What Goes Where? How to Set Up Your Home Theater

What Goes Where?  How to Set Up Your Home Theater

Getting the Most Out of Your Room What are the most important components in your home theater? Your room and your speakers. What this means is that how your speakers and your room partner up directly effects the quality of your home theater experience. Most rooms are fairly accommodating, but there are a few tips […]

Video Games and Home Theater

Video Games and Home Theater

By: Mike Hopkins Aperion Product Manager Think Video Games Are Just For Kids? Think again! Studies have shown that the average gamer is over thirty years old and new high definition videogame consoles like the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 usher in a new era of gameplay — integrating seamlessly into a modern home […]

Types of Home Theater Speakers

Types of Home Theater Speakers

By: Professor Humphries Speaker Engineer Speakers Working Together Spend some quality time with your room. It’s as much a component in your home theater system as any of the electronics you’ll buy. Variations on this theme sometimes include: 1. A specialized center channel speaker. 2. More surround speakers (assuming it’s okay with your receiver). 3. […]

TVs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

TVs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Direct View—A True Original Still the most common TV in homes today, Direct View CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is the original granddaddy that started it all. Invented in the late 1920s, the concept remains essentially the same to this day. A glass vacuum tube with a flat screen is covered with red, blue and green […]

TV Jargon Demystified

What is Analog? Most of the world still views TV via an analog signal. The video data is transmitted continuously using variable electrical frequencies (wave lengths). The TV dutifully accepts this data and translates it into the picture you see. Videocassettes, audio cassettes, and radio are all shining examples of analog signals. Although the picture […]

Sizing up your TV

The Formula—Helpful or Bogus? Theoretically, there’s a formula for calculating “ideal” screen-to-viewing distance. Ideal because some experts say it’s the distance you should sit from you TV so that you see the whole image without seeing the lines or pixels used to create it. But you know how theories can be. Nevertheless, it looks something […]

Multichannel Speaker Placement

By: Professor Humphreys Speaker Engineer Optimizing A Multi-channel Set-Up For Surround Sound The explosion of home theater and multi-channel music has changed the landscape of home audio forever. Instead of your entertainment system consisting of monstrous floor mounted stereo speakers of the 70’s and 80’s, you can build your system out of a combination of […]

Home Theater: from 5.1 to 7.1

By Caleb Denison Home Theater Guru While doing research on home theater you’ve no doubt run into these numbers. This isn’t secret code designed to confuse you. It’s actually pretty simple stuff – but it’s important for you to know what they mean and, equally important, which configuration best suits your needs. In this course, […]

Home Theater Defined

Know Your Room The whole point of a good home theater system is that it caters to your room just as it is. Hence, that word “home”. Whether your room is cavernous, middling or peewee, rest assured there is a home theater solution ideal for you. Let’s begin with an examination of your space with […]

Home Theater Connection and Configuration

Connecting wires to your receiver Positives (+) always plug into positives (+), the negatives (-) always plug into negatives (-). Likewise, reds always plug into reds and blacks always plug into blacks (or whatever color wheel a manufacturer is using). Remedial as these reminders might be, if your wires are not plugged in properly, they […]

HDMI Cable Buyer’s Guide

By: Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru If you’ve recently spent any time checking out HDTVs or other high-resolution home theater components, chances are you’ve heard some buzz about HDMI, and for good reason: Since its introduction in late 2003, HDMI has practically become the universal standard for bringing together today’s high-definition home theater components. Thanks […]

Video Game Console Buyers’ Guide

By Alex Pasco Aperion Audio Creative Manager This article was originally posted in 2008, we’ve updated it to reflect pricing changes.  Studies have shown that this is going to be the biggest year yet for the video game industry – an industry that has seen record growth for the past ten years and no signs […]

How to Choose a Soundbar

By Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru Soundbars are the latest speaker system technology that feature a full-range speaker array in a compact cabinet to match flat-panel TVs aesthetics, but they can’t replicate the full theater-like experience you get from multiple speakers. So when does a soundbar make sense for you? They are the perfect solution […]

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer Have you noticed those attractive speakers mounted in a wall or ceiling and admired the way they visually disappear in a room? Are you looking to add distributed audio throughout your house? In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers may be the right choice. The following questions paired with our advice will help […]

How to Make Fair Speaker Comparisons

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer Making Fair Speaker Comparisons Which speakers should you get? You’ve read all the specs, done your homework memorizing speaker concepts and theory, read tons of reviews, solicited the opinions of friends and scoured the internet. But at the end of the day, the real test is how they sound. Yep, […]

How to Choose Speakers

Speakers Make The System If a person’s got second-rate speakers they’ve got a second-rate home theater, no matter how high-end the other components. Any home theater junkie will tell you the best way to improve a home theater is with a speaker upgrade. Heck, many experts even go as far as recommending that half your […]

How to Choose a Receiver

Selecting a home theater receiver can be a real challenge.  Being bombarded with models and terms and specifications is enough to make you pass out!  With that in mind, we present our handy course on choosing a home theater receiver. Before you’re ready to spend your hard earned cash, you should ask yourself a few […]

Building a Speaker System on a Budget

By: Caleb Denison, Home Theater Guru On a budget? Not ready to plunge headlong into a full on 7.1 home theater system just yet? No problem. The solution is to piece meal your system.  You get the advantages of a lower initial investment, you lessen the shock value to your significant other by having fewer […]

Armed and Ready to Shop – Home Electronics Buying Guide

Five Tips to Get You Started TIP #1 Spend some quality time with your room. It’s as much a component in your home theater system as any of the electronics you’ll buy. Ask Yourself: In what room will my home theater be?Is it going to be a room solely for my system or will it […]

The Perception of Sound

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer After a sound wave reaches your eardrum, the real magic begins. When you’re aware of a sound, your ear and brain are working together on the difficult task of selecting which sound to pay attention to, what might be making it, where it’s located and much more. Here are a […]

How to Use your SPL Meter

Calibrating your home theater system is critical to an awesome home entertainment center, and only takes about 10 minutes to accomplish. The SPL meter measures the level of sound coming out of your speakers and it will help you fine-tune your system for the best possible sound. To start, you’ll need to turn on your […]

How to Enjoy Streaming Media

By Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru It’s hard to believe there was a time when using physical storage media, like CDs and Blu-rays, were the only way we could enjoy our music and movies whenever—and almost wherever—we wanted. Nowadays, using disc media is becoming the exception rather than the norm: The popularity of digital entertainment […]

How Subwoofers Work

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer The Lowest Of Lows Subwoofers boom the thunder, the rumbles, the explosions and the guttural lows that bring music and DVDs to life. Reproducing low frequencies from 20-100 Hz, subwoofers let other speakers be diminutive and unassuming. In other words, your other speakers’ cabinetry doesn’t have to be as large […]

How Speakers Work

By: Professor Humphreys Speaker Engineer Put simply, speakers make sound waves. They pull this off by converting electric signals to movements of air. The mechanics of all this can be easily understood. Since knowledge is power, enjoy the process of becoming more powerful as you journey through this course. The Anatomy Looks Something Like This: […]

Crossover Design and Theory

By Ken Humphreys, Speaker Engineer Why crossovers? Speakers produce an astonishing range of waves! The highest frequency humans can hear requires a speaker’s driver to move back and forth 20,000 time a second in order to make those 2/3” long sonic waves. The deepest audible bass makes the driver move about 60 times a second […]

Banana Plug Installation Tutorial

Confused about how to install your banana plugs in your home theater system?  Caleb Denison walks you through the ins and outs in this informative video tutorial.

Wireless Audio from your Computer

By Mike Hopkins: Aperion Product Manager With the constant progression of digital media over the past 5 to 10 years, especially with music, there usually comes a time in your life where you are forced, one way or another, to make drastic changes in how you listen to music. The idea of wirelessly sending music […]

Getting the Most out of Outdoor Sound

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer So you’re thinking about adding sound to where you really like to spend a nice day – outdoors on your patio, deck or maybe by the pool – but you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into. Well, allow us to lend a hand. What to Look for in Outdoor […]

Enjoying Vinyl

By: Jeff Dorgay Publisher, Tone Audio You heard right – vinyl, as in LP’s that you probably remember from a long time ago, perhaps even in your parents music collection. Believe it or not, the analog record has been making a strong comeback for about the last 10 years now, and is getting stronger every […]

Glossary: Home Theater Terms

Terms and Lingo From A to Z   # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # 0 dB – the threshold of hearing, 130 dB is the threshold of pain. 24/96 – Usually refers to […]

Flat Panel TV Buying Guide

By: Oliver Amnuayphol – Home Theater Guru Who could’ve imagined just a little over ten years ago those bulky, heavy, and big-boxed TVs that were once the dominating force in home theater viewing would rapidly slim down into lean, mean, sexy flat panel machines? While CRTs (the technology behind traditional tube, rear projection, and front projection […]

Dual Subwoofers for your Home Theater

By Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru If you’ve ever setup a subwoofer in your home theater system, chances are you’ve noticed that the bass sounds ripe ‘n rumble-y in some parts of the room but not so good in others. This is due to your room’s acoustic properties and its tendency to reinforce or cancel […]

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