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    I have an Onkyo SR875 receiver with an Aperion system, when I'mwatching a movie at a high volume the receiver shuts down when it gets into anaction scene. The system seems to go into a protection mode but I don't knowthe cause of the problem. If I lower the volume level a little more, theproblem doesn't occur. I check the wires at both ends and didn't see any wiresout of the banana plugs. 

    The impedance setting is set to 6db and the crossovers were set tofull (tower) and 100Hz for the other speakers. There's enough ventilation wherethe receiver is located.  

    The configuration is as follow: 

    Onkyo SR875, 2 Intimus 5T Towers, 1 Intimus 5C center speaker, 2Intimus 5B Bookshelf. 

     Can anyone help me find the problem to this issue? 




    Have you tried swapping out speaker cables?  Even if the connection looks good, there could be a short somewhere in the cable that you can't see. 

    Because it's at volume, it could be that the 875 is having difficulty handling the headroom dips associated by the action scenes.  Speakers aren't at a constant ohm rating when operated.  I doubt this is really the cause, but just pontificating.

    I would double check the heating issue (these AVRs get HOT) and even consider plugging the AVR into a completely separate circuit than the rest of your gear.






    You might try setting the AVR to 8 Ohms.




    Jason Hicks

    I agree with PJ the most likely causes are loose wiring or a heat issue.  If it's not either of those, then you'll probably have to take it in for servicing. 

    As for the impedance setting I'm pretty sure you only get the choice of 4 or 6 ohms with that model, so if you have it set to 6 ohms already that is the proper setting for our speakers. 



    The cables aren't an easy task to accomplish, if I swap the cables then I have to do that permanently. Does Aperion warrant the cables? 


    Jason Hicks

    [quote user="mmirambeaux"]The cables aren't an easy task to accomplish, if I swap the cables then I have to do that permanently. Does Aperion warrant the cables? [/quote]

    Not really because they are just strands of copper wrapped in plastic, there isn't anything, at least that I can think of, that can go wrong with the wires themselves.

    If a strand from the positive wire touches the negative wire or binding post (or vice versa) that's what causes the short, it isn't due to any defect with the wire.

    Of course if one of the wires sustained damage due to a fire or some other type of external stress that's another matter, but that's not a very likely scenario either. 

    So if you are sure that there isn't an issue with the loose strands, or perhaps with one of the speakers not consistently connected since sometimes the receiver will shut down when only connected to one front channel, then I do not think that the wires are the issue. 

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