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  • ***TEST*** Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair - Aperion Audio
  • ***TEST*** Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair - Aperion Audio
  • ***TEST*** Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair - Aperion Audio
  • ***TEST*** Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair - Aperion Audio
  • ***TEST*** Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair - Aperion Audio
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*TEST* Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair

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The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter is a high-fidelity compliment to any home audio system. Designed to reside on top of your existing speaker, the Super Tweeter can be used from 2,000Hz to 30kHz. With 5 preset crossover points, the Aperion Audio Super Tweeter provides customizable bright and detailed sound, enhances the stereo sound field width & depth and accentuates ultra-high frequency extension.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Frequency Response 8 kHz - 35 kHz
Impedance 5 Ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB
Recommended Power 60 - 120 Watts
Direct Power Handling 30 Watts
Tweeter Planar-magnetic "Flat Ribbon" Tweeter
Dimensions 4" Wide X 6" Tall X 4-3/4" Deep
Product Family Super Tweeter
Placement Location On top of speakers
Shipping Weight 4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 7" x 8" x 11"


Extended High Frequency Flat-Ribbon Tweeter

This is not you're normal tweeter. While most tweeters max out at around 20K, the Super Tweeter extends another 15,000+ Hertz above that.

6-Position Crossover Knob

The crossover knob allows you to activate the Super Tweeter at 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K or shut it off. This gives you maximum flexibility when incorporating these into your system. You can have more or less overlap with your existing tweeter to help brighten the sound at the 8K/10K crossover point, or have the Super Tweeter just fill the void above at the 14K/16K setting.

4-Position Jumper for Attenuation

If you love your Super Tweeter, but want a little less output, you can reduce the output by -1dB, -2dB or -3dB by re-positioning the jumper.



What kind of speakers will the Super Tweeter work with?

Answer: Most passive bookshelf or tower speakers are great candidates for the Super Tweeter. But, you can also use them with center channel speakers and surround speakers.

How do I connect the Super Tweeter speaker to my passive speakers?

Answer: The Super Tweeter connects directly to the binding posts on the speaker you are pairing it with (not to the amplifier!). This parallel connection allows the Super Tweeter to feed off the same signal as your main speaker.

Since the Super Tweeter will most likely be sharing the binding posts with your amplifier connection, using wire with spade or ring connections will allow both sets of wires to easily connect to the same binding posts. If your speakers are bi-ampable, you can use one set of binding posts for the Super Tweeter and the other for the amplifier (making sure to keep the jumpers in place).

Can I use the Super Tweeter speaker with my active (powered) or Bluetooth speakers?

Answer: If it’s a sealed box, or portable type of Bluetooth speaker, you most likely will not be able to use a Super Tweeter with this speaker.

Can I use the Super Tweeter with an electrostatic speaker?

Answer: Due to the bipolar nature of electrostatics, as well as other factors, the Super Tweeter is not recommended for use with this type of speaker.

How much will the Super Tweeter change the treble response?

Answer: The crossover setting will have the most effect on the treble sound. If your regular speaker doesn’t produce frequencies above 14 kHz very well, then that would be a good starting point for your crossover. Generally setting the crossover to 14 kHz or 16 kHz will add a nice touch to the treble response.

What speaker wire is best for the Super Tweeter speaker?

Answer: As with all cable, we recommend at least 14 gauge to minimize any loss of electrical current.

What’s the highest frequency the Super Tweeter will reach?

Answer: The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter can reach up to 35 kHz.

Can you adjust the crossover frequency while music is playing?

Answer: Yes, in fact this is highly recommended to experiment with, so you can find the sound that works best for you.

What length of speaker cable do I need?

Answer: You shouldn’t need more than a few feet, but it depends on the distance from your bookshelf or tower speakers binding post inputs to the Super Tweeter inputs.

Can I buy an odd number of Super Tweeter speakers?

Answer: Yes, just give us a call to make this request.
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