Airplay with the Allaire Aris

Jun 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

With our new  Allaire Aris wireless speaker, one of the many advantages is controlling it with your smartphone.   At $374, in addition to our amazing sounding Allaire Aris speaker, you also will receive our wireless card that connects to your home network and is DLNA 1.5 compliant.  Using many of the free DLNA apps on both the Google Play market for Android, and also the App store in iOS you can push music that is shared on your home network, or directly from your phone.  If you have all iOS devices though, the use of Airplay from those devices is a nice option to have.   Well, as luck would have it,  Apple makes a $99 device called and Airport Express that turns the Allaire Aris speaker into a fully controllable part of your Apple Airplay wireless ecosystem.

Aperion Audio Aris Wireless Speaker Review angle front windows 8

The Airport Express is a simple device creates or extends your wireless network.  Each Airport Express base station is nameable and is recognized as an Airplay target via iTunes or any iOS mobile device.   Each base station  has an audio output you’d simply connect the the audio input on the Allaire Aris unit and viola!  Once connected you can stream iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and many other directly to your Allaire Aris, all for only $396.  (Allaire Aris $297, Airport Express $99)    You can add additional Aperion Allaire Aris/Airport Express units to other rooms in your home and play the same song to all of them synchronized.   Overall this is a simple, elegant and affordable way to add to the beautiful design and amazing sound of the Allaire Aris speaker system.

Mike Hopkins
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  1. Patrick
    August 14, 2013

    With all due respect, this solution is laughable. Yes it will work and it will work with little or no bugs but it forces the listener to utilize the 3.5mm jack. No one wants to use a 3.5mm connection on a high-end speaker. I own an AirPort Express–it’s a great device that is even capable of optical-out via mini toslink… but the ARIS only has an analog 3.5mm aux.

    Also, this solution now requires two collocated power outlets and (dependent on AirPort Express version) up to a total of three cables.

    Come on Aperion, where is the truly integrated solution in the form of an AirPlay card?

    • Mike Hopkins
      August 14, 2013

      Hey Patrick,
      I definitely agree with you on a few of your points. 1. I do believe the analog input will provide excellent audio quality, if you did indeed want to utilize the Optical output of the Airport express you’d really want to use a high quality DAC as well ( ). 2. Regarding integrated Airplay cards, the Airplay modules we are required to use, that are actually the exact same in every airplay speaker available are very cost prohibitive, most likely on purpose to keep the associated Airplay speakers “higher end”. We’ve put the majority of our designing efforts into the build and sound quality of the Aris unit and are hard pressed to design a wireless card that would work as well or be of lower retail cost than the Airport Express. I just wanted to give the option for Aris users that want Airplay functionality a possible solution.


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