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  • Open Box ~ Closeout ~ Intimus 5T Tower Speaker - Gloss Black
  • Open Box ~ Closeout ~ Intimus 5T Tower Speaker - Gloss Black
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Open Box ~ Closeout ~ Intimus 5T Tower Speaker - Gloss Black

Balance your budget with a new Speaker of the House—your house. Middling in size and anything but in sound, the Intimus 5T Tower speaker delivers the gamut of music and theatrical sound with authority and efficiency.
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The 5T is the perfect blend of size, price and performance -- small in size and huge in sound. You may court a lot of midsize tower speakers, but this is the one you’ll want to marry.

First the acoustics: The Intimus 5T Tower delivers arresting music and dramatic theatrical sound with authority, while taking up no more space than a bookshelf speaker on a stand. Two custom-designed 5.25" woven-fiberglass woofers handle the low end of the spectrum, assisted ably by the 1" audiophile-grade silk-dome tweeter at the opposite end.

And now the economics: Because the 5T was designed with power efficiency in mind, it sounds fantastic no matter what electronics are driving it. And with a price drop of a mighty Benjamin (aka $100) over the previous version, you’ll still be able to balance the budget if you make the Intimus 5T Speaker of Your House.

Key Features:

  • Dual 5.25" Woven-Fiberglass woofers deliver excellent bass and lush mid-range sound
  • 1" custom designed silk-dome tweeter for smooth, clearly defined highs at even the highest volume levels
  • Curved design aesthetic and small form-factor to blend seamlessly with your décor
  • Anti-resonant cabinet
  • Furniture-Grade finish
Aperion Advantage
  • 60-Day In-Home Audition
  • Up to 10 Year Transferable Warranty 
  • LIFETIME Technical Support
  • 1 YEAR Trade Up Program

    The 5T is the perfect blend of size, price and performance -- small in size and huge in sound. You may court a lot of midsize tower speakers, but this is the one you’ll want to marry.



    Weight 52.0 lbs
    Finish Gloss Black
    Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 55-20,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 45-22,000 Hz
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Sensitivity 89 dB
    Recommended Power 50-200 Watts
    Tweeter 1" Audiophile-grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
    Midrange 2 5.25" Woven Fiberglass Composite
    Driver Configuration 2-Way
    Enclosure Type 18mm MDF, Ported
    Dimensions 38" H x 6.3" W x 8" D (Base 9.25"x10.75")
    Product Family Intimus
    Placement Location Front speakers


    Powerful 2-Way Tower Design in a Practical Size

    To create a 2-way tower that doesn’t require busting out a wall to fit it into your room, we started with our award-winning 4 Series bookshelf speaker. Then we tugged its svelte and attractive profile up-up-upward and added a custom-designed 4" mid-woofer to give it extra punch. And how did our Frankensteinish experiment work? Way better than the original. The Intimus 5T boasts the graceful voice of a bookshelf speaker and the sonic authority of a tower. Monstrous!

    NEW 1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter

    We engineered the 1-inch, audiophile-grade, silk-dome tweeter for optimal sonic performance—even at the highest volume levels—so you savor warm, natural sound with no harsh aftertaste. This tweeter’s unique venting system uses a rear chamber with multiple rear vents outside the neodymium magnet, a departure from the conventional system that uses a single vent through the magnet’s center. Leaving the magnet fully intact results in a stronger motor structure with a lower resonant frequency, smooth response and amazingly pure, authentic sound. This tweeter is the high point of our speaker—literally.

    Dual 5.25" Woven Fiberglass Mid-Woofers

    Our custom 5.25" mid-woofer excels as the heart and soul of our 5B loudspeaker. The cone is constructed of woven fiberglass—lightweight, rigid and ready to amaze you with its natural bass output. Embracing the woofer is a butyl rubber surround, which creates a compliant yet well-dampened suspension that will deliver a lifetime of performance. Last but (only because something had to be), the magnetically shielded driver boasts a cast aluminum frame and remarkable frequency response. If this all sounds like Greek to you, we’ll translate: You’ll be delighted.

    Simulated Furniture-Grade Finish

    Each of our speakers is beautifully finished in top-quality Cherry Wood or Black Ash simulated wood grain that’s the best you’ll see on any speaker, anywhere, at this price. The cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of the most expensive loudspeakers with an eye-brightening aesthetic that lets these speakers blend effortlessly into any décor.

    Anti-Resonant Cabinet

    Every Aperion 5T cabinet is made of solid 18 mm-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to eliminate unwanted cabinet vibrations that muddy the sound. Muting the speaker walls ensures that the only input to your ears comes from your CD or DVD.

    5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

    When you make a connection, it's all about convenience. Whether you use banana plugs, bare wire, round pins, flat pins or spades, our binding posts ensure effortless attachments to your new speakers. And though the gold plating may make you feel regal, it has a practical purpose too: Gold resists corrosion and provides the best possible connection to your receiver.

    Custom Aluminum Bases, Floor Spikes and Footers

    Each Intimus 5T speaker comes with a set of custom-cast aluminum bases plus floor spikes and footers. The spikes give you tighter bass by decoupling the cabinet from the floor. But given that spikes can put the hurt on your hardwood or other rigid floor surface, we include footers for protection.

    Acoustically Transparent Grille

    Nothing stands between you and exceptional sound. We designed a sonically invisible grille that not only looks great, but also protects your precious speakers from curious fingers, claws, snouts, tentacles and trunks.