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Verus III Grand Tower Speaker

Verus III Grand Tower Speaker If you want the price of your speaker to be as real as the experience it creates, then you're the reason we designed the Verus III Grand Tower. We've handled the engineering and economics, which means you’ll pay thousands less for sound that lands you and your family in the middle of the action. You're...

Aperion Audio Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer

Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt. The dual 12” drivers and 650 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D will electrify your room with expansive bass that must be heard and felt to believe....

Aperion Audio Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker Pair Gloss Black

Aperion Audio Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter What is a Super Tweeter speaker? Put simply, it’s an additional tweeter unit which covers a wide and extended high-frequency response, beyond that of your existing loudspeaker’s integrated tweeters. Many loud speaker systems have poor high frequency performance. A Super Tweeter specializes in ultra-high frequencies and is used in conjunction with a bookshelf or...

Aperion Audio Novus 5.25" 2-Way Tower Floorstanding Speaker

          Each Novus speaker is embedded with our new tweeter - a high-end natural fiber dome membrane. A neodymium motor and ferrofluid cooled voicecoil help give these tweeters a flat frequency response that can extend up to 30kHz. They are surrounded by an aluminum faceplate and metal grille.         Our new 5.25" aramid-fiber woofer...