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Pro Tip: Invest in a smaller system with quality speakers than a complete system with so-so sound.


STEP 1: Music or movies or both?

Speakers built for music are different than speakers for movies.

Music speakers are typically built to cover a broader rang of acoustic replication. They also only require a 2 channel amp. So if you want a system to play both music and movies then you will need to buy the appropriate receiver.


STEP 3: What is the size of your room?

This will help narrow your focus.

Received my Verus Grands yesterday afternoon, and spent the better part of the evening setting them up and calibrating the system. I haven't gotten a lot of listening time yet, but I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. My previous setup was a 9 year old Onkyo HTIB which, at least as far as HTIBs go, was pretty good.