Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker Pair

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In the past, buying an in-ceiling speaker meant sacrificing sound quality - not anymore! Now you can get the clean look of an in-ceiling speaker with the life-like sound reproduction of a cabinet speaker. With the all-new Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling speakers, you get both the look and sound you want with no compromise – all at a great price!
Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker Pair

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In the past, buying an in-ceiling speaker meant sacrificing sound quality. Now you can get the clean look of an in-ceiling speaker with the life-like sound reproduction of a cabinet speaker. With the all-new Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling speakers, you get both the look and sound you want with no compromise – all at a great price!

In addition to fantastic, immersive sound the Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling speakers include high-end features not normally included in architectural speakers such as the sonic clarity of a dual-voice coil, woven-fiberglass woofer, an aimable silk-dome tweeter, and a treble adjustment switch. Plus, they are matched to blend with all of our other Intimus speakers. The L6-IC easily installs into your ceiling drywall with the included templates and instructions, so you’ll be enjoying your favorite music and movies in no time.

Incredible sound, no clutter – no compromise. Install the L6-IC in your home and discover for yourself why something so invisible can be so beautiful.

Key Features:

  • Aimable 1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • 6.5" Long-Throw Dual Voice Coil Woofer
  • Customizable High Frequency Equalization
  • Paintable Frame and Grille
  • In-Ceiling Mounting System

All Aperion Audio speakers come with a Ten Year Warranty, FREE SHIPPING (a $18 value per pair*), and FREE lifetime customer support.

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

Customer Reviews For Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker Pair

Part of an A+ Home theater system Mark
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
This review is for the L6-IC and L6-IW speakers.
I installed a pair of each of them in the ceiling and rear wall during a full game room remodel in the summer of '13. I actually broke them listening to music as I finished painting and trimming out the room. As I was doing that I wasn't terribly impressed with the sound. I have since figured out that this was due to the fact that they don't handle bass well, and they are not supposed to, that is was the Bravus sub is for.
Once connected to the home theater system in their proper roles they have awed me with there sound. The sound is so detailed that I actually thought that there was cricket outside my window chirping away one night (there had been one there for several days) but when I muted the system the chirping went away and then came back when I un-muted the amp. It was that convincing!! If you are lacking wall or shelf space and can wire behind the drywall these will definitely not disappoint you. (5/24/14)
In-Walls for Front Mains Jason V.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I purchased 2 of these speakers for use as L&R mains in a small home theater setting. The room also had to double as my boys play room. So minimizing floor space, eliminating wires, and avoiding things that can be damaged were the key considerations in selecting In-Wall speakers.
I've paired them with an 8D sub, a 4C center, and (4) 6-IC's for height and surround sound. The system works and sounds great. I might have gone with a larger center channel, but that might be an upgrade someday.
The speakers are a breeze to install and look great. They also provide plenty of high quality sound. Admittedly they are not Tower speakers, but for what they are, they work great!
Customer service was exceptional. One of the speakers was damaged in shipping and Aperion shipped a replacement right away. They really went out of their way to make ordering from them a great experience.
Very high quality Casher D.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Easy to install, high quality speakers. I have 4 of these plus 2 in-ceiling speakers and a very small front unit and I can barely turn up the volume. Very crisp highs and lows.They ROCK!!
Good surround speakers JOSE B.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I have a pair of these mounted in the soffets of my living room as the surround effects speakers. They do a great job with all the different inputs - blue-ray, satellite tv, netflix, you name it. Properly adjust your AVR channel outputs and these speakers provide every nuance of the surround effects, even at low volume levels. These also sound very good when playing 5 channel music sources.
Ceiling Speakers Jason V.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I bought 4 of the 6-IC speakers and have used them for front height and side surrounds.
Soundwise, they are everything I was expecting. I can't say I'm the most discerning in speaker evaluation and since they are only being used for height and surround sounds, I won't claim to have the definitive evaluation.
They are constructed very well, easy to install, and look great.
They are also easy enough to aim at the correct location. I have the front heights aimed at the listenning position and the surrounds reflecting off of the rear wall for a more diffuse sound.
The best part may be Aperion's costumer service. The folks there were always courteous and went out of their way to make sure everything was exactly as it should be!
Thanks Aperion for a great product.
Great in ceiling speakers!!! Steven L.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
with limited reviews I decided to take a chance and order the 6-IC to outfit my new home. I used 6 of these to provide a full surround sound system hidden away in the ceiling. I must say I am very impressed with the product. The room size is about 15 feet wide and 20 feel long with 9 foot ceilings and these speakers have no problem filling the space with strong and clear sound. For myself clarity of sound is more important than just having "loud" speakers. I did find that putting a "blanket" of insulation behind the speakers did improve the sound as well. One point of note that is not mentioned is that the woofer and tweeter are actually angled so you do need to take care to aim them as you are installing. Still fine tuning the sound, but out of the box sound... very impressive. if you are looking for an in ceiling speaker you will not be disappointed in these speakers, and for the price you cannot go wrong. Next buy will be a new subwoofer and outdoor speakers! Thanks Aperion for a great product at a great price!!
Well matched, easy installation, sounds great Keith C.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I recently added the Intimus 6-IC to my system, replacing some temporary surrounds pulled from a home-theater-in-a-box. They are paired with Intimus 633T fronts & 533VAC center, and an SVS 20-39PCPlus sub. I'm using an Onkyo TX-SR705 receiver and a Panasonic DMP-BD55 blueray player. The entire Aperion system sounds great together. I generally use the system for Home Theater along with listening to music typically from satellite TV radio stations (played using All Channel Stereo to activate the surrounds).
As surrounds, the 6-IC blend well with the rest of the system. I modified speaker levels in the receiver to isolate the 6-IC's to see how they sounded by themselves. Great tone, well balanced and sounded great on their own.
As for Aperion customer service, I am very pleased. I had a problem with one of the 633T fronts shortly after buying them. They immediately sent me a new one and a return shipping label for the old one with no hassle whatsoever.

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Pro Reviews For Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker Pair Reviews the Aperion Intimus 6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker
"As surround or background-music speakers, Aperion Audio's Intimus 6-IC is a winner. I would never suggest that the 6-ICs replace conventional loudspeakers in a conventional system, but then the 6-IC was never intended to be all things to all people. Keeping its inherent limitations in mind, I can say that the Aperion Intimus 6-IC is a most satisfying in-ceiling loudspeaker."

- Colin Smith,, May 2010

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Aimable 1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter

Because your speakers are going in a wall or ceiling, it’s not always easy to get the tweeter at ear level. By using an aimable tweeter, the crucial high frequencies can be directed toward the listening position for optimal performance. Our aimable, 1-inch, audiophile-grade, silk dome tweeter has been engineered for the best in sonic performance. The smooth sound of our silk tweeter ensures a warm, natural sound with no harsh aftertaste, and we use ferrofluid cooling for high power handling, smooth response, and an amazingly pure, natural, distortion free sound. This tweeter is the high point of the speaker… literally.

6.5" Long-Throw Dual Voice Coil Woofer

Our custom 6.5" dual voice coil woofer is the heart and soul of your L6-IC speaker. The woofer is made of strong and lightweight woven fiberglass, offering a quick and accurate response. It fills your room with beautiful music and soundtracks that seemingly come out of nowhere. The woofer and dual voice coil design offers superior bass performance no matter where you install them in your room.

Customizable High Frequency Equalization

Always get the most out of your speakers -- without compromise! The +/- 3 dB treble equalization switche allows you to adjust the sound to your preference no matter what kind of installation challenges you face.

Gold Plated Spring Loaded Binding Posts

A perfect connection the first time and every time – with ease. Each in-ceiling speaker comes standard with gold-plated spring loaded binding posts for easy installation. Simply strip the speaker wire, press to open and insert the wire.

Paintable Frame and Grille

Paint your in-ceiling speakers any color you wish to match your décor! A perforated, paintable aluminum grille is included with each speaker. We've designed all of our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to be a permanent part of your home -- the speaker frames are made from high-impact, UV resistant ABS that is strong and lightweight. Like your home itself, they are built to last.

In-Ceiling Mounting System

Installing your speakers has never been easier. All of our in-ceiling speakers come with an installation template and a dog ear clip drywall mounting system. Simply use the template to cut the proper hole, hook up the wires, insert the speaker and tighten into place with a screwdriver. All that’s left is to sit back, relax and enjoy.



Download the L6-IC Paint Mask


Weight 4.0 lbs
Finish N/A
Cut Out Dimensions 8" Round
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 80-20,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 50-22,000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB
Recommended Power 20-200 Watts
Tweeter 1” Silk Tweeter
Woofer 6.5” Dual Voice Coil Woven Fiberglass Mid-Woofer
Driver Configuration 2-Way
Enclosure Type Infinite Baffle Design
Dimensions 8.9" Diameter x 5" Deep
Product Family Intimus Architectural
Placement Location Distributed Audio, Front Speakers, Rear Speakers

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