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    I've had the following setups in-house for about two weeks now.
    Axiom:  M22v3; VP150; QS8

    Aperion:  Verus Grand Bookself; forte center (grand was just too massive); Verus di/bi-pole surrounds

    AVR:  Pioneer Elite SC-55; sub-woofer: Hsu VTF-3 MK4

    Ran the MCACC Full band calibration (no SPL meter).

    I'm really amazed at the vast difference in settings between the Aperions and the Axioms in the MCACC. 

       axiom   aperion

    L    0.0     +2.0

    C    -4.5    -2.5

    R   +0.5    +3.0

    SR  -2.0    +4.0

    SL  -2.0   +6.5

    SW  -11.0   -12.0

    Distance were close to each other. Only off by an inch or two. Are the differences due to the lower senstivity rating of the Aperions? The 6-ohms? I want to compare apples to apples making sure I have everything setup correctly. Right now, the Aperions sound so crisp and clean. Sometimes the Axioms make me "tire" listening to them.  I really like Rush, and their quality cd's are awesome for testing. I can hear the cymbals so crisply as Neal taps them; on the Axioms, they sounds a little muffled. Also, I am shocked at the output of the Aperion bookshelf speakers. Good lower end. When I defeat the sub, they still carry on somewhat. With the Axioms, I can hear a gap between the highs and lows. Not as seemless as the Aperions.

    The jury is still out. I have a few more days before I have to decide.

    Any input??




    Haven't done a side-by-side with Axioms, but appreciate that you are.  I know there are quite a few folks that are curious about the comparison, so thanks!


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Mark,

    It sounds like we are doing quite well in the match up!  

    I wouldn't call a 2 dB difference massive myself, but yes the differences in sensitivities will cause the calibration to be different.

    As for the surrounds the dipole mode may be throwing the MCACC off as there is some phase cancellation that occurs in that mode.  You might see what happens if you calibrate with them in bipole mode or if you have an SPL meter you may get different results if you use that to calibrate.  

    Please let me know if there is anything I can help out with and thanks for posting the comparison!

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