Verus II Grand Tower Hybrid 12D

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Why the improvement?
Because we simply can’t leave well enough alone. Although the numerous industry awards spoke volumes about the success of our first bite at this apple, we still felt there was room for improvement. Version II of our Verus line sports a new, patented tweeter of our own design which allows them to perform a variety of sonic enhancements.

The Upgrades?
+ Reengineered & patented tweeter
+ Upgraded internal crossover
+ Improved overall clarity
+ More accurate mid range and bass response
+ Heavy gauge jumper wire

The results?
A clearer high-end with a wider listening sweet spot, an even more articulate mid-range and higher power handling capacity to name a few. Give them a serious listen with our 60-day risk-free audition. We’re pretty pleased with our effects. We suspect you will be too.

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    Verus II Grand Tower XD

    If you want authentic sound married to gorgeous good looks, you've come to the right place. The Verus II Grand Tower XD weds our new Verus II Grand Towers with the Verus II Grand Center and Verus II Grand Bookshelves as surrounds. Those alone would make for a serious contender, but we don't stop there - the Bravus II 12D brings its deep sub-bass into the picture and you're left with a world-class home theater system that stacks up with the best of them.

    Brace yourself for the huge sound of The Verus II Grand Tower XD, our biggest and best pre-configured home theater system. It's stunning good looks and true-to-life sound will blow you away, and at a price thousands less than the competition.

    System Includes:

  • (2) Verus II Grand Tower
  • (1) Verus II Grand Center
  • (2) Verus II Grand Bookshelf
  • (1) Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer

    Aperion Advantage
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