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  • Peachtree Nova150 Stereo Amplifier - Gloss Ebony Mocha - Aperion Audio
  • Peachtree Nova150 Stereo Amplifier - Gloss Ebony Mocha - Aperion Audio
  • Peachtree Nova150 Stereo Amplifier - Gloss Ebony Mocha - Aperion Audio
  • Peachtree Nova150 Stereo Amplifier - Aperion Audio
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Peachtree Nova150 Stereo Amplifier


Peachtree Nova150 Gloss Ebony Mocha Back Ordered, Gloss Piano Black In Stock!

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Peachtree Nova150

In 2007 Peachtree Audio introduced a new integrated amplifier that immediately and forever changed the amplifier landscape. This amplifier - our original Decco - was groundbreaking for its time. It had a unique industrial design with an aluminum front panel, a simple button and knob user interface and a rounded wood case finished with beautiful veneers. Inside, it housed a class A/B power amplifier, a tube buffer visible through a window in the front panel and, most significantly, a USB input with built-in DAC to accept a direct connection from a Mac or PC! "Computer audio" was born, with Peachtree's Decco and Nova amplifiers on the leading edge, and with computer audio a defining part of Peachtree's identity.

The Nova150 utilizes the highly regarded ES9018K2M SABRE32 Reference DAC. The 9018 DAC is capable of accepting an extremely wide range of inputs all the way up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.2MHz DSD (double-DSD). The DAC exhibits exemplary dynamic range, jitter elimination and low noise characteristics to satisfy even the most demanding listeners.


The Nova150 incorporates the latest generation of ICEPower amplification - with an impressive 150 watts per channel. The amplifier utilizes ICEpower’s innovative and patented Hybrid Controlled Oscillation Modulator (HCOM) feedback and control techniques to ensure high output, wide bandwidth, low noise, robust stability and a simplified overall design. HCOM incorporates separate feedback loops after the power stage and after the output filter. This lets the system address specific issues related to the power stage and output filter independently, resulting in lower distortion, less noise on the output, a less load-dependent frequency response, and a very low output impedance compared to other class D amps. This new amplifier technology is extremely powerful, dynamic, quiet and most importantly... musical. Relatively small size and superior efficiency allows a nova chassis that is even smaller than its predecessors, without the large, heavy and expensive heat sinking common in class A/B amplifiers. The amplifier in the Nova150 is capable of driving an extremely wide range of speakers with impedances as low as 2.5Ω and as high as 16Ω. Combine that with a power output of 150 watts per channel and you can be sure this new nova will easily drive your favorite loudspeaker.


Previous generation Peachtree preamps had a signal to noise ratio in the range of 95 to 100dB, similar to competing preamps. When our signature tube buffer was engaged to smooth out a rough recording the S/N dropped to 88-90dB, an acceptable compromise for the sonic benefit. By contrast, the newly-designed preamp section in the Nova150 has a S/N ratio of 111dB. This is unheard of in its price range! Taking that 111dB S/N down to 88dB with a tube follower would sound like you'd thrown a blanket over your system.

The Nova150 includes a moving magnet (MM) phono input for direct connection of a turntable. With the Nova150 you no longer need an external phono preamp unless you are using a lower output moving coil cartridge. In that case, the internal phono preamp in the Nova150 can be bypassed, allowing the phono input to accept line-level signals from a dedicated phono preamp or any other line-level device.

Peachtree engineers have developed Dy-NEC: the world's first and only system to address and eliminate all audible power supply and screen noise from these devices - giving you the best, most silent platform so your music files can sound their very best. Once noise was eliminated, a music file could then be "handed off" to our internal ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC - further improving performance with an asynchronous connection, eliminating any timing errors caused by jitter.

Key Features
  • ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC
  • 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) compatibility
  • New generation ICEPower amplification - 150 watts per channel
  • Extensive internal grounding
  • Asynchronous USB, Coax and (2) Optical inputs
  • iOS input for direct digital input from Apple Lightning
  • Exclusive Peachtree Dy-NEC (Dynamic-Noise Elimination Circuit) technology
  • Phono (MM) input
  • Home Theater Bypass
  • Discrete, custom-designed headphone amplifier
  • Optional Wi-Fi module to be announced
  • Two year parts and labor warranty. Three years if registered online
  • FREE Shipping! That's a $40 value!
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    Amplifier Power 150W per channel
    Finish Rosewood Receiver
    Dimensions 14.02"W x 4.37"H x 13.25"D
    Weight 15.0 lbs


    Nova150 Specifications

    Speaker Output

    • Compatible Speakers (2.5 to 16 Ohm)
    • Output Power (150 W 8 Ohm / 250 W 4 Ohm, <1%THD+N, AES17)
    • Dynamic Range A-weighted (105dB)
    • Damping Factor (1kHz, 8 Ohm, 700)
    • Damping Factor (1kHz, 4 Ohm, 350)
    • Frequency Response 20-20kHz (<+/-0.1dB)
    • Inter-Modulation Distortion (>80dB below fundamental)
    • THD AES17, 1kHz, 4 Ohm (0.008%)
    • Channel Separartion (1kHz, 8 Ohm, >90dB)

    Preamp Output

    • Output Voltage RMS (3.8V)
    • Output Impedance (100 Ohm)
    • S/N Ratio (Analog 111dB, Digital 105dB)
    • Channel Separation (1kHz, >120dB)
    • Frequency Response 8Hz-20kHz (Analog <0.1dB, Digital <0.5dB))
    • THD (2V RMS, 1kHz, unweighted, 0.0003%)

    Headphone Output

    • Output Power (32 Ohm, 755mW RMS / 1660mW Peak)
    • Output Power (300 Ohm, 130mW RMS / 275mW Peak)
    • Output Power (600 Ohm, 64mW RMS / 135mW Peak)
    • Output Impedance (1 Ohm)
    • S/N Ratio (Analog 107dB, Digital 106dB un-weighted)
    • Dynamic Range (Analog 107dB, Digital 100dB un-weighted)
    • Channel Separartion (1kHz, >120dB)
    • Frequency Response Digital (8-20kHz, <0.5dB)
    • Frequency Response Analog (8-100kHz, <0.1dB)
    • THD (2V RMS, 1kHz, unweighted, 0.0003%)

    USB-B Input

    • PCM & DSD Format
    • PCM Sampling Rate (16-32 Bit, 44.1-384kHz)
    • DSD Frequency Rate (2.8224-5.6448MHz)

    COAX & Optical Inputs

    • 16-24 Bit, 44.1-192kHz PCM

    Aux Inputs

    • Maximum Voltage (3.5V RMS, 10V Peak-to-Peak)
    • Impedance (100k Ohm)

    Phono Input

    • Maximum Voltage (120mV RMS)
    • Impedance (100k Ohm)
    • RIAA EQ (No rumble filter used)

    Loop Output & Inputs

    • Maximum Voltage (3.5V RMS, 10V Peak-to-Peak)
    • Impedance (100k Ohm Input, 100 Ohm Output)

    AC Power

    • AC Input (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz)
    • Maximum Power Consumption (400 W)
    • On Mode (Idle) Power Consumption (15 W)
    • Standby Mode Power Consumption (<0.5W)
    • Fuse (100-120VAC: 6.3 A/250V IEC time lag high breaking capacity)
    • Fuse (220-240VAC: 3.15A/250V IEC time lag high breaking capacity)


    • Height 4.37" (Includes Feet)
    • Width 14.02"
    • Depth 13.25" (Includes Volume Knob & Binding Posts)
    • Weight 15lbs
    • Ship Weight 19lbs