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  • Aperionaudio-Aluminum-Ribbon-Super-Tweeter-Speaker-MKII-Gloss-Oak-Pair-Front-1
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Aperion RST Aluminum 3-inch Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker Pair MKII

In-stock and ready to ship.

Designed to reside on top of your existing speakers, the APERION® Super Tweeter can be used from 8kHz to 40kHz. With 5 preset crossover points, the Super Tweeter provides customizable bright, smooth and detailed sound, which enhances your stereo sound field width and depth by accentuating the ultra-high frequency extension.

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Aperion RST Aluminum 3-inch Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker Pair MKIIair


This APERION Super Tweeter features a true ribbon design, which uses a 20 μm thick (0.02mm) aluminum ribbon strip. Due to the lightweight and thin ribbon size, it is ultra-responsive to transients and provides the accurate upper frequency detail. The clarity of this speaker brings a sense of lightness and heightening the overall mix without any harsh or distorted traits. The impedance of the aluminum ribbon tweeter is almost constant, so it maintains a consistent frequency response curve in the higher frequency band range up to 40 kHz. True ribbon tweeter designs are able to handle a higher SPL than planar magnetic. Naturally with the true ribbon design, an electrical current can’t directly touch the ribbon so we employed a transformer that reaches up to 60 kHz, which requires two pieces of exceptionally strong neodymium 2-1/8” (55mm) by 3/8” (10mm) magnets to produce the linear magnetic field. The entire magnetic, ribbon, and damping material are enclosed in heavy-duty steel chamber. Overall, this ribbon tweeter design allows for minimal distortion compared to the Planar Magnetic Super Tweeter, and along with the longitudinal shape of the ribbon, the true aluminum ribbon super tweeter creates a delicate and spacious sound field.

What is a Super Tweeter speaker? Put simply, it’s an additional tweeter unit which covers a wide and extended high-frequency response, beyond that of your existing loudspeaker’s integrated tweeters.

Many loud speaker systems have poor high frequency performance. A Super Tweeter specializes in ultra-high frequencies and is used in conjunction with a bookshelf or tower speaker. Its purpose is to create a more realistic sound field, often characterized as "airiness," that enhances the listening experience. Super Tweeters are sometimes found in high fidelity speaker systems and home theater systems. They are used to supplement the sound of tweeters by reproducing frequencies which the existing tweeter may produce only with a narrow polar output, or perhaps with distortion. A Super Tweeter speaker provides auxiliary high frequency effect, detail, density and texture that can enhance your existing system’s sound field with width, depth and enhanced timbre.  

A Super Tweeter is generally intended to respond well into ultra-high frequencies over 20 kHz, the commonly accepted upper frequency limit of human hearing. Super Tweeters are ideal for taking advantage extended-range audio formats such as vinyl, SACD, FLAC, UHD Bluray and other high-fidelity products.


Key Features

Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter


This is not just any normal tweeter... While most tweeters max out at around 20K, the APERION® Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter extends another 20,000+ Hertz above that, reaching up to 40,000 Hertz and providing an ultra smooth, clean high-frequency response for the ultimate listening experience.


5-point Crossover + OFF


Choose between 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 kHz to set the Super Tweeter floor for the perfect blend with your speaker. The "OFF" position renders the Super Tweeter inert. The lowest setting, 8 kHz, will provide the most overlap with your existing tweeter while the highest setting, 16 kHz, will have minimal overlap, picking up at the top-end of the range. The crossover slope is 6 dB/octave.



Treble Adjust Knob


Too much of a good things? Use the treble adjust to reduce the output of the Super Tweeter. Just flip the switch and adjust to taste, up to -5dB.


Easy Connection


The Super Tweeter shares the same binding posts as the speaker you're pairing it with. It feeds off the power your main speaker is already receiving, so no need to connect directly to an amplifier. 


Beautifully Curved Cabinet 


The finishing touch for every Super Tweeter Speaker is a matte black/white or piano-black lacquer that’s so right for every decor, your coffee table will be jealous.


5-Way gold-plated binding posts


The 5-way gold-plated binding posts let you connect your speakers any which way you choose: bare wire, banana plugs, spades, round pins or flat pins. 



Table, Rectangle, Eyewear, Parallel, Circle, Fashion accessory, Font, Ceiling, Transparent material, Slope

How to Connect Super Tweeter



The chart below can be used to help match the Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter with your existing speaker`s sensitivity



Graph showing the extended frequency response of our Super Tweeter on the 14 kHz and16 kHz settings when paired with a bookshelf speaker:



The first generation used a planar-magnetic, flat style ribbon tweeter and has become very popular since its release in late 2018. After seeing the results and popularity of the original Super Tweeter, we jumped back in the lab and got to work on our new, Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter. The efforts and hours of product development did not go unwarranted. To fully understand the internal structure of our Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter, we disassembled one of them to present the complexity of the design diaghram.

There is an APERION® ultra-thin aluminum sheet in the middle of the horn, with a thickness of just 45µm, and this is the core component of the aluminum strip. While the aluminum ribbon tweeter utilizes magnets, the key ingredient was to combine the voice coil and diaphragm into one. This clever design allows the diaphragm to be fully driven in the magnetic gap. The diaphragm is flat and light, without any phase issues, which allows for a high energy transfer and minimal distortion. All of the design characteristics encompass a higher frequency response up to 40 kHz, and the crossover and treble adjustment knobs allow for easy control of the dynamics and transient characteristics, without interruption of sound. The crossover slope is 12 dB/octave

ribbon strip

Dynamics are a crucial component for a speaker dedicated to reproduction in the high frequency range as the ear is most sensitive to these frequencies. Knowing this, our engineering team was sure to test all aspects and performance of this speaker to ensure that the APERION® Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter would integrate well with many different types of speakers. We recommend pairing it with speakers that have a sensitivity rating between 85-95 dB. It can be used with full range speakers, floorstanding tower speakers, bookshelf speakers, center channel speakers, surround speakers, and works with speakers containing woofers ranging in size. Not only will they enhance any Hi-Fi audio source during playback, but also compliment DVD, Blu-ray and other sources to allow enjoyment of the true, full range of audio.

 At Aperion we break the tradition of “big-box” retailer thinking and mass distribution channels. These channels always look for ways to drive the costs of the products down, usually resulting in a sub-par product. We have the opposite thinking and rather than going cheaper with the parts to fit a retailer-distribution mold, it allows us to invest the costs of production to where it really counts, the speaker itself. This means better high-end components, robust internal capacitors and inductors, powerful drivers and tweeters, and overall the best sound for your buck!



  • Extended High Frequency Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter
  • Frequency Response up to 40 kHz
  • 5 Adjustable crossover points + OFF
  • Up to -5 dB Treble Adjust Knob
  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts
  • 3-year Warranty 

    Package Contents:

  • Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter Speakers x Two (2) Pcs
  • Manual x One (1) Pcs

    Super Tweeter Video

    Table, Rectangle, Eyewear, Parallel, Circle, Fashion accessory, Font, Ceiling, Transparent material, Slope

    Complete Your Sound System Solution

    These products work great with Super Tweeter Speakers



    Product Weight 4 lbs/ 1.75 Kg each
    Frequency Response 8 kHz - 40 kHz
    Crossover Points 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K or off
    Crossover Slope 12 dB/octave
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Sensitivity 96 dB
    Recommended Power 10 - 100 Watts
    Direct Power Handling 20 Watts
    Tweeter APERION® Ultra-Thin Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter
    Tweeter Thickness 20 µm
    Product Dimensions 6" x 4.4" x 6.5"/ 151 x 112 x 166mm (HxWxD)
    Product Family Super Tweeter
    Placement Location On top of speakers
    Shipping Weight 9 lbs/ 4 Kg pair
    Shipping Dimensions 13" x 9" x 9"/ 320 x 225 x 230mm (LxWxH)


    Extended High Frequency Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter

    This is not just any normal tweeter... While most tweeters max out at around 20K, the APERION® Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter extends another 20,000+ Hertz above that, reaching up to 40,000 Hertz and providing an ultra smooth, clean high-frequency response for the ultimate listening experience.

    6-Position Crossover Knob

    The crossover knob allows you to activate the Super Tweeter at 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K or shut it off. The crossover slope is 12 dB/octave. This gives you maximum flexibility when incorporating these into your system. You can have more or less overlap with your existing tweeter to help brighten the sound at the 8K/10K crossover point, or have the Super Tweeter just fill the void above at the 14K/16K setting.

    6-Position Treble Adjust Knob for Attenuation

    If you love your Super Tweeter, but want a little less output, you can reduce the output by -1dB, -2dB, -3dB, -4dB or -5dB by re-positioning the Knob.

    Photos and Videos



    What's the difference between the Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter and the Planar Magnetic Super Tweeter?

    Answer: Overall, the treble range is more smooth across the high frequency range.

  • The impedance of the Aluminum Ribbon is almost constant, so there is an excellent frequency response curve up through 40 kHz, while the Planar Ribbon reaches up to 33 kHz
  • The weight of the Aluminum Ribbon is less than the Planar Ribbon, making its dynamic and transient response much quicker
  • The Aluminum Ribbon has a transformer in the signal chain, preventing the direct electrical current from causing damage to the Aluminum Ribbon. This transformer can reach 60 kHz and requires two peices of extremely strong neodymium magnets to create the linear magnetic field, allowing for less harmonic distortion than the Planar Ribbon
  • The sonic detail created by the Aluminum Ribbon is much more delicate, enhancing the high range without any harshness and excels strings, piano and upper frequency registered instruments performance

  • Will adding a Super Tweeter cause phase issues?

    Answer: While adding any type of additional speaker to a signal chain has the potential to cause phasing within a room, our 1-step crossover design mitigates any phase issues. This 1-step design is not to save cost and space because if we were to add multi-step crossovers into the chain, it would cause a major phase effect and the sound test results would not sound good.

    What kind of speakers will the Super Tweeter work with?

    Answer: Most passive bookshelf or tower speakers are great candidates for the Super Tweeter. But, you can also use them with center channel speakers and surround speakers.

    How do I connect the Super Tweeter speaker to my passive speakers?

    Answer: The Super Tweeter connects directly to the binding posts on the speaker you are pairing it with (not to the amplifier!). This parallel connection allows the Super Tweeter to feed off the same signal as your main speaker.

    Since the Super Tweeter will most likely be sharing the binding posts with your amplifier connection, using wire with spade or ring connections will allow both sets of wires to easily connect to the same binding posts. If your speakers are bi-ampable, you can use one set of binding posts for the Super Tweeter and the other for the amplifier (making sure to keep the jumpers in place).

    Can I use the Super Tweeter speaker with my active (powered) or Bluetooth speakers?

    Answer: If it’s a sealed box, or portable type of Bluetooth speaker, you most likely will not be able to use a Super Tweeter with this speaker.

    Will the Super Tweeter work with my electrostatic, full range, or professional audio speakers?

    Answer: We advise you to check the sensitivity level and frequency response of your current speakers. A speaker that has a higher sensitivity level rating than the Super Tweeter might not be a good fit. However, the we've received feedback that the Super Tweeter works great with Bose 901's, Quad Electrostatic 2805, and other full range and electrostatic speakers.

    How much will the Super Tweeter change the treble response?

    Answer: The crossover setting will have the most effect on the treble sound. If your regular speaker doesn’t produce frequencies above 14 kHz very well, then that would be a good starting point for your crossover. Generally setting the crossover to 14 kHz or 16 kHz will add a nice touch to the treble response.

    What speaker wire is best for the Super Tweeter speaker?

    Answer: As with all cable, we recommend at least 14 gauge to minimize any loss of electrical current.

    What’s the highest frequency the Super Tweeter will reach?

    Answer: The Aperion Audio Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter can reach up to 40 kHz.

    Can you adjust the crossover frequency while music is playing?

    Answer: Yes, in fact this is highly recommended to experiment with, so you can find the sound that works best for you.

    What length of speaker cable do I need?

    Answer: You shouldn’t need more than a few feet, but it depends on the distance from your bookshelf or tower speakers binding post inputs to the Super Tweeter inputs.

    Can I buy an odd number of Super Tweeter speakers?

    Answer: Yes, just give us a call to make this request.

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