Using ARIS with Media Player Software

Using ARIS with Media Player Software

all about Windows Media Player, iTunes and more

Windows Media PlayerI'm using Windows Media Player

You can easily stream music to any ARIS speaker using. Windows® Media Player 11 on your Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 PC or tablet.

iTunesI'm using iTunes

At this time iTunes only supports streaming to AirPlay enabled wireless speakers. If you are using iTunes on a PC that is Windows 7 or Windows 8 you will want to use Windows® Media Player or the Play To function directly from your music file folders, You won’t be able to stream to ARIS from iTunes® directly. Using Play To you can highlight an entire album or playlist, Right Click and select Play To . This will show all of your connected devices, just highlight your ARIS speaker and play! If you currently have a Mac and only use iTunes®, you can use a DLNA server.

Other Players

There are quite a few media players available to use, such as Foobar, jRiver, and Winamp. Many of these offer options to act as a DLNA server which will allow you to stream music to the ARIS Speaker. We highly recommend Foobar 2000.
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