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Who says you can't get huge sound in a small room? Our new Verus Forte Tower SD system delivers that big sound you crave, sized for smaller and medium sized rooms. We start with the svelte younger sibling to our best-selling Grand Tower, the Verus Forte Tower, add in the Verus Forte Center and Verus Forte Bookshelves, and top it all off with the thundering bass and tiny footprint of the Bravus II 8D Subwoofer.

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Verus Forte Tower SD
5.1 7.1
Gloss Black

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Who says you can't get huge sound in a small room? Our new Verus Forte Tower SD system delivers that big sound you crave, sized for smaller and medium sized rooms. We start with the svelte younger sibling to our best-selling Grand Tower, the Verus Forte Tower add in the Verus Forte Center and Verus Forte Bookshelves, and top it all off with the thundering bass and tiny footprint of the Bravus II 8D Subwoofer.

The striking good looks and exquisite sound of the Verus Grand, shrunk down to fit into any living space. The Verus Forte Tower SD brings the big sound of Verus to rooms both big and small.

FREE SHIPPING - a $132 Value for a 5.1 system*
FREE lifetime customer support
TEN YEAR WARRANTY on drivers and cabinets
TWO YEAR WARRANTY on the subwoofer amplifier.

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

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Expectations were exceeded Jonathan G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
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Finish Rating
From the moment I logged onto the site to delivery and installation of my speakers I have been incredibly impressed. The speakers are beautiful to look at and provide really great sound. Very good bang for your buck!
Speakers Look and Sound Great Michael W.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
The speakers were easy to set up and have performed very well so far. I cannot find any reason not to make this purchase again other than the fairly high price. That being said the quality seems to be there to warrant the price. All in all it is a very good looking and sounding product.
Beyond Best Marcus P.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My wife ordered the Verus Forte Tower SD for me as a gift and it is beyond spectacular. Delivery only took a 1 and a half weeks considering we live overseas. I kept getting confirmation calls of order/delivery. Everything came included as advertised. I love it and would recommend this system to any/everyone. 5/5 from me! Excellent job!

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Exceptional Value, Righteous Business
These speaker sound great, very clear and the towers have a good amount of bass but the subwoofer enhances the lower end bass. sometimes i\'ll watch movie or a tv show and then i hear doorbell and think ugh, who the heck is that? A food delivery guy i bet...then my brain will say hey it\'s from the show! i think for the price the quality can\'t be beat. someone wrote that the finish attracts a lot of dust, which it kind of does but that\'s just how the material is and so does everything audio video related (probably due to the static electricity) but that\'s why they give you a nice cloth. the piano black finish is bad a$$, when you feel how smooth and how solid the cabinet is, you\'ll understand. anything that looks fancy and nice requires a little more maintenance. these speakers look and sound great. you can really turn up the volume and it still sounds clear.

in today\'s business environment, it\'s refreshing to find a business that cares about keeping you as a customer. i bought these speakers prior to a sale and then contacted them and they were cool about sending me the difference. they were more than happy to do the right thing to enhance the customer experience. they could have easily have told me no. matter of fact they saw that i used an incorrect price and they made an additional adjustment in my favor. all i can say is they have a client for life.
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity review of the Verus Forte Tower System
"The Aperion Verus Forte system impressed me a lot. It delivered good all-around performance with cinema and music. The speakers had an articulate quality that communicated a lot of information from my high resolution sources. And the slim tower design, combined with the coincident array in the center produced a wide and uniform soundfield. The level of performance and the overall aesthetic available in the Aperion Forte system is so much more than its price would suggest. I recommend this nifty little system for someone with a small to medium size room who wants to maximize their purchasing power."

-- Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, June 2012

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Sound and Vision Magazine Reviews the Verus Forte Tower System
Winner of the 2011 Sound and Vision "Certified and Recommended" Award!

"This system is gorgeously finished, winningly compact, more-than-solid performing, and quite inexpensive given its looks, sound and presentation. Aperion's new family qualifies as a paragon of value-engineered audio."

- Daniel Kumin, Sound and Vision Magazine, September 2011

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Digital Trends "Editors' Choice" Award Given to Aperion's Verus Forte Tower System
"9 out of 10. Due to their excellent musicality, large sound in a small footprint and high value, the Verus Forte Towers earn our Editor's Choice Award."

"The sonic character of the Forte tower is remarkably big for a speaker of any size, let alone one as small as this."

"The soundstage and imaging properties of the speakers are both pleasing. The Forte towers have the sort of pinpoint center imaging that will get you out of your chair to see if the center channel is on when it shouldn't be. Even when not "toed in", the speakers had a way of placing vocals in the very center of the room. The soundstage exhibited a fair amount of depth, but the sound didn't seem to stretch out beyond the edge of the speakers as much as we'd expected. Still, every inch between them was filled out with some portion of our recording's presentation. This pair of speakers didn't really "disappear into the room"- they do call some attention to themselves, but in an engaging sort of "check me out" fashion that hits your ears with lots of nuances and texture."

"Aperion's Verus Forte speakers, particularly the floor-standing tower model, offer an appreciable improvement over the company's already solid Intimus offerings. The differences between the two lines is most obvious in the high frequency section where the tweeter's higher-power handling and lower frequency capabilities serve to make the speakers sound articulate, accurate and detailed enough to satisfy just about any critical listener. Their more stylistic cabinets add to the speaker's refinement and make a pleasant statement in a room. At $495.00 each, the Verus Forte Tower represents a very solid value, if a bit more expensive than the company's Intimus line. We think these speakers will appeal to budget-audiophiles who want a speaker that challenges the law of diminishing returns by offering an incredibly refined, full bodied sound in an attractive package under the $1k price poin"

Included Products: Verus Forte Tower SD-Gloss Black-5.1

Verus Forte Tower Speaker

Front Speakers: 2 Verus Forte Tower Speaker s

The new Verus Forte Tower mirrors the immersive sound and striking looks of the award-winning Verus Grand—but its petite stature and slender curves remind you that this is the powerful younger sibling.

Verus Forte Center Channel Speaker

Center Channel: 1 Verus Forte Center Channel Speaker

The Verus Forte Center Channel speaker nimbly manages sound from the middle of your screen, to pull you right into the heart of your movie or music video.
Verus Forte Satellite Speaker Pair

Surrounds: 1 Verus Forte Satellite Speaker Pair

If satellite size speakers fit your space better, the Verus Forte won't fall short in terms of sound – actually, we think you'll be amazed. These petite speakers handle movie surround with ease, while adding to the aesthetics of your room.
Bravus II 8D Powered Subwoofer

Subwoofer: 1 Bravus II 8D Powered Subwoofer

Don’t let its small size and gorgeous design fool you. Coming in at just over one cubic foot, this compact subwoofer is small enough to fit anywhere, yet packs one heck of a punch.

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