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Allaire is the new name of our wireless family. We’re thrilled to add that name, rich with history and meaning, to our brand. All good things come to those who wait. Likewise, the artwork, manuals, and visual voice of this new addition are forthcoming, but not here yet. We appreciate your patience as these supporting artifacts arrive in their due time. Until then, enjoy her as she is… on the web. Read on for Kale’s backstory to his winning suggestion.

Dear Aperion Audio,

First let me say that I applaud your reconsideration of the Aileron wireless family name after reviewing your recent wireless product survey results. I’ve always felt that Aperion Audio was a company of community minded innovation. I feel even more so now. I actually like Aileron as a name personally but I can see how the abundance of vowels, the look of the word really, makes it a poor choice from a marketing perspective.

I am responding here to your invitation to submit a new name for the Aperion wireless family. I’m excited about it. In a great many ways, both practical and magical I think that th perfect name has summoned me to share it with you.

Before I share it though, let me say that I am not generally a person of immediate and decisive action. As a longtime recording engineer and sound system installer I tend to deliberate long and hard when making any adjustments to a mix or to the positioning of a speaker. When making business decisions at the helm of my current business, Evolving Media Network, I tend to take what is sometimes a painfully long time to feel comfortable that the choice I have made is the correct one from all angles and points of view. In this rare moment of clarity though, the moment when I read your request for a new wireless family name, I knew that name as sure as the moment that my wife and I named our daughter, Clara.

First, the backstory of the name, or what I know of it, as I’ve been an admirer of this name from afar for many years now. I live in the Hudson Valley, in the small city of Kingston, New York with approximately 23,800 people. I was trained as an analog recording engineer in the 90’s under the guidance of Paul Antonell and Dan Goodwin at a world class analog studio called The Clubhouse. There used to be half a dozen world class studios in our area before the turn of the millennium. Legendary locales like Bearsville Studios, Dreamland, and The Clubhouse made our region famous for great records and great bands. My friends and I ran more of what I would call a community studio. Station Hill Studios was a place for low cost musical exploration - and explore we did for many years together.

I’m not sure how I missed it exactly but all of a sudden, in 2001, the mother of all recording studios appeared on a mountaintop in the Catskills. Like Hogwarts or Howl’s Moving Castle, this magnificent creation came out of a dream or a story for me, except that it was real, for a few years at least. David Bowie, Norah Jones, Donald Fagen, The Gypsy Kings, and My Morning Jacket are just some of the world famous names that have made records on the Neve 8068, SSL 9000J, or what is, without question, one of the greatest recording consoles every made, the Neve “Air Montserrat” in this recording paradise, mountaintop estate, called Allaire Studios.

I used to look at their photos online and try to imagine some way that I might be able to do a session there. It was a vision of hopeful possibility for me, and sometimes I think that the very idea of Allaire must have helped me to climb my own mountains over the years. At some point in 2007, for reasons that I don’t fully understand, Allaire Studios left the earthly realm in the same way that it had arrived. I never actually went there in person, but I’m pretty sure that it was real. Perhaps someday it will return.

I believe that the name Allaire is both utterly appropriate in how it meets the commercial criteria specified in your requests and, for me, the way in which the name is imbued with a magical spirit of music and love and possibility. When someone listens to a special song through an Aperion Audio speaker they can be transported to a magical mountaintop, or a romantic memory, or a hopeful fantasy. All of these ideas, these spirits, are held for me in the name, Allaire, named after Allaire Studios, once the greatest recording studio in the world, now a legend, and hopefully soon to be a family of wireless audiophile sound systems made by one of the greatest independent speaker makers in the world, Aperion Audio.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of the name Allaire. I’m not even sure that it’s mine to give, but as I said, it summoned me instantly when I got your email, and made me write this crazy thing to you, so maybe it’s meant to be.

best wishes and highest regards,
Kale Kaposhilin

Allaire: a.llaire \a.lār\

Creative Latin definition:
  1. Cheerful, happy
  2. Resembling, containing or composed of wings
  3. Amazing wireless sound anywhere you want it
At least that’s what it means to us