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Great news, ARIS now supports Bluetooth when bundled with the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver! Stream music from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device. Click on the Bluetooth logo to add the ARIS and Roxa to your cart for just $334!   Learn more about the Roxa or watch our YouTube video.

Need music in an office, den or bedroom? Want to turn your smart phone into a convincing stereo system for your next BBQ, outdoor party, or wedding reception? Need audio for your outdoor movie night?

ARIS offers an elegant solution for all of these opportunities for fun.

Through ARIS we’ve created the next generation BOOM BOX… a portable sound system, capable of creating a huge and accurate soundstage in a compact elegant form factor.

Want to use ARIS with AirPlay? No problem, just connect your ARIS to the 3.5mm output of an AirPort Express!

Visit the ARIS microsite to learn about all things ARIS and read more on our blog.

Without Wireless Card
Allaire™ ARIS® Speaker System
Without Wireless Card

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Now Bluetooth Compatible! The Allaire ARIS is the perfect solution for playing your music from today's cornucopia of devices, be it a computer, tablet, phone or any other device under the sun. You can either connect the old fashioned way via the 3.5 mm audio in jack, or add the Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver for an easy connection to any Bluetooth enabled device.  You can also add the wireless card to stream wirelessly right to the ARIS.  

So how does it sound? What you’ll hear is true Hi-Fi sound. ARIS hosts four driven speakers and two passive radiators for enhanced bass response—plus three modes of operation that let you tailor your listening experience. A full 100 Watts total power guarantee the audiophile-grade speakers in ARIS come in LOUD and clear. And thanks to the ARIS speaker system’s unique Wireless Card, you can upgrade when networking technology changes without having to rethink your sound system.

Nowhere is the quality of ARIS more apparent than in the retro-futuristic design. The iconic loop of brushed aluminum in anything-but-basic black will be a standout in every room—making it tempting to place ARIS speakers throughout your home. Go ahead: You never need to be anywhere without the music you want again.

Key Features:

  • Single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure
  • Adjustable and removable steel base
  • 100W total power
  • Six internal speakers (four powered drivers, two passive radiators)
  • Three sound modes: natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo
  • Simple connection to your home network via push-button or wizard for Wi-Fi and plug-and-play for Ethernet
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Play To
  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Works with DLNA®
  • One-year warranty
  • FREE lifetime technical support

ARIS Apps:

Android users: Please download the ARIS Control app from Google Play!

Customer Reviews For Allaire™ ARIS® Speaker System

Even my wife was impressed! Hirsch
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My wife is cheap! She gave me a hard time about ordering the Aris but with the money back guarantee and free shipping both ways it was a no brainer to give it a shot. I was completely blown away by the workmanship and sound quality after the unboxing. My wife was impressed enough to give her blessing on keeping the system. Then when I was on a business trip one day I got a text message from my wife telling me how awesome the Aris was. That is probably the best endorsement possible considering my wife could usually care less about sound quality. I'm looking forward to trying more products from Aperion in the future.

One last note, I use the bluetooth connector and it works perfectly from 20 feet away through a wall. Nice! (5/20/14)
Looks good and sounds great Michael G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
This is a beautiful little system. I could not use the one-button set up to connect to my home network because my router does not have that feature. None-the-less, getting the Aris connected to my network was simple and straight forward, taking only a couple of minutes.

The fit and finish is superb. It looks great in person. The Aris is smaller than I expected and LOUDER than I expected. But even when cranked up delivers smooth highs, and a tight, but impressive amount of bass.

I had pre-ordered the Aris, and when the order was delayed I called Aperion to see what was up. The folks at Aperion were, as always, really nice, helpful, and informative.
Great wireless speaker SP
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Wow, this is an awesome wireless speaker. It was easy to connect to my WiFi network using my smartphone and the Aperion access point that the speaker broadcasts. The speaker looks very nice and feels solid ( and is heavier than expected ). The sound is incredible , I especially like the "enhanced stereo" equalizer mode. Sending music to it is fairly simple from windows or from an Android smartphone. One slight concern I have is that I might damage the rear exposed speakers when handling it. The speaker also seems to sound the best if you are directly facing it.

Final note : I did not buy this directly but rather on ebay. I might have gotten lucky but I got a brand new in box for $260 shipped. I think at that price it is a steal. I think 500$ is a bit steep.

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Pro Reviews For Allaire™ ARIS® Speaker System

MyMac Reviews the Allaire ARIS
"Aperion Audio hits another home run with its innovative Allaire ARIS powerful one-piece speaker. The well-designed physical unit is heavy and loud, and the sound quality is impressive. If you have been shopping for a premium plug-in speaker that works either with an audio cable or Bluetooth wireless connection, stop looking and start listening to ARIS."

- John Nemerovski,, August 2013

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Audioholics Review the Allaire ARIS
"The body of the Allaire ARIS is one of the sharpest I’ve seen in a while. Featuring a single-piece black brushed aluminum body and a black cloth grille, the speaker itself sports a modern, intelligent look. One of the more notable strengths I discovered about the ARIS is its clarity at high volumes. This system gets loud…really loud. Reproducing crisp audio, paired with a sleek design, the ARIS would enhance most home decors."

- Aaron Howard, August 2013

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HT Guys Review the Allaire ARIS
"It's great for backyard entertaining and it does fill a room with sound."

"In all the ARIS recreated sound more faithfully than any other wireless speakers we have listened to. There are other wireless solutions that cost less but none that sound as good."

-, August 2013

Read the full review
Audioholics Consumer Excellence 2013 Award for the ARIS Wireless Speaker
We had a chance to listen to the Allaire ARIS Wireless Speaker system at our 2012 Audioholicd GTG, and were impressed with its sound quality and functionality. Featuring dual 1" tweeters, two active 4" drives, and two 4" passive radiators, it can put out some good sound. It has a 3.5mm jack so basically anything can hook up. But it's the upgradable wireless card that makes this unit truly unique. Unlike most wireless speaker systems, the ARIS is designed for Windows. For those people on the Microsoft ecosystem or with a new Windows 8 tablet, this is the speaker for you. For those with Android or iOS devices, the ARIS work with DLNA, so you're in luck too. Aperion's DLNA app allows you to stream content stored on your network to the ARIS . Here's the only drawback, the $297 base price does not include the wireless card. Instead, the unit has to be hardwired to your network with an Ethernet cable. The wireless card is an extra $77.

-- Audioholics, July 2013

See all the awards
Sound+Vision Review of the ARIS Wireless Speaker for Windows
Michael Berk at Sound+Vision put our new ARIS speaker through its paces, and even checked out how it stacked up against the B&W Zeppelin! Here's what he had to say:

"Configuring the Aris itself was quite simple, and took but a few seconds following the clear quick start card. Log into the speaker via its own Wi-Fi network from whatever device you have handy (I used a Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone), from there sign the device onto your own wireless network, and it's ready to go. Alternately, if you have a WPS router, you can simply press the WPS button on the card to set up."

"Basically the Zeppelin is a little boxier sounding, and the bass is boomier than the Aris'. the Aris also sounded (to my ear at lest) like it was putting out more energy all the way through the midrange and on up, say from 1 through 5 kHz or so; horns, vocals (from Cole to Ray Davies to Brian Ferry to Gillian Welch), and guitars both electric and acoustic all had a bit more presence and felt more forward in the mix than they did in the B&W presentation.... I'd say the Aris more than holds its own against the Zeppelin, but maybe comparisons are just a distraction. The thing stands pretty well on its own merits as well."

"There's no doubt about it — whatever your thoughts on the virtues of the various wireless protocols, the Aris is a fine performer as a desktop speaker, with impressive sound in a compact package. Judged on those merits alone, it should be on your list if you're interested in a high-performance "dock" (or just "wireless speaker," in this post-dock era) ... And with the expandable receiver card slot, you'll soon be able to use this as an AirPlay device in any case, so even if you're one of the Apple faithful, you'll be able to benefit from the Aris' real strength — it's impressive sonics. And that's really what matters in a speaker."

- Michael Berk, Sound+Vision Magazine, October 2012

There's much more - read the full review.
Digital Trends Editor's Choice award for the ARIS Wireless Speaker
"Fortunately, the Aris sounds outstanding – and we use that term intentionally. In a market oversaturated with wireless speakers, the Aperion Aris stands out as one of the best we’ve heard."

"The Aris is a top-tier wireless speaker that was built to be versatile and future-proof (to the extent that any piece of electronics can be). Its audio performance is outstanding and reflects Aperion’s dedication to audiophile-grade sound quality. You can expect the Aris will fill all but the most cavernous of rooms with gorgeous sound. That it has a way of looking good in just about any environment is another big plus. We gladly recommend this speaker and honor it with our Editor’s Choice award."

-- Caleb Denison,, November 2012

Caleb had much more to say - Read the Full Review.


Connect to ARIS via Bluetooth

Connect the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver to the 3.5 mm input on the back of ARIS and presto, you can stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled device! Featuring the aptX codec, you'll enjoy music in near CD quality, Bluetooth has never sounded so good!

Simple Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity

ARIS keeps life simple with three options for connecting to your network. If your home or office is wired for Ethernet, just plug in ARIS and play. If your Wi-Fi router has one-button setup—called Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS—push two buttons: one on the router, one on ARIS. If your Wi-Fi router doesn’t have WPS, spend some quality time (but very little quantity) with a wizard that guides your connection using your smartphone or PC browser. Presto! You’re ready for the serious business of enjoying music. If you have any questions, let the Aperion Audio gurus know.

Easy Access to All the Tunes on Your Network

To play music to ARIS, all you need is Windows 8 or 7 on your PC or laptop. Using the built-in Play To feature, just right-click on your music files of choice and then choose the ARIS speaker you want from the list of possibilities. Want to keep everyone happy? Put an ARIS speaker in every living space to customize the musical experience. Control the programming from your smartphone, tablet or any networked source using the ARIS Music App (Android, iOS) or most other Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) apps.

Hi-Fi Speaker Technology

ARIS could be called the undocking speaker, as it wirelessly provides true Hi-Fi sound with low distortion even when you’re using its full 100W of power. You won’t need that kind of oomph often, but it’s there for when you do. To keep your sound quality high, even at very high volumes, ARIS uses a custom engineered signal path that is fully digital from your source right to the speaker drivers. This crystal clear signal, with proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) ensures that ARIS performs at a step above CD quality. ARIS also borrows elements from Aperion’s award-winning speaker-driver technology, including woven fiberglass woofers for strength and speed, neodymium silk dome tweeters for accuracy in a tight space and two custom passive radiators to naturally enhance bass.

Future-Proof Architecture

New formats, protocols and wireless systems—the future is unwritten when it comes to networking technology. But when you’re ready to upgrade, you don’t want to say goodbye to a speaker system you know and love. That’s why ARIS wireless speakers use our patent-pending Wireless Card system, which lets you swap cards when you change your networking technology. To make sure you have the latest features, the Wireless Card automatically updates its software as long as your network is connected to the Internet. The ARIS Wireless Card for Windows is the first to be released, but ARIS cards for other platforms are on deck.

Three Sound Modes to Customize Your Listening Experience

For 12 years, delighting ears has been our business. Where you place a speaker changes the sound, but ARIS fits almost anywhere. So the key variable is you. We’ve customized the ARIS sound using proprietary DSP, so you can select the experience you like best. Natural is tuned as a high-fidelity system to reproduce sound with as little coloration as possible. Bass boost adds the thump you love, without the boomy artifacts. And enhanced stereo is engineered to create a larger sound stage for you, without overdoing it.

Solid Power

Some music contains nuances you won’t hear unless you turn up the volume and take in every note and beat. Other music can’t produce the impact intended unless it dominates your entire sound horizon. But when you pin the volume to MAX, what you want is a pristine wave, not noise pollution. To keep it LOUD and proud, we engineered a one-off internal power supply that drives the speakers to 100 Watts total. Then we added plenty of headroom, just like audiophile-grade amplifiers. So when you need to escape, ARIS has the power to let you disappear into the music.

Single-Piece Brushed Aluminum Body

You’ll see tabletop speakers molded in plastic, but we thought you might like brushed aluminum for two reasons: function and form. First to function: The 4 mm extruded-aluminum shell solidly secures the weight of the six speaker drivers, four power amplifiers and integrated power supply. Plus the extra rigidity of metal ensures you hear pure music, uncolored by vibrations in the cabinet. And to form: the retro-futuristic ARIS look meshes the best of old-style artistic imagination with forward-thinking technology. The shell’s light weight, muted luster and iconic shape demonstrate why aluminum remains a defining material for high-end industrial design.

Removable/Adjustable Stand

The ARIS precision steel stand supports the speaker and keeps it from passing along vibrations. Tilt it up, tilt it down or take it off. ARIS arrives with the stand in tabletop position, which tilts the speaker to the correct height for placement on a tabletop or counter. If you choose to place ARIS up on a bookshelf or pedestal or somewhere above normal ear height, you can remove the screws and turn the stand around to tilt it downward. And if you’d rather not have a stand, fine. The solid rubber isolation pad covering the speaker bottom damps out vibrations when you place ARIS on any flat surface.

Aux Input Jack

If at times you want to connect a smartphone or music player to ARIS—but not to your wireless network—simply plug it into the 3.5 mm audio input jack on the rear panel. The AUX input lets you play music from any device with a headphone or line-out jack.



Download the ARIS Manual




Weight 11.3 lbs
Frequency Response 48 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3 dB) Natural Setting
Wireless Band 2.4 GHz
Recommended Power 120V – 240V AC
Amplifier Power Total 100W (4x25W Class D Amplifiers with DSP)
Tweeter Two 1” Neodymium, Soft-Dome Silk Tweeters
Woofer Two 4" woven fiberglass drivers, with butyl rubber suspension, Two 4" Passive Radiators
Driver Configuration 2-Way
Dimensions 6.5” H x 14.75” W x 6.5” D
Product Family Allaire

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