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Over 500,000 Happy Eardrums!

Dear Fellow Audiophile,

For those of you that follow us over time, you'll notice that we reduced the prices of our most popular product offerings by significant amounts. As a result of your support, we've been able to drive down our cost of production and, as you should expect, we're passing that savings on to you.

Aperion was founded on the knowledge that there was value hidden in the retail markup that we could make available to our customers through a direct to consumer business model. Our promise and commitment this year is to maintain our lower prices until the natural forces of inflation nudge them up again.

Power to the Consumer

To help you become a more informed consumer we've re-launched the Aperion University. At Aperion U you'll find a compilation of lessons aimed at empowering you as a consumer. If you are new to home theater then this is reading a must.

Two Ears & One Mouth for a Reason

In an effort to listen twice as often as we speak, we would love to use your ears by enlisting your insights and wisdom to inform what we should be making for you, or how we can improve how we deliver what we already make. If you have any great ideas or suggestions about how we can improve or a product you'd be thrilled to find in our warehouse, we would love to hear from you.

We consider hearing from you directly the very best part of our day.

Thank you for making this possible and please enjoy the value you helped us create.

- Win Jeanfreau