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Secrets to Selecting a Subwoofer

Secrets to Selecting a Subwoofer

Who doesn’t love some solid subwoofer action? Evidently my mother. Deep bass makes her nauseous. So I understand when she asks me to turn off the subs in my car when we’re cruising around town. Regardless, most of us have a passion deep in our soul for bass. A subwoofer provides one sole purpose; to […]
What Makes Aperion “Different?”

What Makes Aperion “Different?”

I’ve been asked by lots of people: “What makes Aperion speakers different than other speaker brands?”  I’d like to begin by explaining why I started the company, and why those reasons still provide the best value to those looking for truly remarkable audio performance at an affordable price. Borrowing some prose from the “The Aperion […]
Outdoor Home Theater on a $1K Budget

Outdoor Home Theater on a $1K Budget

There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer evening outside with friends and family, so why not stay outside as the evening cools and watch a movie?   Outdoor home theaters seem to really be gaining in popularity in the US and I think that the lower cost and availability of  projectors would have something to […]
Sonic Boom for your Buck:  ARIS

Sonic Boom for your Buck: ARIS

Last week I talked about how crucial speaker placement is and how it will largely affect overall sound performance, sound stage and imaging.  The same rules apply for portable or tabletop speakers as well; however this poses a bit of a design challenge.  With placing stereo speakers, we’re using placement and separation of each speaker […]

A blueprint for your home theater system


Stay Fresh! Aperion Audio Speakers and Reviews!

by Aperion Audio on August 07, 2020


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Father's Day Dad Jokes

by Aperion Audio on June 21, 2020


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Happy Father's Day!

by Aperion Audio on June 17, 2020


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13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part Three - United States

by Collin Lybarger on April 13, 2020


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TV Troubleshooting and Help Guide

by Aperion Audio on October 31, 2019


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Troubleshooting Receivers

by Aperion Audio on October 23, 2019


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