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If you want authentic sound and gorgeous cabinets, then look no further. The Verus Grand Hybrid XD weds our most popular speaker, the Verus Grand Tower with the Verus Grand Center, and Verus Grand Bookshelves as surrounds. Those alone would make for a serious contender, but we don't stop there - the Bravus II 12D brings its deep sub-bass into the picture and it's a world-class home theater system that stacks up with the best of them.

Gloss Black 7.1Gloss Cherry 5.1Gloss Cherry 7.1Gloss Black 5.1
Verus Grand Tower XD
7.1 5.1
Gloss Black Gloss Cherry

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If you want authentic sound married to gorgeous good looks, you've come to the right place. The Verus Grand Hybrid XD weds our most popular speaker, the Verus Grand Tower with the Verus Grand Center, and Verus Grand Bookshelves as surrounds. Those alone would make for a serious contender, but we don't stop there - the Bravus II 12D brings its deep sub-bass into the picture and you're left with a world-class home theater system that stacks up with the best of them.

Brace yourself for the huge sound of The Verus Grand Hybrid XD, our biggest and best pre-configured home theater system. It's stunning good looks and true-to-life sound will blow you away, and at a price thousands less than the competition.

FREE SHIPPING - a $230 Value for 5.1 system*
FREE lifetime customer support
TEN YEAR WARRANTY on drivers and cabinets
TWO YEAR WARRANTY on the subwoofer amplifier.

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

Customer Reviews For Verus Grand Tower XD

Dreams of sonic nirvana IS possible.. John Gangemi
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Oh boy, here we go! I've been following Aperion for years dreaming of the day when their flagship speakers would be mine, and the wait is finally over! I started with a pair of Verus Grand Towers and the Verus Grand Center Channel. Oh man! Sorry....started to drool a little here. Incredible! I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Vidiot (movie nut to the unfamiliar) so of course I started with the blu ray movie "Inside Llewyn Davis" by the Coen Brothers. My wife, who is by no means a audiophile (are any wives really?) kept looking over her shoulder while playing FarmVille on Facebook saying " it sounds like he (Llewyn Davis) is actually playing IN OUR ROOM". Every little nuance of fingers sliding on the guitar strings to the oh-so-accurate reproduction of the singers voice were ours to relish. Ok, acoustic music...check. Next stop...full orchestra movement. I slipped in Amadeus (Director's Cut, of course!) on blu ray and was practically knocked out of my seat. These speakers punch like Mike Tyson on crack! Seriously! While I was losing myself in audio bliss, my wife reached over and touched one of the towers and had a shocked look on her face. "There's NO vibration!" she said. And I had these bad boys thumping. I went over and felt them for myself. She was right (don't tell her I admitted that...guy code you know) ZERO vibration! Ok, it was time to add to the set up. I just received the Verus Grand Bookshelf speakers and without hesitation RAN to hook them up. With 12 Gauge wire, gold plated banana plugs and the front left and right now bi-wired through my Denon, we set out to watch Life of Pi on blu ray. Oh boy....surround nirvana at its finest! I was hearing things I missed at the theater! Only one thing to add now is the 12" Bravus II. To be honest, it may not really be necessary because the towers hit those low notes quite nicely. But hey, I'm a guy, I want accuracy, and I'm going to do it whether the neighbors like it or not. I'm pretty sure they won't be very happy, but as long as my wife and I are (happy that is) that's all that really matters! For those of you dreamers of a REAL home theater, look NO FURTHER! Bite the bullet, put those Benjamin's toward something truly special. Your dream theater is only a click away! I'll be back to amend this review when the sub arrives (about 40 days from now) cheers mates!
Unbelievable Sound JW
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My only complaint is that after 2 weeks I still cannot peel the smile off my face. I continue to be amazed at the sound quality of these speakers.

I never write product reviews but felt obligated to do so in this case due to the quality of the product and customer service I received.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about purchasing a speaker system that I had not heard in person. If you fall into this category, I strongly encourage you to take the plunge and pursue the Aperion Audio speakers. I can tell you from my own experience that Aperion Audio's no hassle return policy and TOP notch customer service/support should definitely remove any concerns you might have. I leveraged both of these services during my purchase experience and they were great to deal with. Their no hassle return policy is not just lip service, they stand by it.

After much research online and auditioning various speakers in similar (and above) price ranges, I decided to order the Aperion Verus Grand XD system. It was the best decision I could have made. After placing these speakers in my far less that optimal home theater room, the Aperion's clearly shined above the other similarly priced systems I auditioned in much better acoustically designed rooms.

The Verus Grand Tower's are fantastic for two channel music. I immediately heard new elements of music I've listened to for years due to the quality and clarity of the sound these speakers produce. As I've continued through my music library, I repeatedly have this experience, hearing my favorite music at a whole new level.

The Verus Grand XD systems is equally amazing for Home Theater use. The Verus Grand Center produces excellent, clear dialogue. As a whole, the system has fantastic imaging, really allowing the sound to move from left to right and front to back with a seamless transition.

Initially I was a little concerned on the Bravus sub. It initially seemed a little light to me. After some tuning of my system (and possibly some break in) I have found that the folks at Aperion knew what they were doing. The sub rounds out the bottom of my music and is more than capable of substantial punch in home theater use. I find that the Bravus sub is paired very well with the Verus Grand Towers for music. It just seems to cup the bottom end of the sound spectrum without sounding over or under done... Just right.

Aside from the sound, the speakers are well made and beautiful. Wife points achieved...
Outstanding Richard
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My father has a very nice THC 5.1 surround sound system. He spent about 5 times more money then I did going with the Aperion Versus 5.1 set up. I have spent hundreds of hours watching movies / listening to music on his THC system. It truly made me appreciate sound quality and have ever since dreamed of being able to come home and go in to that aura that only great speakers can create. Im not a unrealistic guy so I knew it would be a very long time before I would be able to buy 20,000 dollar speakers if ever. So as time went on I started thinking about temporary reliefs such as home theaters in a box.......... I couldn't go back to that s***, so I researched and researched and continuously came across outstanding Aperion audio reviews. Ok so now I know Aperion is the only way to go I just didn't know that was going to be the easiest decision of the process. I didnt find a bad review on any of there speakers, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE ON SO MANY GOOD REVIEWS!?!?! I finally just decided if I was going to save I might as well save for the top. I had the space for it. I will never regret this purchase I have permanently earned gloating rights with my father who refuses to admit it but knows my system sounds better. Everything about my transaction was perfect. The customer support is always very quick and friendly. As long as Aperion keeps it up I will never buy from another company.

WARNING: Contents may cause buyer to call in sick to work..................... for a week/month/whats work?
Verus Grand Tower XD Review Dennis V.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I recently purchased a Grand Verus XD system with dipoles in place of bookshelves for a large log home in the forest overlooking a large river valley in Southern Oregon. As a Professional Engineer specializing in product development and CEO of a technology corporation, I can easily recognize a well designed high quality product. The gorgeous cherrywood finish resembles the color of the finest stringed instruments in an orchestra nicely complementing the walls of our log home. More importantly, I've never heard such fidelity that so precisely duplicates the sound of the instruments the speakers resemble. The Aperion system transforms our inspirational forest framed views into a deeply moving experience at both high and low power levels.
I found that the driver of the sub-wolfer had never been internally connected at the factory and was easily able to resolve the problem and report my findings, but otherwise everything looked and worked perfectly. Thanks for designing and providing such a spectacular listening experience with superior customer service.
Aperion Grand Verus 5.1 package (incl. Bravus 12d sub-woofer) + Marantz - SR 7005 A/V Receiver RAMAKRISHNA S.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
The speakers sounded great right out of the box... got much better within a week.... setup was a snap and connectivity with all my devices (home network, Blu-Ray DVD player, iPhone, media server, Pandora etc.) was really simple!!! Movies and music - both sound exceptional on all speakers. Once properly calibrated, you will "feel" the sound and "see" the sound - seems to come at you from all over the room .....excellent width and depth.....!!! Build and Finish are top notch..!!! Great Product at a good price point...!! couple of my friends came to see it and were "bowled over" by the performance and clarity...!!!
Aperion - thank you very much for building these fantastic speakers.....!!!!!
Ram Sharma - USA

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Pro Reviews For Verus Grand Tower XD

Home Theater Magazine Gives the Verus Grand Tower Hybrid XD a "Home Theater Top Pick"!
At a Glance:
Superior left-center-right uniformity
Excellent imaging and depth
Outstanding value

Performance:4.5 out of 5
Value:5 out of 5
Build Quality: 5 out of 5

"The Verus Grand Towers continued to impress me on two-channel music...The Verus Grand Towers reproduction of detail was exceptional on good source material. With everything from the gentle sound of a brushed cymbal to the liveliness of a good vocal recording, they left little or nothing on the table. Imaging and depth (when captured in the recording) were also consistently convincing."

"With all 5.1 channels cooking, the result was superb. Dialogue, source permitting, sounded right. There was no evidence of an intelligibility-robbing, off-axis response suckout in the Verus Grand Center, which also stood up without complaint against the onslaught of action-heavy soundtracks. From Flight of the Phoenix (2004) to Star Trek (2009), nothing fazed either the Verus Grand Center or the rest of the system."

- Thomas J Norton, Home Theater Magazine, August 2011

Read Full Review
Audioholics Review of the Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker
Pristine fidelity
Furniture grade finish
Excellent craftsmanship

Limited bass output
Raises the bar too high for the competition

"The Aperion Verus speakers were able to literally disappear leaving you with nothing but the music to get carried away in. These speakers performance per dollar ratio is so good that I fear Aperion has raised the bar too high for its competition. These aren't just speakers, they are pieces of furniture that sound good. Considering their very liberal return policy, FREE 30 day home trial program and FREE shipping (both ways) I can't say anything else other than 'highly recommended!'"

- Gene DellaSala, Audioholics, August 2011

Read Full Review gives the Verus Grand Bookshelf their Reviewer's Choice Award!
The Verus Grand Bookshelf is a component of the Verus Grand Tower Hybrid XD.

"As the first bookshelf model I've reviewed in I don't know how long, Aperion Audio's Verus Grand Bookshelf reminded me that great things can still come in small packages. The Bookshelf isn't just a fine-sounding speaker, it's a refined-sounding speaker that doesn't offer only a glimpse of high-end performance -- it'll take you on a full tour and give you a T-shirt at the end. With a beguiling tweeter and a clean, overachieving midrange-woofer, the Verus Grand Bookshelf proves that its name is no oxymoron. It's a speaker well worth an audition and its asking price. And it looks fabulous."

- Colin Smith, Soundstage Network, September 2011

Read Full Review
Best of 2011 Award from Home Theater Review
Best Affordable Speaker Winner: Aperion Audio Verus Grand Tower

The Aperion Audio Verus Grand look like Revels, cost less than Paradigms and are sold Internet-direct for well under $2,000. They have the audiophile chops to compete with any brand at the audio salon; they just don't come with the audiophile attitude.

- Home Theater Review, December 2011

Read Full Review

Included Products: Verus Grand Tower XD-Gloss Black-7.1

Verus Grand Tower Speaker

Front Speakers: 2 Verus Grand Tower Speakers

Our top-of-the-line Verus Grand Tower is your ticket into the show. Now you can bask in true-to-life sound at a price that keeps the experience sweet.
Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker

Center Channel: 1 Verus Grand Center Channel Speaker

The Verus Grand Center Channel speaker brings on-screen action to life in mid-size and larger rooms. But be prepared for the one-two punch of amazing sound and gorgeous looks. We're considering a whiplash warning.
Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Surrounds: 1 Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair

What do we call the compact version of the Grand Tower? The Verus Grand Bookshelf--and just as you'd expect, you get big-as-life sound in a stylish small cabinet.

Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer

Subwoofer: 1 Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer

Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt. Prepare yourself to be moved - quite literally.
Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Rear Surrounds: 1 Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair

What do we call the compact version of the Grand Tower? The Verus Grand Bookshelf--and just as you'd expect, you get big-as-life sound in a stylish small cabinet.

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