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PC Hard DriveIt's all on my PC's hard drive

If your music is on the hard drive of your Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 PC, just use the Music Player app, or Windows Media Player to select your music and play it to the ARIS speaker of your choice. Windows® 8 also has Internet music service streaming capabilities. For example, if you open Pandora Radio in Windows 8 via IE, you’ll be able to stream right to your ARIS Speaker. Plus, dedicated apps in Windows 8 such as Slacker radio and Xbox Music will stream to the ARIS speaker, and we expect numerous audio player apps to appear on Windows 8.

You can also highlight any music file or playlist on your computer, right click, and select ‘Play To’ from the menu. Now just Play them To your ARIS speakers!

PhonesIt's all on my phone

With your smart phone connected to your home network, and running a DLNA Server app, your music can be played to ARIS with your phone or selected by any Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 PC or tablet on your network. Our favorite DLNA server apps for iPhone and Android are 2Player, Taglist by Eye-C and Skifta are great options for iPhones® and Android® phones. For Windows® Phones we recommend, Linada. Most of these apps are free, so feel free to try them out and use the one you like best!

CDsIt's all on CD

ARIS isn’t only for wireless digital music. You can play music from any device with an audio-out or headphone jack, simply hook it up to the Aux input on the rear of the ARIS speaker. This will work for playing music from from your Phone®, iPad®, iPod®, MP3 player, Airport Express, CD player, or any other audio player.