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Allaire™ Wireless Speakers

Looking for the simplicity of wireless speakers coupled with compelling acoustic performance? Explore our Aperion Allaire wireless speaker family to find your perfect combination of solutions. Experience music throughout your home… streamed wirelessly. Utilize the power of either Bluetooth 4.0 or DNLA based wireless options. Turn your subwoofer into a wireless powerhouse that can be placed where it has the most bone rattling impact. Our Allaire wireless family allows you to untether yourself and quickly enjoy the sound you want wherever you want it.

Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Pair

Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Pair In consideration of music being a part of your everyday life we’ve designed our Allaire Bluetooth speakers for this exact purpose; to help you quickly connect you to your favorite music throughout your day and bring a nonstop smile to your face. These powerhouses of happiness transform music streamed wirelessly from your smartphone, computer, or any...

Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Bundle

Allaire Bluetooth Speaker Bundle If you love music as much as we do, then this bundle is the perfect setup for your everyday listening needs. Want to jam some tunes at your computer desk during work? Are you big into online gaming and tired of wearing headphones? Is the soundstage of your soundbar on your TV not providing a wide stereo...