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    So i've been completely detached from the audio world for 10 plus years and wow have things changed. I figured i'd have a good handle on things but i'm feeling overwhelmed with all the choices. I'm currently working on an addition, new family room and kitchen. Family room is roughly 15×27 with tv on the 27' wall. main seating area will be 8-10' from the tv. Directly across from the tv is an 18' opening into the kitchen. Flooring is hardwood. A month or so ago i ordered 4 in ceiling speakers for my surround because i wanted to get them in before i insulated.

    I pretty much had no other option with no wall space to place surrounds. This week i purchased an onkyo reciever model tx-nr809. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake. [:O] Now to my question, will the forte's provide enough or am i going to have to step up to the grands? I could be wrong but i feel like i have an acoustically challenged room. Ceilings are 8' if that helps. The last set of speakers i bought was a pair of cerwin vega dx-9s back in the mid 90's. [H]


    Jason Hicks

    Hello and welcome to the forum! 

    Yeah that's a pretty big room and the opening to the kitchen won't help matters as you will lose sound to that area.  The good news is that you will be sitting pretty close to the speakers so you can count on a good amount of direct sound from them and you should be in good hands with the Onkyo 809 as I recommend it all the time.

    As for the Verus Forte vs Verus Grand question I think it will come down to what you are trying to accomplish.  If it's just movies at that sitting position then you may be able to get away with the Forte set up.  But if there will be other listening positions in the room and you really want to fill the room with sound then I think the Verus Grand set up is what you will need.  There is also the in between option of the 5T which is slightly larger then the Verus Forte but I do give the edge to the Forte in the sound quality department, mostly because of the Verus tweeter which is smoother to my ear.  

    Bottom line if you can do the Verus Grands I think in a room like that it would be a good idea, but if the Fortes are all you can do then at a distance of 8-10 feet then I think they will suffice.

    I hope that helps but please let me know if you have other questions, thanks!  




    Thanks. The system will be used mostly for movies/tv and games. My wife will listen to music im sure but she couldn't give 2 hoots about sound quality.

    I guess i'll just have to give it some more time and see how far the money goes then decide.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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