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  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperion-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-TS15-Passive-15
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TS15 Passive 15" Subwoofer | Theatrus

Sold as single speaker.

Roll out the red carpet for the newest addition to the Aperion family - Theatrus - coming to a home theater near you! APERION® Theatrus brings home the full-sized Cinematic experience, engineered to perfection to produce impressive volume levels, without compromising high-resolution sound quality. Also designed for professional music studios and film production facilities, the Theatrus speakers are the evolution and next generation of Aperion engineering. The Theatrus TS15 features an accurately impactful 15 inch woofer, constructed using an ultra durable polymer coated papercone material. Tailor the sound to your space - then relax, sit back and enjoy the show.

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 Aperion Theatrus TS15 15" Passive Subwoofer

The APERION® TS15 is a passive subwoofer design, which unleashes a superforce of sound quality that is designed for home theater, custom installation, professional music studios, and film studios. It's not all about sound though, the speaker has a clean and smooth appearance. A passive subwoofer by nature, does not have a built-in amplifier and therefore requires a high power dedicated separate amplifier - ideally with DSP, EQ settings, and even a crossover control to better control the acoustics of your room.


The design of the TS15 Aperion crafted 15 inch driver is based upon the benefits of an extended pole piece in a magnet system. But here we went further, using Finite Element Analysis simulation, we optimized the complete magnet structure and specifically shaped the pole piece to achieve symmetric flux distribution along the travel path of the voice coil. This design approach provides better driving force linearity. It considerably reduces voice coil inductance modulation and DC offset of the moving system at high power levels. The result is much less distortion and more effective voice coil cooling.


The cone is a paper made out of a very strong, long fiber pulp blend to insure proper dynamic stability and stiffness. The surround is special NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) rubber surround, which has a low mechanical memory, providing for more accurate transient response. The large voice coil, high Xmax, and vented pole piece allow for clear and resolving performance without mechanical or thermal compression even at the highest output levels. The TS15 15inch woofer has been optimized to achieve clean dynamics and powerful bass reproduction at high power levels in a reasonably sized sealed-cabinet.


Theatrus speakers are extremely flexible for placement for even the most difficult of rooms. Generally placed on the ground as part of the front sound stage, the subwoofer can also be placed dependent on the room application. Simply plug in your favorite speaker wire to a separate amp, and you're all set. So whether you choose to use the Theatrus speakers in a 2-channel music setup, or a full blown home theater with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D, listening to the new Theatrus speakers will certainly impress the most discerning of ears.




Key Features
  • Passive Subwoofer Easily Connects to Separate Power Amplifier
  • Reinforced Paper-Composite 15" Long-Throw Woofer with High Damping Dust Cap
  • Aluminum Voil Coil Former, Copper Voice Coil Wire and Vented Pole Piece are Heat Resistant and allow for High Power Handling
  • 1" MDF Internally Braced Sealed Cabinet Enclosure
  • 5-Way Gold Plated Binding Posts
  • Optimized NBR Surround with Low Mechanical Memory
  • CNC Machined Magnet Structure Ensures Precise Build Quality
  • Acoustically Transparent Grille


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    + Theatrus Story

    Theatrus Story


    Theatrus Cinema Installation Speakers
    Home Theater has been growing ever since the invention of the 5.1 surround sound format which was introduced in 1990 by KODAK and Optical Radiation Corporation. Blasting into the market with releases like the classic Days of Thunder and The Doors (film), this new trend was here to stay! In recent years with the development of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D, the demand for high-quality multi-channel speaker systems has constantly been raising the bar. Speakers and subwoofers are being pushed to the limits, creating a demand for a speaker with higher SPL's, detailed dynamics, better dialog clarity, and high power functioning internal components.


    Not too long ago in 2014, the first ever Dolby Atmos enabled Home Theater AV Receivers were unveiled to the world, sparking the next best trend in Home Theater - Fully immersive 3D surround sound! At Aperion, we had been monitoring this very closely and shortly after in 2016 we knew what needed to be done - Create a speaker that would solve all of the above problems that traditional home audio, or pro audio speakers were not capable of. Breaking away from the traditional design framework, the Theatrus speaker combines a new driver layout, new woofer and tweeter materials, and enhanced crossover tuning and network, allowing placement of speakers behind a projector cinema screen. Theatrus not only excels in home theater applications, but also provides honest, detailed, accurate, and true reproduction for mixing and mastering recorded music. After 5 years of unremitting efforts, we unveil a new generation of cinema installation speakers - Theatrus!



    Air Motion Tweeter

    What makes the Theatrus AMT Tweeter so unique? In the current market there are basically two classifications of tweeter units, high sensitivity compression proaudio tweeters which easily have more than 100 dB sensitivity, or HiFi AV tweeters which mostly have a sensitivity of 92 dB or below. While proaudio style tweeters can handle louder sound pressures, they are known to easily cause fatigue and normally don't portray as much detail as the HiFi AV tweeter. These factors led us to shy away from a proaudio compression driver and continue the search for the perfect tweeter for our new Theatrus series. After some time of research and development and testing many tweeter styles trying to meet the requirements for our Theatrus Speakers, we hit a wall and development shortly stopped. We began to design the AMT style tweeter in 2018 as part of our Super Tweeter family. While an AMT design is nothing new to the industry, there are a small amount of companies who've mastered the engineering and manufacturing process and the Aperion team has been working with and mastered the process of the core material back in 2008. The Aperion AMT tweeter can achieve 103 dB sensitivity, and frequency response of up to 40 kHz, which we found to be perfect for both larger and medium sized home theater rooms. Knowing that this tweeter would operate at a higher SPL, we also added a protection circuit to help keep the tweeter safe. After a successful launch of the Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeter in 2020, we knew this was the perfect technology to solve the issues at hand, high SPL, dynamically detailed high-frequencies with no distortion.
    Softdome Midrange

    As more consumers pursue a truly Hi-Fi Home Theater, the performance demand for higher SPL's and detailed dynamics are setting a higher bar. This can be a cruel challenge for any speaker driver unit, especially for the tweeter. What's the best way to protect the tweeter? In addition to the AMT protective circuit, the Theatrus speaker also needs one last piece to the puzzle - the Midrange driver that can handle the same high sensitivity as its counterparts. The midrange is so crucial to provide even more detail to the sound field, so after designing and testing various 2" and 3" soft dome midrange drivers, the Theatrus speaker sounded best using the 2" driver. Our high end soft-dome midrange unit features a large, low distortion 50mm voice coil, which exceeds the normal size of this type of drive unit. It's wide pole structure and special damping coating significantly reduce the medium frequency segmentation vibration. This soft-dome midrange driver utilizes about a quarter of its rated power, so with very low distortion at high volumes it produces superior directivity and a wide, realistic stereo field with ease!


    Curv™ Woofer

    Traditionally, producing a larger woofer cone that could achieve high sensitivity and detailed sound quality was difficult to do, even using the standard materials like aluminum, kevlar, woven-fiberglass. The Theaterus line features a new Curv material from Germany Propex Fabrics. The properties of this new Curv material are lightweight, yet rigged and stiff, maintain a high temperature resistance without any water absorption, and the most important in crating a driver unit - this matieral has a high Young's Modulus and internal damping. The Curv material does not require any glue or resins to set the shape like a traditional carbon-fiber or kevlar woofer. In fact most of the the time the glue or resin deteriorates the sound quality during construction, which is unfortunate because even carbon-fiber and kevlar materials have excellent properties for driver construction. Theatrus' Curv Woofers fuse the best values of internal speed of sound transmission, and internal damping which is difficult to achieve with other woofer types. This is exactly what the Theatrus line needed, high sensitivity and excellent sound quality.

    With the growth of the home theater and private cinema market, a projector screen is the optimal choice to replicate the experience of the big movie theaters. Projector screens also pose potential acoustical issues due to screen size and material and whether they're acoustically transparent or not. This can require unique solutions and workarounds regarding speaker placement and positioning, especially while working with multiple rows of seating in larger rooms. The new Theatrus Speakers adapts to these listening conditions by replicating the type of speaker to be used in a professional listening studio. Each Theatrus speaker has a focused sound stage to accommodate listening distances both long, or short, allowing a uniform sound stage throughout the room. The Theatrus speaker is able to be mounted On-Wall or In-wall, which naturally will also have an affect on the acoustic response. If mounting in the wall, the bass response was over-boosted, which is not acceptable for professional performance. To address this issue, the Theatrus speaker went through many design adjustments to perfect the crossover network. This ultimately needed two settings: Baffle-Wall (In-Wall) or Free-Field (On-Wall). Along with the bass adjustment, we also included a high frequency adjustment to compensate the high frequency when the speaker is placed behind a projection screen. These subtle yet effective customizations allow Theatrus to perform at it's optimal level in various configurations.


    + Specifications


    Product Weight 77 Lbs/35 Kg
    Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB) 18-400 Hz (With Amplifier)
    Impedance 4 Ohms
    Sensitivity 88 dB@1m 1w / 121 dB@1m 1000w
    Rated Power 750 Watts
    Peak Power 1500 Watts
    Woofer APERION® One 15" Long-Throw Paper Cone Woofer
    Driver Configuration Single 15" Passive Woofer
    Enclosure Type Sealed, Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced
    Product Dimensions (W/H/D): 19.7 x 19.7 x 15.7 inch / 500 x 500 x 400 mm (Withno Grille) D
    Product Family Theatrus
    Placement Location Subwoofer
    Shipping Weight 93.5 Lbs / 42.4 Kg
    Shipping Dimensions (W/H/D) 26 x 27.5 x 24 inch / 655 x 700 x 615 mm
    + Features

    Theatrus Speakers Features

    Why Passive Design

    With the TS15 subwoofer, cineastes have an absolute bass powerhouse at their disposal. As a closed construction, it unleashes tremendous power in terms of dynamics and sound quality. The specially developed 15" driver is particularly responsible for this. In order to be prepared for use in home cinemas and professional studios, the subwoofer was designed as a passive construction. This means that the subwoofer does not have its own power amplifier. It thus enables the users maximum flexibility with regard to the choice of power amplifier, DSP or room correction. For example, several TS15 subwoofers can be supplied via a corresponding professional power amplifier. .

    APERION® 15" Woofer

    The 15-inch subwoofer driver developed by AperionAudio is designed as an ultra-long-throw driver with maximum coarse and fine dynamics. This predestines it for the sound reinforcement of large rooms. The audiophile basic tuning of the chassis also ensures the highest level of detail when used in pure music systems. The development of the driver is based on the acoustic advantages of an extended pole piece in the magnet system. However, our engineers have gone one big step further. Using finite element analysis simulation, the entire magnet structure was optimized and the pole piece was specially shaped to achieve symmetrical flux distribution along the moving path of the voice coil. This design approach allows for noticeably more linear chassis excursion as it significantly reduces inductance modulation and DC offset, especially at high power levels. The result is significantly lower distortion values ​​and more effective voice coil cooling. The membrane is made from a very strong, long-fiber cellulose blend to ensure the right dynamic stability and stiffness. The surround is made from a special NBR compound (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber). This material has minimized mechanical memory, providing more accurate transient response. The large voice coil, high Xmax and vented pole piece enable clear and high-resolution dynamics without mechanical or thermal compression, even at the highest output levels. The surrounding solid die-cast aluminum frame was designed to minimize disruptive structural resonances.

    Internally Braced 1" MDF Sealed Enclosure

    Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every TS15 subwoofer is built out of strong 1" MDF and internally braced to reduce cabinet vibration to nearly nothing.

    Acoustically Transparent Grille

    Nothing stands between you and your sound. We designed a sonically invisible grille that not only looks great, but also protects your precious woofers from curious fingers, claws or snouts.

    Recommend Amplifier & DSP Device

    Amplifier: Crownaudio Model 1002 or 1502. DSP Device: If you usinga integration AMP with Dirac function that can use directly with a above Crowanaudio AMPs no need extra DSP Device but Odyssey system is not work need add a DSP device: Check out Minidsp

    Custom tuned cabinet

    Theatrus drivers come packed in a Stealth Black MDF Anti Resonant Cabinet.

    + Documentation


    Theatrus Manual


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