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Windows Media PlayerI'm using Windows Media Player

You can easily stream music to any ARIS speaker using. Windows® Media Player 11 on your Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 PC or tablet.

iTunesI'm using iTunes

At this time iTunes only supports streaming to AirPlay enabled wireless speakers. If you are using iTunes on a PC that is Windows 7 or Windows 8 you will want to use Windows® Media Player or the Play To function directly from your music file folders, You won’t be able to stream to ARIS from iTunes® directly. Using Play To you can highlight an entire album or playlist, Right Click and select Play To . This will show all of your connected devices, just highlight your ARIS speaker and play! If you currently have a Mac and only use iTunes®, you can use a DLNA server.

Other Players

There are quite a few media players available to use, such as Foobar, jRiver, and Winamp. Many of these offer options to act as a DLNA server which will allow you to stream music to the ARIS Speaker. We highly recommend Foobar 2000.