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The Top Ten Gadgets for the Holidays

The Top Ten Gadgets for the Holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is the time to start scoping out all the coolest gift ideas so you don’t end up in a battle to the death for the last coveted hot gift at your local big box store. We’ve rounded up the top ten gadgets of the year in one convenient […]
New Receivers from Marantz

New Receivers from Marantz

Aperion Audio has been a long time fan of Marantz receivers.  We have long felt that Marantz receivers bring out some of the best qualities in Aperion speakers, one of those magical combinations that just work so well together.  Marantz will be releasing their new line of receivers this summer and we couldn’t be happier. […]

A blueprint for your home theater system


Using Your Aperion Audio Super Tweeter

by Collin Lybarger on August 10, 2020


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Stay Fresh! Aperion Audio Speakers and Reviews!

by Aperion Audio on August 07, 2020


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Father's Day Dad Jokes

by Aperion Audio on June 21, 2020


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Happy Father's Day!

by Aperion Audio on June 17, 2020


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13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part Three - United States

by Collin Lybarger on April 13, 2020


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TV Troubleshooting and Help Guide

by Aperion Audio on October 31, 2019


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