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    Hey all. First post.

    I just brought home a set of VGTs last night. My office is down the street from Aperion, and I have been waiting like everyone else for the next shipment. Matt called me about a set of A-stock returns they just received, and was cool enough to hang out after work until I could show up to take them home. 

    $1528 into the back of my car. I believe they have 2 more sets…

    I am a former recording engineer, with a ton of big album credits back in the day, so my concept of good/bad is perhaps a bit more specific than most. My tastes tend toward flat and precise, rather than pretty. I'm the guy obsessing over counting the number of early reflections on a kickdrum, or the ability to hear the studio gate closing on a buzzing guitar track, rather than how big the bottom end is and such (for whatever that is worth).

    I set them up in my big live living room next to a pair of B&W CM9s and a set of PSB Synchrony 2s that I have been auditioning, plugged into my Marantz 7005. No Audyssey engaged.

    First impressions: these are an absolutely amazing set of speakers. They are very, very flat, and have remarkable detail and imaging. Despite the increased range of the B&W tweeters, the Aperions are far more precise, and have spectacular imaging. Their ability to localize a transient to a point in space, rather than just to a region, is something I have not heard outside a studio control room, at least not to anywhere near this level of precision.


    Next to the B&Ws (+$1500), the VGTs had a far more accurate response curve, as verified by my RTA, with none of the cabinet resonances at around 300hz that were so prominent in the B&Ws (one of the least musical frequencies known to mankind). Despite the B&Ws being linear to 22Khz, their imaging was disappointing next to the VGTs, with significantly less precision.

    Next to the PSBs (+$2000), the VGTs were almost in a dead heat. The curve, depth of the sound field, and imaging seemed almost identical, however the VGTs had a slightly greater degree of detail despite being a bit less sibilant at around 15k. The VGTs were also somewhat more holographic, and had a better capacity to present a center image than the synchronys.

    I put them up against my trusted Meyer HD1s (industry standard powered reference monitors, $8k when still in production), and found that they held their own against these as well. This, I must admit, truly blew my mind.

    Unlike virtually every pair of audiophile speakers I have tried, I feel like I may actually be able to mix on these.

    Bottom line, these are the best purchase I have made in years.

    Now if I could just figure out how to turn off the italics… 


    Thank you for the review.



    Great review with specific points and comparisons to other speakers.  I'm sure many will find this helpful.  Thank you very much.


    Thanks for the review. I just got the Fortes and am amazed by them but was thinking of upgrading within the year. I think this review might just have been the last thing i needed to decide on.

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