any IR remote with easy to use programming feature.
  • Output Leveling (OL) feature makes soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on. 
  • Wood (MDF) Cabinet With Hand-Lacquered Side Panels
  • One Year Limited Warranty


Dimensions 36"W x 16.5"D x 5"H
Weight 39.0 lbs
Amplifier Power High-efficiency 120 watt Class D digital amplifier
Frequency Response 34 Hz – 20 kHz

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