On rare occasions we have speakers that are damaged during transport. These speakers have slight blemishes or damage but sonically perform just as well, and carry the same full warranty as their undamaged siblings.

THE CATCH: You must be able to visit our corporate location in Portland, Oregon in order to purchase this inventory. Availability is first come, first served. Supplies are limited.

Please call first to confirm availability. We'd love to meet you!

Just a sample of what's available

Intimus 4C - Still in the box and  as good as new! Minimally used during our generous in-home audition. This is a steal for a speaker that is essentially brand new.

Bravus 8D - This one is fresh out of a shipping box. Minimal surface scratches on top. Plays and hides out nicely in the corner of your room!

Intimus 5C - Sometimes we forget to put our shoes on before we go outside, in the case of this speaker somebody forgot to put the rubber feet on. Slight scratches on the bottom but puts out sound like a champ.

Verus - Open box v2 center in cherry - Screaming deal for a screaming center! No dings or dents, just a short test drive during the in-home audition. Plays and sounds amazing!

New in box -Verus Towers in cherry - Another screaming deal for a pair of screaming towers! No dings or dents. Not even a test drive! These guys are brand new in the box. What a deal!

Denon Heos - New stock and A-stock! These HEOS speakers can be controlled with a smartphone app over your WiFi network or you can connect directly using a 3.5mm cable.

Call, email, or chat with us online to hear about all the great deals. Better hurry though - they go fast!

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