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Best Surround-Sound Speaker System simply trounced the competition in terms of crisp, clear, intelligible delivery of dialogue at pretty much any listening level...I came to this conclusion after nearly 20 hours of research and nearly 50 hours of calibration, testing, and facilitating listening panels

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"I am extremely happy"

Thank you for engineering and building such a high quality product at a fair price.

Mike, California

"Aperion products and customer service rock!"

This is my second Aperion system- last one is 7 yrs old in another room and still going strong! Aperion products and customer service rock!

Shahzad, Texas

"Thanks Aperion!!"

My husband had goosebumps listening to the crisp sound of our new system!!!

Stephanie, Louisiana

"Thanks again for your support"

To say that I'm blown away by the sound of my new Aperion speaker set would be a vast understatement.

Norman, California

Aperion Surround Sound Turns Your Home Into Theater

Immersion… that's what it's all about. Putting you in the middle of the action where you can jump at the snap of a twig, feel the warm breath of the lion on the back of your neck and the distant rumble of thunder as rain dances all around you. That's what great surround sound can do.

While screens are getting bigger, the sad reality is that sound is getting smaller... adding quality sound is a becoming a necessity.

- Win Jeanfreau Aperion Audio CEO


Do not assume that a great home theater speaker will project the same type of experience for music.

Why In-Home Surround Sound

To enjoy the entertainment value surround sound can offer… that's why. The value of audio reproduction that is better than the theater can offer. Eliminate the drive, the $8 popcorn, the $5 soda, the and $3 candy. Sit in the comfort of your home and binge on an evening of Capra, Spielberg, Eastwood or Jackson.

Home Theater 101

If you still have some unanswered questions you can visit Aperion University. There you will be able to find help guides ranging from choosing a reciever to room configuarion and speaker setup.

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The Aperion Promise

Our mission is to create the best sounding speaker at the most affordable price. Because we are direct to consumer we do not have to pay any middlemen outrageous fees. This allows us to pair a great product with equal support and resources for our customers.