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Welcome, Microsoft friends!  Having worked with the Windows team to create ARIS, we were thrilled to introduce it to the world at the Commons. Read on to learn how ARIS transforms your music listening experience, and how you can get ARIS at a special deal exclusive to MS employees.

Transform your home into a custom musical instrument with the ARIS Wireless Speaker System for Windows®.

Imagine relaxing on the couch, in the mood to show off some new music for your friends or family.  Even though they're all on the computer in the den, it's no problem!  You just pull out your smartphone or tablet, open an app, select music anywhere on your network, and listen to it on your nearest ARIS speaker using the Play-To feature in Windows.

ARIS works with networked Windows PCs, your smartphone, your tablet, or your media server – you have instant access to all your music at the touch of a button.

Learn everything about ARIS here.

For a limited time we’re giving Microsoft employees a special price of $424.15! You’re getting first dibs, so you can show ARIS to your friends before anyone else has it.

Getting your hands on ARIS is as easy as setting it up. Visit the ARIS product page at and add an ARIS speaker to your cart. Your coupon will automatically be added, and your ARIS Speaker System will be on its way!

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