Intimus has been a customer favorite from the day Aperion was founded. The heart pounding sound and affordable price make it a natural selection for any home.

Custom Design & Engineered Speakers

Every Aperion driver is engineered and manufactured to our specifications. The impact on your listening experience is measurable and discernable… producing sound stages that are accurate, immersive and compelling.

Proprietary Crossover Technology

The crossover is the heart of the speaker. We design it. We fuss over it. We get it right well before you benefit from our being OCD about it.

Woven-Fiberglass Woofers

Lightweight, rigid and ready to amaze. Our woofers use a butyl rubber surround, which creates a compliant yet well-dampened suspension that will deliver a lifetime of performance.

Anti-Resonant Cabinetry

Our cabinets are thicker, stronger, and have asymmetric internal bracing to create optimum conditions for better sound. We use 3/4" thick acoustically inert MDF to encase our speakers.

All Intimus speakers available in gloss black or stealth black finishes

Sonically Neutral Grills

To protect your speaker the entire Intimus line sports acoustically transparent fabric grilles that let sound flow through unchecked, improving imaging and reducing high-frequency reflection.

5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

Connect your speakers any which way you choose: bare wire, banana plugs, spades, and flat or round pins. The gold plating serves to resist corrosion and provide the best possible connection to your receiver.

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