Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker Pair

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Special $299 || Normally $470 || Save Up To $171

Where did we find the inspiration for the Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround? We stole it—from your neighborhood theater. Follow the theater’s lead and place these contenders along the side walls of your very own miniplex. Bada bing! A widely dispersed surround-sound experience looking luminous in our Gloss Black finish. With an unmatched combination of performance and aesthetics, these speakers are the perfect complement to your Intimus 4 or 5 series home theater system.
Gloss Black
Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker Pair
Gloss Black

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The rata-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire, the whisk of a brush across a snare drum, the snap of a bug zapper on a summer night—immersion in sounds like these make movies at the local Dolbyplex seem oh-so-real. Check out their system while you’re guzzling your ϋbersoda, and you’ll find a quartet or more of surrounds along the side walls and a duo at the back. To rival the experience they create, you need to replicate the multi-directional sound at home.

But let’s be even more real—unless your salary rivals Will Smith’s, you need a scaled-down solution in terms of size and price. Start with the Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround, which borrows the design technology of our cine-worthy Verus Dipole/Bipole. Squ-e-ee-eee-ze that into a tight, stylish package with our Gloss Black finish, then add it to a troupe of Intimus 4 or 5 series home theater speakers. No two ways about it: You’ve got profound sound at a great value for movies and multi-channel music.

No matter how your room is configured, the included mounting hardware and instructions ensure your bipoles in place faster than you can say Lights. Take a seat and bring on the popcorn—the show’s about to begin.

Key Features:

  • Dual 1" audiophile grade silk-dome tweeters
  • 4" Woven-fiberglass woofer
  • Anti-resonant cabinet
  • Included wall mounting brackets
  • Ten year warranty
  • 30-Day No-Risk In-Home Audition™
  • FREE SHIPPING - a $28 value per pair*
  • FREE lifetime customer support

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

Customer Reviews For Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker Pair

Great for movies AND music Greg M.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
This is my first experience with Aperion speakers and I ordered 4T's, 4C, Bravus dual 8" sub, and these 4BP's for my surround speakers. I have to admit I was a little aprehensive about using them for music (thought I should have ordered the 4B's), but after calibrating them I am amazed at the powerful sound! For movies they are perfect, giving just that right amount of spaciousness. The real surprise was for music. I love my DVD-Audio and SACD surround discs and these speakers sound great. I don't always sit in the same place in my room and sound coming from them is both direct and wide. My 30 day trial has just begun, but I am keeping these babies.
Fantastic Surround Speaker Steve M.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Since this was going to be my first surround system purchase (and my last for a long time), I really did my homework. Despite all my search, I always came back to Aperion Audio for all that they are known for: GREAT sounding speakers at a fair price plus excellent customer service. Add in the completely free 30 day trial and I couldn't go wrong. Here's what I bought: 5T, 5C, 4BPs and 8D.
The 4BPs are my favorite part of my system. Going in I really wanted good surround. My problem is that I have a really challenging room - high ceilings, no place to mount the side surrounds and lots of open space. The 4BPs really fit the bill because they are so flexible and forgivable when it comes to placement. I have them both on 59 stands one against a wall of windows and other at the edge of the couch with open space all around it. Despite their placement, they sound fantastic! I originally purchased two 4BP in Medium Cherry but they just didn't match the couch so ordered two more 4BPs in High Gloss Black. Just for kicks, I kept the original two 4BPs for an extra day and moved them to back of my room as part of a 7.1 system (keep in mind I planned on only getting a 5.1 system :-) All I can say is WOW what a difference and I thought the 4BPs in a 5.1 setup sounded good. Because the 4BPs are bipole, the surround sound is not localized which is exactly what you want. I am very impressed and will not be returning the extra set of 4BPs after all. I highly recommend them.
WOW!!!! Joel E.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I just bought these today, brought them home, and installed them. They replaced a well-worn in set of 4Bs for 5.1 in a system including 4Ts and a 4C in front. While I was pretty pleased with my surround set-up before I purchased the 4BPs, adding them has been an astounding difference to the home theater sound field in my media room. I promptly queued up a particularly impressive episode of HBO's The Pacific to test these on their inaugural run. Even without proper break-in time, these 4BPs completely blow the door off the 4Bs I was relying on before. I didn't even make it through the opening credits before I knew these surround speakers were the best home theater purchase I had made since I upgraded my receiver.
Kudos Aperion, you've truly outdone yourselves here!!! Thank you for the incredible deal on these gorgeous speakers!
Great Surround Speaker Brian H.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My seating position is against the back wall. This does not give me the best options for surround placement, but these 4bp's sound great above the coach and off to the side a bit. I really think i prefer it this way over having them on the side walls which I could have done but one of the tweeters would be firing into the back wall. And of course they look great because they hang right on the wall and are not sticking out on mounts. I'm really glad I chose these! Sound fantastic!
Excellent Surround Speaker for Movies! Bryan G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I recently bought these and set them up on a rear wall - Wow! The surround effect was a big step up from my old rear surrounds, the Aperion 422's (predecessor to the 4B). They are mounted on a rear wall, with my couch up against the wall. Even in this difficult arrangement, they're fantastic.
The multidirectional bipole design is clearly superior to my 422's for movie effects. It provides a much more immersive sound stage. That said, these are good for music too, though the mono-directional 422's provide a more defined multi-channel music experience with my SACD's. So if you're a big movie person with some music use, these are perfect. If you're a big music person with a lot of multichannel music, you might stick with a 4B, 5B, 6B, etc.
On a side note, Aperion's customer service, fit and finish, and overall satisfaction have hit it out of the park again - and are the reasons I don't shop anywhere else for my speaker needs.
Swapped intimus 5B for these Wesley S.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I recently purchased a 5.1 system. 2 Intimus 5T's, a 5C, and 2 5B's for surrounds. I also bought a HSU subwoofer. Awesome set up. I bought the the 5B's because my couch is up against the back wall with no side walls and didn't think bipoles would work. Well a couple months later I purchased the 4BP's out of curiosity. The ones with the furniture grade finish that are still available as an open box item. No offence to the 5B's, which are great sounding bookshelf speakers, but the BP's are much better as surround speakers despite the less than optimal placement. They really sound awesome! They are on the back wall about 3 feet out on either side of my couch. They create a much more diffuse surround sound field and I couldn't be happier. The 5B's won't go to waste as I'll run them as a Zone 2 to my garage. The bipoles also look sharp with no exposed wires like the 5B's had. If you want a surround system I would go with the bipoles over the bookshelves no matter what your room configuration is. Big Aperion fan. My buddy, after hearing my system, bought the same setup. He is also thrilled. He has a more traditional set up with side walls and room behind his couch, but I can't say that his setup sounds any better than my back wall placement.
Easy on the ears and eyes! Matthew K.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I bought a pair of these great speakers to finish my surround set-up and can't believe how they changed my whole viewing/listening experience. Whether tasked with an affects-heavy Hollywood blockbuster or the rustling crowd at a live baseball game, the performance of these speaker is outstanding. The detail and clarity of the sound is a bargain at this price.

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Pro Reviews For Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker Pair

EngadgetHD Reviews the Intimus 4BP Surround Speaker, August 2009
"Whether you like your surround speakers in monopolar, bipolar, or dipolar flavor, there's no disputing the fact that you need real surround channels to get the full theater effect. The problem is that they need space in your room, and if you opt for something other than a monopole, they tend to get creep towards "eyesore" territory. Internet retailer Aperion Audio has dished up its 4BP bipolar surrounds for just such cases -- measuring only 5x12.5x5.8-inches, it's about as small as you'll get for a bipolar design, and Aperion crammed a pair of 1-inch silk tweeters and a 4-inch mid/woof into the small breadbox of a speaker. Pity it couldn't fit a bipole/dipole switch in there, but at $199 each and good-looking to boot, it's hard to complain. Our advice -- if you're holding out for a small surround speaker, downplay the "monopole/bipole for music, dipole for theater" wisdom and consider giving these an audition and get going with surround sound!"

- Steven Kim,, August 2009

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Big Picture Big Sound Reviews the Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker, September 2009
Big Picture Big Sound reviewed our Intimus 4B-BP Fusion SA system and gave it a 3 out of 4 Star rating and the Intimus 4BP Bipole Surround Speaker is a component of that system. Here's what Big Picture Big Sound had to say specifically about the 4BP in that review:

"The surround sound from these was generally excellent in our testing."

"The 4BPs take it a step further. The bipole surrounds feature the bottom mount, along with the rear mount and have had the rear of the speaker grooved out to accommodate the speaker wire. This makes using these speakers in a number of configurations a snap. More importantly these speakers are available individually so you can start with a basic 5.1 system and grow it out over time, as tastes and budget allow."

  • Solid craftsmanship and excellent materials

  • Reasonable sized satellite speakers

[Comments about the 4B-BP Fusion SA System]
"With its furniture-grade piano finish and sleek design the Aperion Intimus 4B-BP Fusion SA system looks like a million bucks, but this system almost sounds like it too. While the satellites and center speaker don't quite match up visually, together the 5.1 system packs quite an audio punch."

- Peter Suciu,, September 2009

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Dual 1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeters

We engineered the 1-inch, audiophile-grade, silk-dome tweeter for optimal sonic performance—even at the highest volume levels—so you savor warm, natural sound with no harsh aftertaste. This tweeter’s unique venting system uses a rear chamber with multiple rear vents outside the neodymium magnet, a departure from conventional systems that use a single vent through the magnet’s center. Leaving the magnet fully intact results in a stronger motor structure with a lower resonant frequency, smooth response and amazingly pure, authentic sound. This tweeter is the high point of our speaker—literally.

4" Woven-Fiberglass Midrange Driver

Our custom 4" woven-fiberglass midrange makes your music, movies and games come alive. This robust and versatile little driver is tough enough to handle the thump-thump-thump of lower midrange frequencies, yet precise enough to support a choir of voices. It may be small, but our midrange driver packs a solid punch by delivering pure, distortion-free sound and flawless dialog.

Furniture-Grade Finish

Each of our Intimus III speakers wears the new black, but it’s anything but basic. We apply layer after layer of lacquer, hand sanding and polishing between coats to achieve a deep and brilliant shine. The precision-fit cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of the most expensive loudspeakers with a curved-edge aesthetic that lets the Gloss Black Intimus III blend effortlessly with any décor.

Anti-Resonant Cabinet

Every Intimus 4BP cabinet is made of solid 15mm-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to eliminate unwanted cabinet vibrations that muddy the sound. Muting the speaker walls ensures that the only input to your ears comes from your music, movies and games.

5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

When you make a connection, it's all about convenience. Whether you use banana plugs, bare wire, round pins, flat pins or spades, our binding posts ensure effortless attachments to your new speakers. And though the gold plating may make you feel regal, it has a practical purpose too: Gold resists corrosion and provides the best possible connection to your receiver.



Download the Intimus Family Manual




Weight 8.0 lbs
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 110-15,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 90-18,000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 87 dB
Recommended Power 25-200 Watts
Tweeter Dual 1” Silk Dome Tweeters
Midrange 4” Fiberglass Cone Mid-woofer
Driver Configuration 2-Way
Enclosure Type 15mm MDF, sealed
Dimensions 5" H x 12.5” W x 5.8" D
Product Family Intimus
Placement Location Surround Speakers

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