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From delicate whispers to chain-reaction explosions, most of what you hear in a movie or music video happens at the center of your screen. So at the heart of your high-end home theater system, you need a speaker that delivers extremely accurate vocals and full-range sound reproduction. The Verus Grand Center Channel speaker covers the middle ground admirably, bringing on-screen action to life in mid-size and larger rooms. But be prepared for the one-two punch of amazing sound and gorgeous looks. We’re considering a whiplash warning.

Available in high-gloss real cherry-wood veneer or piano-black lacquer

Gloss CherryGloss Black
Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker
Gloss Cherry Gloss Black

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Audioholics 2010 "Product of the Year" awarded to the Aperion Verus Grand Speakers!

The punchline to a joke, the lyrics to a song, the subtle sounds that propel a plot—what else have you been missing? Nada will be the answer with the Verus Grand Center Channel speaker. We’ve fine-tuned our award-winning vertical array design to improve dispersion, ensuring a wide net of sound that envelops every seat in your house.

The incredible sonic clarity of our new Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™ tweeter, paired with our 4" woven Kevlar mid-range speaker, faithfully reproduces the voices and upper range on-screen. Two new proprietary 6" woofers dynamically handle the lows. And all these components fit into a gracefully curved cabinet with hidden rubber feet—so you can set the Verus Grand Center Channel at the best angle to enhance your room’s sweet spot or the speaker’s stellar looks.

Key Features

  • 3-Way, Sealed Enclosure design
  • One 1" Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™ silk dome tweeter
  • One 4" Woven Kevlar® Mid-range driver with Aluminum Phase Plug
  • Two 6" Woven Kevlar® Woofers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
  • Curvilinear cabinet with compound angles and internal bracing
  • Furniture-grade gloss cherry wood veneer or gloss piano black finish
  • VoiceRight™ phase correction switch for bass optimization
  • 5-Way Gold-plated Binding Posts
  • Acoustically transparent cloth -covered metal grille
  • Ten year warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING - a $41 value*
  • FREE lifetime technical support

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

Customer Reviews For Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker

Part of an A+ Home theater system Mark
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I received this in Oct '13, it is part of my new home theater system. I wanted a center speaker that was paired to my VGBs. The sound is more than I expected. A center speaker is primarily for voices in movie and TV sound tracks , and the VGC makes the actors sound as if they are sitting on you TV stand speaking their dialog to you. While watching an episode of STTNG, Patrick Stewart's baritone voice seamed to just bellowed out with so much resonance. This is their most expensive center speaker, and you get what you pay for, (5/25/14)
Blow away Stharling
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
i was blow away with the aperion grand verus center channel, with my sonus faber venere 2.5 towers is the perfect combination, this center it's 10 out of 10 so far so good, this center blow out of the water the venere center channel i had, the venere couldn't keep up with the towers at references levels, losing it's composure sounding harsh and shrill, but the verus grand was effortless, sounding clean, clear, and BIG, without compromise any sound quality, simply amazing.

Bravo Aperion Audio

5 stars to the Grand verus center channel in every way.
Beautiful Centerpiece Greg D
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
It's going on roughly a year now that I've been using the Verus Grand Center, and I can't imagine that I would have been happier going with anything else in this price range - I demo'ed a handful of competitors that had high praise on various AV forums and websites, and none of them were at the level of the the Aperion gear to my ears.

The sound is excellent - dialogue comes through clearly in movies, something I always had complaints about in previous systems.

The fact that Aperion is so involved in the various AV communities and is so willing to step in and help answer people's questions is another bonus that makes choosing their products a no brainer. Excellent price, excellent sound, beautiful finish, and a stand up company. Not sure you can ask for anything more!
Thanks Aperion! David
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Received my Verus Grands yesterday afternoon, and spent the better part of the evening setting them up and calibrating the system. I haven't gotten a lot of listening time yet, but I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. My previous setup was a 9 year old Onkyo HTIB which, at least as far as HTIBs go, was pretty good. But we're talking night and day between them and the Aperions. Especially on the high end, I'm getting a lot more clarity and detail that I simply never noticed before. I watched the opening car chase scene of "Quantum of Solace," and holy crap! I was literally gripping my armrests as the VGs every visceral detail of the flying bullets and screeching metal as car after car was destroyed.

My Blu-ray of "It Might Get Loud" is currently on loan, so I popped in "White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights" instead. I tell ya, if these speakers can keep up with Jack White on the guitar (and they can), there's nothing they can't do.

After that came the "Within Temptation: Black Symphony" Blu-ray, and was once again floored by this immense wall of sound coming from the VGs. And again, I kept hearing tons of new details and even whole instruments that I had not heard before. The band, the orchestra, the singer, and the crowd were all represented well with excellent definition so nothing was lost.

Suffice it to say, I will definitely be recommending Aperion Audio to anyone who will listen to me. Even if they might not be able to afford Verus Grands like mine, Aperion certainly has a diverse lineup that should be able to fit nearly any budget.

Oh, and my system:

Denon 3313CI
Aperion Verus Grand Towers and Center in a 3.1 config
Outlaw Audio LFM-1EX subwoofer
Panasonic BDT210 3D Blu-Ray Player
Sony PS3
Roku 3
LG 55LW5700 3D LED TV
Look No Further...This is The Center Channel Speaker You Want!! Gerald B.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
After auditioning my Verus Grand Tower (VGT) speakers and seeing how amazing they sounded, I decided to order the Verus Grand Center (VGC) speaker simply out of curiosity to see if it was as every bit great as the towers. Also, my current Infinity center channel sounded so anemic when sounds would transition between the VGTs and my center...totally distracting!!
When I got my package, I was utterly surprised at the size of the box. The VGC also came wrapped in velvet, gorgeous piano black finish, and this thing is heavy!! The design of it is also magnificent!! Same curves as the VGTs; just a beautiful piece. My only regret is that its huge... It does not fit in front of my big screen on the TV stand. Did I say its HUGE!!
So I just placed it on a couple of speaker stands I had from my previous Infinity speaker set; I really need to find a permanent solution, somewhere to put it, I may have to buy a new TV stand/cabinet all together. sigh
I decided to played some music through it first. I was utterly surprised at how great it sounded!! It was very similar to the VGT, but with slightly less bass, but still bounds and leaps above my old Infinity center which compared to the VGC sounds hollow and tinny. Music sounded great through the VGC...typically, center channels do not handle music well in terms of the full dynamic range of music; the VGC did amazing!!!
When I watched a few movies through it, one was Cowboys and Aliens, the voices sounded natural and authentic; had weight behind the voice... unlike with my previous speaker it sounded small even though it had two 5.25 drivers. For the first time, the action sounds coming from the speakers (VGT and VGC) had me jumping out of my seat!!!! Totally adds a new dimension to movie watching!!
I was so impressed with the Verus Grand Center that I just couldn't wait and ordered a set of Verus Surround speakers...
I highly recommend the Verus Grand Center channel speaker, but be forewarned, its huge!!!
Although, I now see, with size, comes great sound... :P
Forgotten Hero Zechariah J.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Starting out with only thoughts of making sure I upgrade to a timbre matched center I didn't think much about it. I figured that if the new VG center was as good as the 6C I would be more than happy with it.
The new Verus Grand Center has the same beautiful shape and lines of the rest of the Verus line.The one new functional use for the shape of the VGC is the ability to angle the speaker for optional positioning. The included feet allowing you to angle up or down for matching your listening position and placement.
After doing a large majority of my listening just on the VGTs I decided to make sure to do some VGC listening. At first I didn't hear any major differences between 6C and the VGC. I started with an A/B comparison between the 6C and the VGC. This really pointed out a few major differences to me.
The VGC really benefits from the new Aperion tweeter. Dialog is very detailed and accurate. I found that it presents no listening fatigue at all. The mids definitely benefit from the new tweeter and mid driver. I feel that the mids are now more open and less congested.
When presented with complex passages with dialog and special effects the VGT presents every detail without effort. This was a very welcome addition to my movie watching experience. --- Now to upgrade my surrounds.
Aperion offers yet another wonderful product at an affordable price. The new Verus line will definitely be in my home for some time.
Excellent! Andrew I.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I got the Verus Grand Center along with 2x Verus Grand Bookshelves and an SVS sub to make a 3.1 system for our living room. Looks really counted given that it was in such a public room and it came down to the Aperion Verus' and B&W CM series for more than 2x the cost. I am so glad I gave the Aperion's a shot because not only do they look just as good as the B&W's but they sound better!
In particular this is due to the Verus Grand Center. The finish is amazing. The lines are beautiful. And the sound is incredibly crisp and clear. My parents were in town this weekend and were incredibly impressed with the clarity of dialogue from Hugo (and they are coming from a very high-end M&K system which they bought primarily because of the center channel). I actually like the size of it too - it gives a commanding presence but because of the rounded lines looks more like a piece of furniture than another boxy speaker.
Overall my new speakers have been a huge hit, but the Verus Grand Center has been the definite highlight of all the components.
The Ultimate Center Channel Scott A.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I had been running the Verus Forte Center for about a month before deciding to upgrade to the Verus Grand Center. The VFC was a very competent little center channel that really did a great job and enhanced my listening experience. But it is nothing compared to the Verus Grand Center!
Currently, I'm running a pair of Verus Grand Bookshelves as my main left and right speakers in my living room. I have them paired with a HSU VTF-15H subwoofer for the low end (crossed over at 80hz) and these are mated to a Marantz 6005 receiver. My listening area is about 13ft by 13ft, but the room is about 21 feet long by 13 feet wide. The VGC is added to this, and crossed over at 80hz as well.
Listening Impressions:
I pulled the Verus Forte Center out of my entertainment center and politely thanked it for its role in providing a great music and movie experience for the last month. Then I unpacked the Verus Grand Center and hooked it up to my system. I did a quick level calibration with my SPL meter to make sure that things were set right and then sat down for a listen. I was shocked. The VGC sounded way better right out of the box than the VFC sounded after over 100 hours of break-in! It sounded much bigger, voices were more natural, and somehow my sub seemed to blend much more seamlessly with my entire system!
With a center as big as the VGC, it shouldn't surprise me that it sounds big as well! All of the music and movies that I watch really sound like they are right there in the room with me, it's pretty amazing!
The VGC really presents clean and natural sounding vocals and dialogue as well. With music, it often sounds as if the singer is right there in the room with me! Dialogue in movies is superb as well, and it is very rare now that I miss something that is said and have to rewind.
The coolest thing that I noticed with the VGC was how it seemed to allow my subwoofer to blend better with the rest of my system. I don't completely understand how it accomplished this, but I didn't change any other settings in my receiver, I just adjusted the volume of the center with my SPL meter to make sure that it matched the rest of the speakers. Anyway, kick drums and other bass notes sounded much more grounded in the center of my soundstage than they ever had before. My sub is located near my right speaker, so oftentimes I was hearing low notes and instruments from the right side of the room instead of in the center where they should have been. After adding the VGC, those low sounds are now very well grounded in the center where they should be, and sometimes even to the left of the center if the music called for it!
I think it goes without saying that the clarity and detail that the VGC provides is beyond my expectations. There really is no flaw with this center speaker!
If you are looking for the ultimate home theater experience, the Verus Grand Center should be on your shopping list. There are no shortcomings with this speaker in my opinion. It sounds big, clean, detailed, and I am utterly amazed at what it has done to improve my home theater system. If you have the cash, don't stop at the Verus Forte Center, get this guy! Well done Aperion!
Exceeded expectations Martin B.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I normally won't buy any audio without being able to audition the product. But because that was impossible with Aperion and because of the liberal return policy, I decided to order. But I always thought I would return it because lately, I usually wind up disappointed with the products that I buy. I ordered only the Center to see how it would sound with my classic DCM Time Windows as my fronts.
I purposely ordered within a timeframe so that the speaker would show up on my day off. As I tracked the delivery during the week, I thought there was no way it would show up on time. But it showed up exactly as promised (the delivery truck must have been driven 24 hours a day unless it actually shipped some of the way by air).
It was packed beautifully. I can't believe the speaker came wrapped with a fancy soft cloth bag. I feel guilty not finding another use for that bag - I think maybe my daughter should make a dress out of it. And it came with a large cleaning cloth which I now use to clean my TV screen. The finish was absolutely perfect and furniture grade. It's a shame this is going into a cabinet where you can't see how beautiful this speaker is. Hmm... no excuse to send it back yet.
So I hook it up to my Pioneer SC55 receiver and run the MCACC and start playing movie segments and multi-track audio. Sounds pretty fine! And it sounds remarkably good with my DCM Time Windows. Not exactly the same.... but close enough for music and extremely close for TV/movies where it's mostly dialogue in the center. It sometimes exhibits a slight bit of tubbiness, but that probably has more to do with the source audio and cabinet that it's in than the speaker itself. Most of the time I hear crisp, clean, but fully resonant dialogue that sounds like I'm listening to the live recording session on a near field monitor. So far, I've been really enjoying this extra channel of sound and the Aperion has given me nothing to complain about. So... did it blow me away by being the greatest audio I've ever heard? No. But do I expect to find anything better in its price range? Pretty slim chance. And of course, I kept it.... because it puts a smile on my face when I listen to it.
So now I have to deal with the surrounds. So do I keep the DCM Time Windows in the front and buy new surrounds or do I use the Time Windows as surrounds and buy new fronts? One of the Aperion managers spends time on some online forums where I posted this exact question. And he wrote that I should keep the Time Windows in the front (in spite of the fact that Aperion would make more money if I bought new fronts instead of buying new surrounds). So that really gives me a lot of confidence in the honesty and credibility of Aperion. While every company wants to make the most money it can, it leads me to believe that these are true audio guys (and gals) at heart and what they're into most is spreading the gospel of great audio. These are the kinds of people I don't mind sending my money to.

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Pro Reviews For Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker

Audioholics' Aperion Verus Grand Tower Speaker System Review
Performance Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Value Rating: 5 out of 5

"The Verus Grand Center was so clear, so distortion free, I have no problems saying it is the best center speaker I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing in my room. Sure it's a bit big but it is sooooooo worth it when you hear it."

"At just over $3k for a 5.0 system and an extra grand for a the Bravus II 12D sub, the Aperion Audio Verus Grand speakers are not an impulse buy. But they're not meant to be. Aperion has attempted to put together the very best speakers they can for the least amount of money. I have to say, unequivocally, they've succeeded. The Verus Grand Towers image as good if not better than any speaker I've ever experienced (sans electrostats). The Verus Grand Center is a joy to experience and makes a huge difference with listening to multichannel content. Our in-room and manufacturers measurements of the speakers are remarkably similar showing that not only has Aperion created a speaker that can measure well in a lab, but can do so in a real world environment. With Aperion's free shipping and 30 day in home audition with free return shipping if you don't like them, well, you've really got nothing to lose. Except for $3k because there is no way you're sending these back."

"The Aperion Audio Verus Grand Loudspeaker System has redefined, for me, value in high end, which is why they earned the Audioholics coveted 2010 Product of the Year Award. These are the speakers to beat and will likely send many of their competitors back to the drawing boards, or in their cases, their engineering sound labs. Highly Recommended!"

-- Tom Andry,, January 2011

Read Full Review
Audioholics 2010 Product of the Year Award Bestowed upon Aperion Verus Grand Speakers
"Although 2010 was kind of a grim year economically for most of us, the A/V world belted out high value products improving on last year predecessors at little to no cost added? Loudspeaker companies have also raised the bar by creating a more audiophile focus on their products. Aperion Audio's new Verus line is a shining example of this."

"We've been hoping, and suggesting that Aperion Audio unveil a speaker line with higher audiophile aspirations. We knew they could do it, especially considering their existing lineup consists of quality crafted high performance products. Their new Verus line takes it to the next level however. Their specially designed tweeter is designed to play down much lower than most conventional dome designs with exceptional power handling. This allows the system to be crossed over at a lower frequency which improves off axis response by reducing beaming effects of the larger mid drivers as wavelengths become shorter than the cone diameter. We currently have their entire new Verus 5.0 system in for review and are finding it to sound exceptionally good with ample output capability, stunningly great imaging and lack of compression when really cranking it up loud. This is truly a great speaker line regardless of price, typically only found at brick and mortar stores but at internet direct pricing. Fit and finish are excellent and they just scream high end."

- Gene DellaSala,, December 2010

See Full List of Awards


New One-inch Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™

We engineered the new silk dome ASR to handle frequencies beneath most tweeters. Now the mid-high frequencies emit the same crystalline tones as their counterparts in the penthouse. From the pluck of a violin string to the screech of tires, the result is pure, authentic sound.

Two 6" Kevlar Woofers

The strength of Kevlar gives our woofers a trio of advantages: even dispersion, enhanced acoustics and bulletproof reliability. Add extra-long voice coils to decrease distortion and you’ve got the low bass you love. With woofers powerful enough to drive all but bottom-feeding frequencies without a dedicated subwoofer, you’ll find Verus’ bass response truly earth-shaking.

One 4" Kevlar Midrange Drivers with Aluminum Phase Plugs

Two mid-range drivers with aluminum phase plugs increase the Verus line’s power handling and dynamic range, filling the middle of the sonic spectrum. By recreating the full harmonics of a singer’s voice, the Verus Grand speakers produce vocals as rich as the Rockefellers.

VoiceRight™ Technology

Subtle nuances in detail make all the difference between a "good home theater" and an "amazing theater experience". The Verus Grand Center employs VoiceRight™ technology that compensates for the effects of reflected sound off of large screen TVs and cabinetry. This allows you to place the Grand Center where it fits your room. Just set it down, flip the switch to compensate for the nuances of your rooms, and have a "you ARE there" experience.

Vertical Array Design

We engineered our vertical array center to provide flawless center channel performance no matter where you're sitting in the room. Our vertical array design makes every seat in the house perfect, so every member of your family can enjoy the crisp, clear dialog and sound without having to rock-paper-scissors over who’s sitting in the center of the couch.

Furniture-Grade Finish

The slim curves of the Verus line’s first-rate cabinetry make us think "supermodel"—but the primo acoustic qualities means she’d have to sound as good as she looks. The finishing touch for every Verus speaker is a high-gloss cherry-wood veneer or piano-black lacquer that’s so right for every décor, your coffee table will be jealous.

5-way gold-plated binding posts

The 5-way gold-plated binding posts let you connect your speakers any which way you choose: bare wire, banana plugs, spades, round pins or flat pins. Not only does the gold plating give your system some bling, it also serves a more practical purpose: to resist corrosion and provide the best possible connection to your receiver.

Magnetically Held Perforated Metal Grilles

To protect the speaker innards from accidents, pets or curious fingers, the entire Verus line sports perforated metal grilles that let sound flow through unchecked, improving imaging and reducing high-frequency reflection. Hidden magnets hold the grilles in recessed baffles.

Floor Spikes and Feet

Each Verus Grand Tower speaker comes with a set of floor spikes and feet. Isolating the cabinet from the floor can reduce vibrations and produce tighter bass.



Download the Verus Grand Center Manual




Weight 39.0 lbs
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 50-20,000 Hz (+/- 6dB) 42-22,000 Hz
Impedance 6 Ohms
Sensitivity 87 dB
Recommended Power 40-300 Watts
Tweeter 1" Custom Aperion ASR Tweeter
Midrange One 4" Woven Kevlar Woofer with Aluminum Phase Plug
Woofer Two 6" Woven Kevlar Woofers with PVC Dust Cap and Rubber Surrounds
Driver Configuration 3-Way
Enclosure Type Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Sealed
Dimensions 9" H x 24.75" W x 11" D
Product Family Verus
Placement Location Center Channel Speaker

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