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13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part One - UK

13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part One - UK

Today we’ll be talking about some popular speaker brands in a 3-part series. We’ll briefly discuss the history and key achievements of some of the most legendary speaker companies in the United States and Europe. Read on...

Like CD and DVD discs, Blu-ray discs have three variant formats: prewriting, erasable and writable. The abbreviation of pre-written Blu-ray CD is BD ROM, which usually contains movies or TV dramas republished in high definition format

There is much more to the sound we hear than just where you place your speakers in a stereo or home theater setup, and what comes out of them. You might not even realize it, but your room plays a rather large part in the sound that you hear from your system. And as with any other component, there are steps you can take to improve your room's performance.
"If you are looking for a way to gain more insight into how your speakers interact with your room and what to do to fix any issues, the XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit is probably the easiest method out there." - Audioholics -
Over the years you’ve probably heard some outdoor speakers and thought to yourself, “Wow, I don’t think those speakers sound very good” or “The bass is really lacking.” Find what outdoor speakers need to overcome and how you can optimize their performance. 

A blueprint for your home theater system


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13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part One - UK

by Aperion Audio on September 25, 2019


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