Streaming Google Music over DLNA

Sep 18, 2013 | One Comment

Hey all you Google Music lovers out there, I have some great news!  There is a new App out for Android called Cast to UPnP/DLNA for Gmusic that lets you stream your Google music in the cloud over DLNA!   Awesome? You bet!  Please let me explain.   Google music is a two part cloud music storage and streaming service that allows you to either upload your music to the cloud for free (up to 20,000 songs) or as a subscription service ($9.99/month) that gives you access to listen to pretty much everything out there whenever you want.  The idea being that you can access your music wherever you are via your PC or mobile device directly from the cloud so you won’t need tons of storage on your phone or tablet.    The great thing about this app is it gives you a way to play music directly from the cloud to network connected devices like a Marantz receiver or our wonderful Allaire Aris wireless speaker when using the DLNA card.    Once you run the app, you’ll see the “Cast” icon in Google Music and when you touch to expand that it will drop down a list of all the devices that it can stream music to on your network(see pics below).  Simple hit play and you’re done!  You can also control the volume via your mobile device as well.

The Cast to UPnP/DLNA for Gmusic app is free, however, it limits you to 20 minutes of play time, but you can purchase the “Unlocker Service” option for a  whopping $2.69, a very small price to pay in order to unlock all of your tunes in the cloud and play them directly to your connected devices.  I’ve been using this all day to stream my album collection on Google Music over DLNA directly to an Allaire Aris unit. The app works well, is easy to use and it’s opened an entirely new way to listen and enjoy my music collection.



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