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Super Tweeter

Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Speaker Pair

Aperion Audio Super Tweeter   What is a Super Tweeter speaker? Put simply, it’s an additional tweeter unit which covers a wide and extended high-frequency response, beyond that of your existing loudspeaker’s integrated tweeters. Many loud speaker systems have poor high frequency performance. A Super Tweeter specializes in ultra-high frequencies and is used in conjunction with a bookshelf or tower speaker....

Super Tweeter Stand (Pair)

Our new Super Tweeter has become the talk of the town. In most cases, the Aperion Super Tweeter sits easily on top your tower or bookshelf speaker. But what if your speakers have a beautiful curved top? Voila! - the Super Tweeter Stand. Coated in our Stealth Black finish, this carved wooden base allows the Super Tweeter to sit comfortably...

Premium Silver Cable Set

Our Premium Silver Cable is ideal for connecting Super Tweeters, or any other speaker where only a short run is needed. One end is terminated in banana plugs to easily connect to the Super Tweeter. The other end terminates in a spade connector, allowing for a simple shared connection with the speaker it's pairing with. Available in 2ft and 4ft options. Sold...