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Secrets to Selecting a Subwoofer

Secrets to Selecting a Subwoofer

Who doesn’t love some solid subwoofer action? Evidently my mother. Deep bass makes her nauseous. So I understand when she asks me to turn off the subs in my car when we’re cruising around town. Regardless, most of us have a passion deep in our soul for bass. A subwoofer provides one sole purpose; to […]
How to Choose a Subwoofer

How to Choose a Subwoofer

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer What’s A Subwoofer To Do? A subwoofer’s calling in life is simply to bring deep, awe-inspiring bass to your movies and music. “All right, cool” you say, “Which one should I get?” Allow us to assist. Your Comparison Checklist Please use this checklist as you shop for your new speakers […]

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by Collin Lybarger on August 10, 2020


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by Aperion Audio on August 07, 2020


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by Aperion Audio on June 21, 2020


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