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Acoustic Treatment

Auralex ISO-Tone™ Turntable isolation platform

ISO-Tone™ Product Overview The Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform is specifically engineered to decouple turntables from the supporting surfaces they rest on. The ISO-Tone diminishes structural vibrations and commonly associated acoustic feedback associated with desktops and DJ cases. Designed for turntablists, mobile DJs, audiophiles, rental houses and anyone seeking enhanced turntable performance, purity and accuracy, the ISO-Tone features a 0.75″ layer...

Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam Wedgies Acoustic Absorption Foam

Studiofoam® Wedgies™ Product Overview Studiofoam Wedgies are 1′ squares of 2″ thick Studiofoam and are a great solution for spot treating sound studios, home listening rooms, ISO-booths and more. With slightly more wedges per square foot than 2″ acoustic Studiofoam, Wedgies feature maximized surface area for greater exposure to sound waves. Studiofoam Wedgies are a great solution for small flutter echo...

Auralex Acoustics LENCHA LENRD Acoustic Absorption Bass Traps

LENRD® Bass Traps Product Overview LENRD stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device. As you may know, a resonance bump in a room’s frequency response is called a room node. Now, thanks to LENRD Bass Traps, you can achieve the low frequency sound control other companies can’t give you! Bass traps substantial enough to control nodes have always been expensive to buy or intricate and time-consuming...

Auralex Acoustics DST Roominator Acoustic Absorption Treatment Room Kit

This kit includes Burgundy: 16 Charcoal Dst-112 panels, 16 Purple Dst-114 panels, 2 dst-lenrd bass Traps and ez-stick pros tabs for quick installation. Charcoal: This kit includes 16 Charcoal Dst-112 panels, 16 Charcoal Dst-114 panels, 2 dst-lenrd bass Traps and ez-stick pros tabs for quick installation. Purple: This kit includes 16 Charcoal Dst-112 panels, 16 Purple Dst-114 panels, 2 dst-lenrd...

Auralex® SonoLite™ Panels and Cloud fabric-wrapped sound-absorbing foam panels

Auralex® SonoLite™ Panels Pair of fabric-wrapped sound-absorbing foam panels (Black & Tan) Product Overview The Auralex SonoLite™ panel offers great absorption performance in a lightweight and slim 1″ profile. At the core of each panel is our high performance Studiofoam® Pro, allowing the SonoLite wall panel to achieve an NRC rating of 0.80. Offered in two attractive velour fabric color options, black and tan,...

Auralex Acoustics T’Fusor & GeoFusor 3D Sound Diffusor

Package include: 1.TFUS-4PK: TFusor Sound Diffusor (4) 2.GERFUS11: 4"x 12"x 12"GerFusors (1) 3.GERFUS22: 4"x 24"x 24"GerFusors (1) " T’Fusor™ 3D Sound Diffusor Product Overview T’Fusor Diffusors are made from a lightweight and sturdy thermoplastic. T’Fusors drop easily into ceiling grids and are wall mountable with Tubetak Pro, EZ-Stick Pro Tabs, or mechanical fasteners. T’Fusors impart a sense of controlled spaciousness...

Auralex Acoustics ProPAD Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

Package Include: 1.PROPAD: (1)2.1" x 8" x 13" ProPAD set, (4pc/set, each set decouples 2 speakers) 2.ProPAD-XL:(1) 2.1" x 19" x 13" ProPAD-XL set, (4pc/set, each set decouples 2 speakers) ProPAD™/ProPAD-XL™ Product Overview     The award-winning Auralex® ProPADs™ feature a durable, three layer highly damped construction that provides superior isolation from the vibrations and resonant energy created by the studio...