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One of the many wonders of life is how it affords us the chance to return, reclaim and evolve. As a company, Aperion is doing just that. For those of you that have been close to the brand for years, you may have noticed a dramatic departure from the relationship model that has driven our brand and provided the daily spark that made coming to work so enjoyable.

Aperion thrived and prospered in its early years, and like many successful companies, became the object of interest of those with other models for success. The short story of that interlude with fanciful visions of financial grandeur was that our core was tampered with, the spark was diminished, and our family suffered.

The wonder of the journey has been the introspection that identified what was lost, a deliberate decision to return to our relational roots, to reclaim the spark and to evolve Aperion through the collective wisdom of those who dedicate their professional lives to her, and to those of you that participate so passionately in relationship with us through her.

The transformation has been difficult, painful and breathtaking. There is still much to accomplish… difficult challenges worthy of our effort… but there is definitely more joy, ease and lightness in our day. Our family has rediscovered it mojo… and it feels good!

We look forward to our future. We look forward to the journey. We look forward to the relationships we will develop with you and those yet to be introduced, that will add richness to our work.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for your undying support.

Win Jeanfreau